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What has happened to this website since November?

This place went from liberty and freedom to aliens, conspiracy, haarp, etc....

Go to abovetopsecret, beforeitsnews, etc....for all that.

Also, if its on info wars, it may not be gospel....


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a single post with only 7 comments from 4 unique commenters -- one being YOU -- and only 5 upvotes is not evidence that Daily Paul does anything more than tolerate topics attributing anything to aliens.

~wobbles but doesn't fall down~

Ooooh, icky. I've never gone there.

I'm just idiotus. I'm on my own. It was a smear used by Ancient Greek statists who couldn't bear the idea that some thought their system was coercive and corrupt.

Free includes debt-free!

There has never been a shortage...

of those kinds of posts.

~wobbles but doesn't fall down~

Since November?

From the beginning, DP entertained us with conspiracy theory and fact. Just look at the Forums.

What happened before Novemeber was the owner of this site had a falling out with Ron Paul's campaign. There were never any details to my knowledge, but it became more divided politcally than any conspiracy topic post dared attempt innocently or by design, and remains divided among those who were in the GOP, and followed Ron Paul into the GOP to become delegates, take seats, chairs, offices, and those who HATE THE GOP and are sorely dissappointed in anyone that went GOP, especially those who stayed true to their oaths and stayed in the GOP DESPITE Romney, DESPITE THE lying, cheating, broken bones and stolen nomination.

Some of us are actively changing our local GOPs, and others continue to do whatever they can to attack, in the name of discussion.

The DP, has at this point TOLERATED those who remained in the rEVOLution, and has done it's best to RESPECT, support, promote and elevate those who claim to be Liberty Movement.

We have many fence sitters.. wait and seers, who are hoping the Liberty Movement will produce a candidate. Meanwhile, they attack Rand, or applaud him meekly, but their hearts are not in it, and some have promised their hearts never will be.

In the end, the losers will always find a market for worms.

See above...

you owe Michael an apology

For what?

I agree with him. I have never called anyone a troll and only consider those who come here to sell their spam, trolls. I have far more tolerance for so called trolls, that have opinions many disagree with, than MN. Many folks have been banned, I would not have banned. And many people I know left because they felt attacked. MN can say he was too tired, but he ws not too tired to pander to those who hurt good people that did not agree with MN. So, maybe the break was best?

I do not go to the Mod box and cry about posts or posters. I do not make topic posts to insult, upset or call out those who disagree with me. I do not threaten to leave, or pander to MN or anyone to win friends, or upvotes. I do not expect everyone to like me.

I have participated on Conspiracy theory posts, and I do not apologise for saying that is what the Liberty Movement has become, because that is a fact. The Liberty Movement does not have a party, or a candidate, or a future that is going to change the GOP or the USA or the UN.

This is MN's site and I have supported him with money. I have reguested that I am not pro-statis because I'm not here to stand out with an icon, and what the benefits are, are unimportant to me.

I believe that if MN believed I owe him and apolgy her would be man enough to tell me, or ban me.. it's his site and I respect that. I'm very well aware that if I don't like it, I can leave.

I think MN has an excellent site, and that's why I support it. I do not always agree with him, and I'm not going to act like I do.

I am not afraid to be wrong, I often am, and am happy to apologise because I appreciate the education and growth. Excuse me for not seeing where I own MN an apology. I do not blame him for the division among us. I'm a capitalist, and to me, he needs to make money, and so he needs to make the site open to both sides.

MN and I were on the same side for years. We are no longer on the same side, but he tolerates (through his admitted dissappointment of) my choice to join the GOP, take a committee seat, and uphold the loyalty oath I took. He may not agree or understand, and I may not be able to make my reasons clear, so he prefers to stay clear rather than rebuke an old virtual friend. I respect that.

MN gets my respect and money. I get tolerated. Fair enough.

So what do I need to apologise to MN about?

A rather bold accusation.

If there was a falling out it was between the grassroots and JB agenda to create a compliant army of obedient 'activists' (read donors)

The falling out was with the Jesse Benton campaign when it was shown how he had deliberately undermined individual efforts to promote his personal agenda of kissing the right asses for fun and profit.

The Ron Paul Campaign rolled on through Tampa as promised.

Only 32% of eligible voters elected the President.

If we are going to play Democracy, how can a minority claim authority.

We have a real problem. Some will work the GOP, some the DEM, but the independents have always been the largest plurality.

There is something for everyone to do.

Free includes debt-free!

Let's get this straight

The RP campaign was JB. JB rolled the RP campaign into Tampa, NOT the grassroots.

Independents have no voice and the only choice they get is what other parties give them. The Indy ballot was for CIA agents who serve the president no matter what party.

