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Dumb & Dumber's Mr. Samsonite starring as China and other US creditors


This scene came to mind today when thinking about FRNs and T-bills. I think it is a great microcosm with Lloyd starring as the US Treasure Dept., Mr. Samsonite as China and our other creditors. The IOUs as our FRNs/T-bills and the brief case as Fort Knox and "good as money" is "good as gold" which of course is historically true money.

I think when this moment happens, as Austrian economics predict, is when our reserve currency status will be severely compromised and lots of FRNs overseas will wash up on our show and cause a large spike in price inflation domestically. This is something I try to explain to my friends and find it difficult, but this video made it fun for me to think about.

I thought this would be hilarious to dub over with those elements, but need someone more tech savvy.

Feel free to add/amend my cast of characters. I'd love to hear your take on the scene.