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What has happened to this website since November?

This place went from liberty and freedom to aliens, conspiracy, haarp, etc....

Go to abovetopsecret, beforeitsnews, etc....for all that.

Also, if its on info wars, it may not be gospel....


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Im just happy to not have all the gary trolls here

that was the most irritating time I have had here

talk about 9-11 or reptilian truther b.s. all you want just don't shove GJ down my throat NONSTOP ( like Canada's Legalize Liberty for example ).

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Isn't that the one that even J.V. debunked?

I was called one of those

I was called one of those trolls. Still here. Been here for years, not going anywhere. GARY JOHNSON 2016!!!! J/K

L.L. may have been a...

...cheerleader for G.J. for a while, but also was always for R.P. too and has contributed in a good way for as long as I have been on here. L.L. isn't a troll. =)

Liberty??? B4 november? You must have the wrong dailypaul then

Seriously!!!! I frikking hate this site during campaign season! Liberty hahahahhaahahhaaahhah

More like delusions gone wild with disrespectful comments and triple the delusions.

Seriously? Liberty is that what you called that tirade?

If that is liberty No thank you! I want NO part in it.

Things are SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO much better now

The conspiracy threads are easy to stay away from...just don't click on them

Good lord its deja vu all over again from 4 years ago! Now all we need is Mike to go to asia for a couple weeks and someone to put a troofer vid on the main page!

It's the same...

...since I've been on here...minus a few trolls that are gone since the election is over. Always good info for everyone to decide to look into on their own time. To believe or not to believe...it's our choice. Just choose topics that interest you. No one forces you to go on each one. What is of interest to you, may not be to another and visa versa. To each their own...that's the beauty of it!

I love these posts

So many times I've seen these where someone posts all the things that shouldn't be talked about here on DP and then schools everyone in the comments about what we should be talking about.

Wouldn't just posting about thing you DO want to talk about kill two birds with one post? It seems like it would to me anyway. But then again, what would a hillbilly know of such things.

Sorry, I'm off topic here,

Sorry, I'm off topic here, but I grew up in the Ozarks in Arkansas. If your name is relevant to those Ozarks, then high five comrade!


right back to you my friend.

go listen

go listen to beck or limbaugh , they are probably more your style , for real !

"He's this eccentric Ghandi-Like figure that you cant touch with the normal bribes that people respond to."
the man Doug Wead on DR. RON PAUL

So, what do YOU think

about aliens and HAARP?

Honestly, though: do you believe in aliens and/or HAARP? Why or why not?

If you want things to change, as I assume you do coming to the DP, then you need to keep an open MIND, Sir. Just because you haven't seen something doesn't mean that someone else hasn't.

I'll say it right here right now: I've seen a UFO before. Was it an alien? I have no idea. But I can tell you what I saw.

Also: have you started an alternative media website and done as good as AJ et al to "wake up the masses"?

C'mon man, it's no shock that this thread has -20 votes. See what I'm sayin?

Honestly, I'm tryin' to help.

Lima-1, out.

If you don't know your rights, you don't have any.

I understand, it was my rant

I understand, it was my rant of the day.

I discuss all that stuff on other websites. If we are trying to spread the liberty message on this site, posts of topics that usually push away the ones we are trying to convert won't help our cause.

People already are afraid to listen to us because of the conspiracy theories so having a bunch of threads about it will not be attractive to those people.

My suggestion is to have a separate area for them and make it so they don't show up on the main feed.

You mean...

the folks over at WorldNetDaily who continually engage in theories about Obama's birth certificate, one world government, the North American Union and the United Nations taking over the US are too afraid of Daily Paul because of a few here discuss conspiracies?

Or what about those on the left that theorize about the Bush cabal fabricating evidence to go to war, or that Obama was raised from a child as a CIA asset (Pilger, Galloway, Tarpley, et al), or the global ambitions of the Project for the New American Century, or yammering about "vast right wing conspiracies"? Or Rolling Stone's Matt Taibbi popular years long rants about how the Banks are committing the biggest crimes against the people in the history of the world and robbing their wealth? The Occupy groups are constantly abuzz with various conspiracies.

You said:

"People already are afraid to listen to us because of the conspiracy theories"

Did you mean to say they are too busy with their own conspiracies? Many of those conspiracies being ones that we hold in common? :)

~wobbles but doesn't fall down~



It looks pretty much the same

It looks pretty much the same as it did in the off years between Ron Paul's Presidential runs.