The ptb saw that there was a huge benifit by allowing the general public to vote Decline to State Party, or No Prefered Party, because it marginializes voters.. eliminating any representation.

Untied we stand, and we stand with Rand in the GOP. The rest of you have NOTHING. Enjoy!

Were you in Tampa, or is this hearsay?

I suspect that JB is spearheading the campaign to purge liberty from the GOP.

The parties, even together can't even blow their own horn. They only manage to pull off a tyranny of the minority, in mockery of the democracy thy claim to support.

15 per hundred can work the GOP and another 15 per hundred the Dems

70 per hundred get to work the independents. We are the majority, and could create a majority if voting meant anything. In a Republic law not popular opinion ought to prevail.

But it is important to work the fringe groups, so keep up the good work ;-)

Peace! Glad to see your back on board, Granger.

Free includes debt-free!

I was not in Tampa

Though the campaign had selevted me as a national delegate, most unfortunately Romney won, so his selected delegates went to Tampa, not Ron's.

I think it's very hard for many people to transition from smoking pot/dmt all day long to joining the GOP, taking a committee seat and facing the Neocons, educating the local power about liberty.

Ron Paul made it very clear to me when he said, "The GOP has lost it's way". He did not say, "The Democratic Party, or Independent voters." I joined the GOP when RP made his second run for president because I knew, he was not going to do it MY way.

My first party was Libertarian, 1976-92 and in 93 I went Indy. In 07/08 I hoped that RP would go Indy. The campaign run by Kent Snyder, completely ignored me.. and I had spent a lot of money, met RP and them, made a meet up, hung banners, posters, made local speaches, delivered signs from San Francisco, to Humboldt to Reno, NV.. my time, my gas, my money, and they avoided me like the plaque.

So when RP announced his bid for pres fpr 08, I joined the GOP, began going to committees and the campaign has been with me ever since. Just talked on the phone last night.

So this WORKS for me. I can't imagine it WORKING in the Democratic Party, in a third party or as an Indy, because the people I work with are very committed,, we have a goal, we have a candidate, we have a party and we are FIGHTING to win.

As one who was fringe for decades, it is not important.. because fringe is going to do what it wants to do, just like I did in 07/08. What frienge needs to learn, is that the GOP is merely a tool, and today we have more RP Republicans than in 07.. it just gets better and better.

Thank you for the compliments, peace and welcome back. Thank you very much!! @>->--------- ((((((((((((Paul_S.))))))))))))

We are tolerating...

those who claim the only way to victory is to snuggle up with the neocons and zionists and pretending to be one of them in some bait-and-switch scheme.

Ron won the hearts of minds of people by displaying character, honesty and speaking truth to power regardless of ridicule, smears and name-calling....

~wobbles but doesn't fall down~

I hope I exercise your tolerance weebles

What is victory? Let's start there. What is victory to you? And how will you achieve this victory, if you can discribe it, because respectfully, you can't. You have no party, no candidates except what the GOP gives you, like GJ, and you have no plan but to "wait and see".

Winning hearts is NOT enough. That is NOT victory, apparently after THREE FAILED presidential runs.

To won elections you have to do way more than win hearts, but minds and people with the guts to follow their hearts. Those who followed Ron Paul into the GOP and are willing to face the neocons respectfully, because hook or crook they are elected and seated, while you and the LM is not even close.. it's like constant blowing smoke out your buts and thinking you're doing something besides making a stink.

Make your stink. With all due respect. Ron Paul won your heart and there you sit on your a$$. Pffffffffffft.


We will have "nothing". And you will have your little precious golden "ring of power".

"Preciousssss!, preciousss! >;) ".

Rand needs to throw it in the lava NOW!

~wobbles but doesn't fall down~

Bad analogy weebles

The ring of power is within all political parties, which Independents are subject, and non voters are helpless.

Seems you want to be powerless.

What is precious is having a Republic with representatives who keep their oaths to the constitution and represent we the people, not tptb.

REPUBLICAN Ron Paul was just the beginning.

Thanks for the reply. I

Thanks for the reply.

I agree that conspiracy theories and liberty messages are cousins or closer, however I think in order to reach the sleeping, we need to more logical. I'm not saying stop questioning, just stop being so knee jerk about everything. And having a conspiracy forum by itself would help tremendously. I don't see the problem with this idea. Then I would like the ability to block certain forums.

I don't come on this site for theories about strange sounds in the sky, secret death squads killing kids, mind control drugs making people shoot others, etc...

My pleasure

The LM is into conspiracy because that's all they got.

Michael Nystrom's picture

Do you go to the Daily Caller for celebrity gossip?

