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Video Update: Confirmed: Adam Lanza never used AR-15, used handguns! Admission by MSM


Edit: Link corrected.

Sorry about the link, I did it on the fly. This is the original not routed through facebook

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Reported on Dec 15. They have already changed the story to

suit their agenda.

A conspiracy when reported by alternative news sources ...

... legit when reported by the mainstream media.


Old video

Old info.

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correct link. Thanks.

Listen to this

One of the best overviews of what happened that day.

Good Interview

Here's a link regarding the memorial video that was time stamped and apparently therefore posted BEFORE the "shooting":


Old Video Clip

Looks like this aired 12/15/12 while there was still a lot of confusion in the reporting.

I found two links talking more about the guns used:

Here is the latest from the CT police:

Here is a little more detail:

It looks like the shotgun was a Saiga -12. It is an assault style shotgun that uses a magazine.

Keep asking questions guys, just do a little verification when stuff like this appears.


I also am wondering if someone has a link without going through Facebook. Thx

It was a DHS Drill

For all my research i'd say the whole thing is a fraud

Does this mean they are

Does this mean they are actually going to send a killer into a school at some point? If this is a drill I'd hate to see the real thing.

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If this is true

then the coroner..a.k.a. "Dr. Giggles" should be fired. Dr. Giggles said all shots came from the long rifle. What the hell is going on?

Not Just the Coroner

...it goes MUCH, MUCH higher. NY governor Cuomo, US @tty Gen Holder, etc...

Just because there were only handguns in the school...

...doesn't mean there wasn't another shooter who used a rifle.

Remember, there were other suspects running away and even apprehended.

After listening to this

i had to check my shorts to see if I crapped myself.

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Is there a link

without going through facebook?




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The media here DID confirm their story

with Federal and state officials? Did they ever release any explanation for this?

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Too Late...

the damage has been done. They could admit all day long and at least half the population wouldn't absorb it. Once something has been mentioned and repeated... its locked in. Some call it "the noble lie".

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Well I certainly don't call

Well I certainly don't call it that. Guh.

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