This used to be one of the first places to look for news, kind of like a drudge report with interaction. Its just getting back to the way it was.

it's not so much what happened to the site

There is still useful and informative information posted on here, you kind of just have to sort through all the off-the-wall junk. I think the site is still the same, it's just less people have been logging on since the election and more of the nuttier ones among us have stuck around (which explains the recent prevalence of the topics you mentioned). For example, now if you make a post criticizing Alex Jones or one of his theories, you can guarantee yourself at least -15, whereas before there were a lot more people around to balance out all the down votes.

There is something here for everyone.

The topics here change like Texas weather. When the senate races start up, there will be mostly topics about that. Some weeks the posts are mostly about law or constitution issues. Next week it will be politics. Next week it will be about a scandal or current events or a conspiracy investigation. Usually the title will tell you what the topic is about. If it doesn't interest me, I don't read it.
Read and post topics YOU care about. There is something here for everyone.

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Some people still don't bother to capitalize their headlines

That much, at least, hasn't changed.

He's the man.



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Ha ha ha


He's the man.

Michael, Please address this


Please address this from grangers post below.

"What happened before Novemeber was the owner of this site had a falling out with Ron Paul's campaign"

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I guess you'll have to ask the Granger about that

I set the site up to support Ron Paul for president in the 2008 election. I continued that support throughout the duration of the campaign. I kept the site up, kept the trolls off, supported every money bomb.

In mid-May came "operation cold water," when the campaign - for whatever reason - chose to throw cold water on the grassroots efforts to keep fighting for the nomination. Shortly after that, in early June, came Rand's endorsement of Mitt Romney, that split the community.

After Ron Paul threw in the towel, the GJ supporters came in and ran the place for a little while. This again was divisive to the community. I didn't have the energy to stop it, nor did I really know what was best to do about the situation. But considering our candidate was out, GJ seemed the best option (though not the ideal option) to stay part of the national conversation.

There was some hope that Ron Paul was going to announce a third party run on the Tonight show after the RNC. He didn't, and the morning after that show, I took down the picture of RP that used to be at the top of the site. Maybe that is what she is referring to as the "falling out" ? I don't know.

I just didn't want this to become the Ron Paul shrine, that turned him into a king or a god. That's not why I set this up for. For me it has always been about the ideas, not the man. Further, I didn't want the picture of Ron Paul to be the reason for people not to discuss whatever they wanted to. I was so sick of people saying, "This is hurting Ron Paul's image," etc. Now that the election is over, I'm relieved of that burden, and I wanted that to be clear.

In a free society, you can talk about whatever you want, and the best way to achieve living in a free society is to behave as if you already do. That is my opinion. If a free society means that you have to tolerate a few posts about aliens, then so be it.

Is that a falling out? I don't think so. Ron Paul has got his path and I've got mine. They converged for a while, and that was great and fun and a lot of hard work. But it doesn't mean I will serve in the same role forever. For me that would be too stifling and too boring, and an infringement upon liberty - my liberty.

As far as picking a direction for the site and the movement, there is no unity like there was under Ron Paul. Nor do I think there needs to be. The tea party as positioned was divisive; Gary Johnson was divisive; Rand Paul is divisive. This is not the nature of the site, it is the nature of reality. Look at congress, look at the country. Division is everywhere.

I worked hard to keep a sense of unity (perhaps illusion) behind Ron Paul. I could do the same thing for Rand Paul, but I'd have to ban half the site. Or make it the anti-Rand Paul site by banning the other half. Neither option appeals to me.

The point of unity for this site is that we all supported Ron Paul for president in 2008 or 2012 or both. That is what we all share in common.

Aside from that...pretend you live in a free society. Talk about what you want. Ignore what you don't want to hear. Work towards freedom where you see the opportunity. Stand against tyranny and oppression where you see it. But don't forget to enjoy yourself and have fun.

Any other questions?

He's the man.

Thank you

very much for replying and I appreciate your efforts with this site and the cause.

We need more of this

add aliens to the topic

tittle, and these idiots will read it

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Yeah? So what are you doing here?

If you think people here are 'idiots' maybe you'd be more comfortable somewhere else.

He's the man.

I guess

"shill", "slug", or "jackwagon" would have been more appropriate. I have been called all three in this thread alone and that did not invoke your ire. Please retract more poor use of "idiot" and replace it with "jackwagons". Thanks

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How about I just ban you instead?

Thanks. After six years of doing this here, and four years prior to this, I've got a pretty good nose for the troublemakers who have nothing better to do than cause trouble.

He's the man.


Demonstrate with empirical evidence that Daily Paul membership does anything more than merely tolerate posts blaming anything on aliens.

You are just flinging straw men now. Shame on you...

~wobbles but doesn't fall down~