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The Big Banks Founded the Fed, and Still Control It -Gary North

The largest banks are immune to reform or regulation. They control the Federal Reserve System, and have since the beginning in 1914, when it opened for business. The Congress defers to the FED. So, the banking system never changes much. There is never a significant reform.

Today, the 12 largest U.S. commercial banks hold 69% of the deposits. If you think the free market produced this allocation, you are the victim of a Keynesian economic theory. The centralization continues relentlessly. All the "democracy" chatter in Congress is simply a form of self-delusion.

Woodrow Wilson, the so-called reformer, signed the Federal Reserve Act of 1913, passed in the final hours before the Christmas recess. He signed it within two hours after the Senate passed the bill.

The fix was in.

The fix has been in ever since.

There are three main approaches for banking reform: the Austrian approach (end the FED: the free market precious metals coin standard), the monetarist approach (reduce bank regulation: automatic fiat money), and the Greenback approach (bank nationalization: fiat money). None of this is likely until after Washington defaults.


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Bankers control the

Bankers control the world.They control the money supply,they own the corporations and they own/are the politicians.We are living on Animal Farm but instead of the farmer(king George) being in charge the pigs(bankers)are.If you are too young to remember or have never seen it,it's a must watch for all.


indeed. the countries without

indeed. the countries without private central banks are the ones who pose a "threat" to the united states.