Katherine Webb Will Be on TV in a Bikini Every Week

Kate Upton Washes a Mercedes in Slow Motion

Scarlett Johanson Sizzles in New Broadway Show

Me neither. Nor do I come to the Daily Paul "for theories about strange sounds in the sky, secret death squads killing kids, mind control drugs making people shoot others, etc" either.

However, in both cases sometimes such stories can be interesting...

The only way to make sense out of change is to plunge into it, move with it, and join the dance. - Alan Watts

I go to abovetopsecret for

I go to abovetopsecret for conspiracy.
egotastic.com for celebrity skin/gossip
WND.com/drudge for news
infowars for practicing my skills of discernment.
dailypaul for liberty news.

see...I dont need a combo on this site.

If you want to help your fellow man, research the claims

I would be relieved if someone debunked my believed understanding that there is an agenda to transfer the authority of this republic away from the people. I have seen in my life that there are sheisty people always ready to scam or con you. When traveling the roads you can see that some people don't care if they screw you over or not. I think it isn't that far a stretch that some powerful people want it all and they don't care what it takes to get it. CONSPIRACY has been made a term most don't want to be associated with. It is hard for me to see so many odd things and to dismiss them. I don't think that we are so sophisticated, as a society, that we aren't subceptible to a historical power shifting crisis. This movement would barely have been noticed if this type of thinking wasn't there from the begining. TPTB have learned in the past century that they can manipulate minds with propaganda. Over the past 8 years I have built some strong beliefs, but I would be willing to analyze evidence to the contrary. Help your fellow man find what is true. Just signed up today...a new conspiracy contributor.

Agenda 21, PNAC, CODEX ALIMENTARIUS and UN biodiversity study. Help me understand why I shouldn't think there is a big agenda against the wishes of the masses.

Still A Source of Information

Yes, the days of the Ron Paul Presidential Race are over, and it was a once in a lifetime experience for me. The Daily Paul has been and always will be one of my sources of daily information as to what is going on "with the people" who are like minded. All the subjects that have been coming up are all pertinent in some form or another for gleaning the truth and fighting for our Liberty, Freedom, and defense of the Constitution. We are in a "fight" people, and while so called conspiratorial subjects do come up and are posted, it is up to each individual to investigate the truth of the matter. These are times when so many things are "concidential, suspicious, and downright blantantly obvious", I don't discount anything until I have researched it myself. As for keeping in touch with Ron Paul, I also go to Campaign for Liberty for their news.

Hopefully, the Johnson crowd

Hopefully, the Johnson crowd scampered like cock roaches when the lights are turned on.

There is no Left or Right -- there is only freedom or tyranny. Everything else is an illusion, an obfuscation to keep you confused and silent as the world burns around you." - Philip Brennan

"Invest only in things that you can stand in front of and pr

and this is why I wont be

and this is why I wont be voting nor helping Rand Paul. Right here.

Let Us Take Heed

lastbill gives sage advice, please let us consider it...
Don't Feed The Trolls

Captain 4 Months, we understand and obey...

If you look at the date of

If you look at the date of that, it had a purpose.

Thanks for playing though. :)

No, thank you

Thank you for playing the part of someone interested in Freedom.

It is an act, apparently, and a pretty good act, toboot.

As a vet, I'm more than

As a vet, I'm more than interested in it. I have it tattood into my flesh literally.

I am the only ron paul fan in my circle of friends and family. The ones who are not completely closed minded won't listen to the message of liberty for the only excuse of the conspiracy theories.

The only way to break through the wall is to leave that stuff out. Infowars makes its money off of people like us because we are more than willing to educate ourselves about the theories. The problem lies in where those conversations have dominated this site since the election, could it be because of the conspiracy of paul losing, or more because conspiracies are all we have left? I don't believe that's true.

We have so much liberty content that we can boil down the the simplistic. We can talk about the 2nd amendment without talking about false flag. We can talk about big pharma without talking about vaccines. We can talk about the violation of civil rights without talking about bilderberg. That is how we get through to the asleep.

As another Vet

I didn't elect you to be my representation.

Harden the Eff up. If you think that you can create a product better than the Daily Paul, put up or shut up.

If your idea of a controlled marketplace of ideas is better than this agora, prove it.
If you think that people in the country are too wussified to experience true diversity, start The Daily Wuss... or The Daily Fairweather... Daily Mariposa... whatever.

As far as the Daily Paul experience is... I like it just the way it is.
The Founding Fathers of this republic had heated disputes between them. I think that their final product is pretty flippin good.
And you know what? They didn't give one flying fig what the Tories thought about them.

opinions are alot like

opinions are alot like assholes....

Cop Out much?

Seems like you don't believe in your beliefs enough to put yourself in difficulty.