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UK to hold referendum on SECESSION from the European Union before 2017


The EU is a confederation of 27 European states (7 more are expected to join in the future). There are many high ranking leaders within the EU (associated with a shady organisation known as the Union of European Federalists) that wish to turn it into a full-on federation.

David Cameron, the Conservative Party Prime Minister of the United Kingdom has, (after years of miserably failing to try and take powers from the EU back to the European states) agreed to hold a referendum on British membership of the European Union.

Currently, the polls are in favor of secession, with 47% of the British people supporting it. Many members of Cameron's own party have also campaigned for secession, such as MEP Daniel Hannan and MP Douglas Carswell. A secessionist third party, the UK Independence Party, lead by Nigel Farage, has polled well over the last few months.

Britain's main pro-EU center-left wing parties, the Liberal Democrat Party (the Conservatives' coalition partner) and the Labor Party have been critical of Cameron's move, as have pro-EU politicians on both the right and the left on the European mainland.

Cameron is expected to see a boost in the polls for his decision (the Labor Party's nominee is currently leading him by 13 percentage points.)

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A little bit ironic, eh?

The Brits weren't always so keen on secession: if memory serves they fought a war to prevent a certain 13 somethings from seceding from their empire. But anyway, I wish them luck, they're going to need it to escape the New Soviet rising in Brussels.

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The EU is in many ways worse

The EU is in many ways worse than the British Empire. At least the British Empire were open about their motives, the EU are trying to sneak a federal union in while telling everyone that it's just a free trade area.

If the UK leaves the EU, UK-EU relations will worsen significantly. The dictators in Brussels hate it when people don't respect their ultimate authority.

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It would seem there are other forces

At work:

"Last week the Obama regime warned the British government that it was a violation of US interests for the UK to pull out of the European Union or reduce its ties to the EU in any way.
In other words, the sovereignty of Great Britain is not a choice to be made by the British government or people. The decision is made by Washington in keeping with Washington’s interest".

By 2017?, another case of kicking the can down the road, while awaiting the inevitable outcome.


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The EU is fundamentally

The EU is fundamentally anti-American. Obama once again has chosen to align himself with socialists and extremists.

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why wait that long



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Hannan said on Twitter that

Hannan said on Twitter that the referendum legislation can't pass until after the next election as the Liberal MPs which make up the government coalition will vote against it. The legislation can only pass if the Conservatives have a majority in the House.

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Not really huge.

Sorry to disappoint but this happens every now and then when the political parties here in the UK want to boost their support.

We had promises for a referendum from all three party leaders before the 2001 election. Labour won and went back on the promise.

We had promises for a referendum from all three parties again before the 2005 election. Labour won and again went back on the promise.

In 2009 when David Cameron was made leader of the conservative party he promised a referendum if his party won the 2010 election. They didn't win. But they are the majority in power anyway and again they went back on the promise.

This new promise is meaningless. We won't get a referendum. Our government likes telling us what we want. They don't like us deciding for ourselves.

Our entire system is one big socialist melting pot. None of the parties wants to give up the total control they have over us.

They are currently putting through legislation that allows a court, at the request of an agent of the state, to grant an injunction against anyone over the age of 10 who has engaged or threatens to engage in conduct capable of causing a nuisance or annoyance to a person! It's called 'the antisocial behavioural bill' of course it's the state that decides what anti social behaviour is. Personally I think this law is a smokescreen so they can shut down protests.

They actually want a new law to punish people who might be annoying! Protests are annoying to some people. Let's just get a court to make an injunction against those pesky annoying protestors so they can't protest!

So BS like a referendum is specifically discussed by the establishment and MSM to get us to look the other way from more important issues.

I haven't worked out exactly why they want the country concentrating on this one issue but I'll let you know when I find out.


Wasn't the 2009 referendum

Wasn't the 2009 referendum pledge about future EU treaties as opposed to UK membership of the European Union?
I'm not British, so sorry if I'm wrong.

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You are correct sir!

Sorry it took so long to respond.

That promise was specifically for the Lisbon treaty. A couple of other countries did hold referendums for the Lisbon treaty but were told to hold them again when the 'No' vote won.

The treaty had to be ratified by all countries so a no vote should have got rid of it just like the French and Dutch referendums stopped the Lisbon constitution.

The Lisbon constitution got changed to the Lisbon treaty after it got voted down so the EU commission (the unelected monopoly of force) could try ram it through with a different name. France and holland didn't hold referendums as they knew that it would be voted down by the public.

The 2009 treaty was a 'shower of shit' that we didn't get to vote on.

It wasn't a referendum on the EU so sorry for my mislead. It wasn't intentional. I was just pointing out that we keep getting promises for referendum with our MP's changing their mind when they get in power.


I hope Germany is next. The

I hope Germany is next.
The whole EU thing and especially the EURO never had a lot of support from the people. That's why they didn't vote on it.

It got a ton of support from

It got a ton of support from Europe's elites and political insiders.
Germany has little hope of secession, every major party there is committed to Euro-federalism.

Finland and the Czech Republic have the best chance of being next, but even they're unlikely to ultimately leave (especially with eurosceptic Vaclav Klaus retiring from the Czech presidency to join the Cato Institute.)

Once the EU becomes a true federation (and the next treaty, the FU, will create that), secession will most likely no longer be permitted.

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"and the next treaty, the FU"

...aptly named. ; )

"Alas! I believe in the virtue of birds. And it only takes a feather for me to die laughing."

Wow this is huge news. (I've

Wow this is huge news.
(I've read too many articles on the Telegraph, you are alloted 20 to read for free, for the month so I can't read these at work)

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I'll edit some links to other

I'll edit some links to other sites in the OP.

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