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Strange Earth Sounds from the Sky all Over the World and Big Sinkholes Appearing Worldwide

Has anyone heard these sounds that seem to be coming from the atmosphere and does anyone know what is causing it? I have thought it is HAARP or a similar kind of device aimed at the atmosphere but that is speculation. Or some think the Earth's crust is slipping because the core is destabilizing. It is true that the Earth's magnetic field is decreasing rapidly. I have no idea of the cause; just speculation.

Turn up the sound. Sounds all over the world.


This was on the news. Sounds start at 5:00


Strange sounds in the sky 2012 (Oregon).mp4


Also, sinkholes are appearing all over the world.

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You said...

"What does the earth sound like?"


The Earth's song!

as recorded by NASA. This is so beautiful, our beautiful planet has its own frequency. This is earths radio signal from space converted into sound. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_bnU6K1y468

Guess I used the term Earth sounds

because that is the what they are called in the news and in the videos. Guess the atmosphere might be thought of as part of the Earth. Remember the ground has been shaking also in some places along with the loud sounds. Must be fairly new because people are saying they never heard it before.

My god, you people don't quit do you.

If I threw something in the air, and you couldn't quite see what it was, you would call it a UFO, and because it is now an Unidentified Flying Object, you would conclude that it must be an alien spacecraft.
Likewise, If I was sawing metal in my garage just down the road, and you didn't know what the sound was, you would conclude that it must be something supernatural, eventhough it was likely something extremely mundane.

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Uh this sound all over the world is

quite a bit larger than the mundane. Might try listening to the videos. It has even been on the news a few times.

Ya, I saw the video

A Christian friend of mine made me watch them a while back. He though it was a sign of the end times. I of course disagree. As for the the sound being "quite a bit larger", lots of sounds are loud, ever been to a race track? Also, a sound doesn't even have to be that loud for it to sound loud and distant. When I push the "delay" button on my guitar amplifier, it makes my guitar sound like I'm playing at high volume in a huge stadium. The actual volume doesn't go up, but it sounds like the sound is louder, but coming from further away. It's a pretty common effect.

Free market capitalism isn't right for America because it works better. It's right because it's free (and it works better).

Interesting about amplification.

Still does not explain the sounds. And I do not relate it to biblical end times. Either it could be HAARP or Earth crust displacement related to the Earth's decreasing magnetic field.

It has to have an explanation, and that is what I am looking for.

Here is an explanation...

..somebody wants a lot of youtube hits, so they record a random sound, point a camera at the sky (where you can only see 10% of the sky, the rest is either buildings or trees), and then they press play on the recorder, making it look like the sound is coming from the sky, not their recorder. The camera trick is the same thing they do in horror films. You don't really know that the sound is coming from the place they are pointing the camera, their recorder could just as easily be right behind the camera.
Or here is another explanation. The sound is just some random piece of machinery that happens to be out of the sight of the person with the camera. Most of the footage doesn't show more than 10% of what is actually around the area. The sky is either blocked by trees, or dark of night, or a building. So it couldn't easily be a plane in the sky that we just can't see in the video, or some machine off in the distance that the videographer simply didn't know was there, and they can't see it because so much of their vision is blocked.

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Well "snakepit" you

seem to be satisfied in your mind. Strange that people who live in a city, including police that work there daily, cannot identify or pinpoint the origin of the sounds. But, since you know everything then we know you'll let us know if a nuke goes off in a town near you. Of course there are other people like you - they keep saying Ron Paul is a "kook" and other derogatory terms. So, I've learned to try my best to ignore them and form my own opinions. And since I haven't personally heard these sounds then I'm still open minded about it and will not call anyone a "kook", or unjustly accuse them of faking a video for attention!

Thank you for your

positive open minded view! A pleasure to hear your reasoning!

I'm not satisfied.

I wasn't satisfied with these videos. I didn't just stop thinking about all the rational explanations, and blindly believe that these sounds were something noteworthy. I wasn't satisfied with what I was being shown, so I though about it. I thought about all the explanations, and compared the rational explanations to the idea that this is something extremely amazing (government weapons, jets, aliens, earth phenomenon) and after comparing what is more likely, I concluded that these videos are probably either a hoax, or simply another example of humans jumping to conclusions simply because they don't have enough information.

Free market capitalism isn't right for America because it works better. It's right because it's free (and it works better).

I've got a pretty-good idea of what this is...

I would speculate that these noises are the result of secret flights...flights of the TR-3A, a triangle-shaped craft that has been around for a long time now and is powered by magnetic-pulse engines, uses anti-gravity technology and can make 90-degree turns in flight without tearing the occupants to shreads. Calculated speads are around Mach-50!!...which could get your around the globe 3 times in 2 hours!!
I noticed in the videos that the noise seems to "pulse" and repeat; this would explain the pulse-drive on the TR-3. Here, check this page out for some explanation: http://www.abovetopsecret.com/forum/thread4390/pg1

Silence isn't always golden....sometimes it's yellow.

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Thanks. Open to all explanations.

Would like to hear the sound the plane makes. Some people say that ground shaking accompanies the sounds. That adds to the theory about the Earth crust slipping because of the decreasing Earth magnetic field, which could cause the Earth's core to destabilize.

The government is silent on this, and this makes me think they know what it is. Not a word about it as though it is not happening. Yet it happens world wide.

I have personally spoken with 2 people..

in different states that have actually SEEN a TR-3 in flight!! One in TN (police officer) saw it at night...said it made no sound, but blanked-out the stars in a huge triangle shape as it moved slowly across her county. The other explained that it flew past right at twilight and could be seen pretty plainly. It's motor "pulsed" as it went along, pretty fast...and was followed by 3 F16s a few minutes later.
I have experienced sonic booms multiple times. The ground shakes and they move LOTS of air...your hair blows even though the shuttle is 60 miles away!!! Now, imagine what kind of effects might be felt if something were flying in the atmosphere 20-times faster than the shuttle! You and I have no idea what it is, but we can speculate. I seriously doubt the polar shift/earth's crust hypothosis. Yes, I understand that the poles have swapped ends, many times in history...and, we just experienced a solar flare the other day...but that wouldn't explain why this stuff has been going on since 2011 as in these videos. I'm sticking with my theory of the Flying Triangle.

Silence isn't always golden....sometimes it's yellow.

"The liberties of a people never were, nor ever will be, secure, when the transactions of their rulers may be concealed from them." - Patrick Henry

Like you I am seeking explanations.

Definitely will keep your idea in mind about the TR-3.

Maybe we could have Earth crust slippage without having a physical pole shift. A magnetic shift is underway.

America's finest news source reported on this in 2009

something similar, anyway:

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The video you posted is unrelated.

These sounds are being reported worldwide and continue in 2013. For sure we know the Earth's magnetic field is decreasing and this might be causing the Earth's crust to slip. That might go along with the sinkholes appearing worldwide and along the Madrid fault.

There was a quote on you tube

about it sounding like the gates of hell were opening.

The one in Oregon is freaking creepy.

It does sound like the gates of hell!

Like something out of a horror movie. Agree the one in Oregon is creepy. I have not heard it in NW Ontario but it is heard in the SE and further East around Montreal.