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Why am I not on Facebook ?

... because I have a working understanding of privacy that my government does not.
Long live the 4th Amendment

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I agree with Michael

I use it in a very similar way. I do put some photos and stuff there for family members to see, but I am always conscious of what I divulge...for the most part, it's a platform for me to spread the message.

As for the information harvesters on FB, they can only get what you give them.

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Facebook is for marketing

That is my conclusion. Mainly people are marketing themselves - or rather, a perfected image of themselves.

The only reason I signed on was to market Ron Paul / the Daily Paul. It is still a powerful medium by which to get incoming traffic. But I don't post stuff about myself, my whereabouts. Half the information up there about me is false.

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Why would it be false?

Why would it be false?

you decide

what information you type into the little fields, who you connect with or don't, what pages you "like" or not...

I've seen several pages that are basically "blank".

Ditto that

I admit, I tried it out for a couple months. Then deactivated my acct and never looked back. I don't even feel bad when I can't see the plethora of links to what 'so and so' says about Freedom on that data mine.

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I agree with you!

I never had a desire to be on it. Have you ever looked up people with someone else out of curiosity? I have...oops.=)

And it's just a little

strange to divulge the various minutiae of my every waking moment.

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The Only Reason I Opened an Account

was so I could post comments on a lot of sites that require facebook accounts to post. I went ahead and closed it though.


I dont think

It is ever really closed :(