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Troubling exchange on Facebook - or rather, an Eye Opening Exchange

I recently jumped back onto Facebook (I know. I know.) I had an almost surreal experience last night. One of my "friends" from Massachusetts back from I don't know when - I haven't seen this guy in over 20 years - posted that he truly did not understand how the "right-ies" thought they had grounds for impeachment of Obama. He didn't understand it considering the positive changes that have been made in the past 4 years.

Now I'm not on Facebook to debate people. I'm on it because I'm taking a marketing class on to how to market e-books and obviously the class wants me to be on Facebook.

I broke my own personal rule and as politely and as briefly as I could explained why a person might want to impeach the President Although I thought it was probably futile. NDAA. Drones. 2nd Amendment (and other constitutional) Rights. A Debt that has grown to easily over $50,000 per person and for promising to get us out of a war but keeping us there and in new places via the Department of State and the CIA.

People started to jump in. Amazingly two people were on my side, both self avowed Liberals one of which I guess ran as third party 8 years ago. Some people jumped on me but then retracted their comments I guess after they re-read how polite I was about it.

I got freaked out that this seemingly intelligent person and his "friends" had NO FREAKING IDEA about some of the stuff that I posted.

I felt like coming to the Daily Paul to get my fix. And then I remembered that the people on that FaceBook post - that's why they are on Facebook to get their Fix of happy - everything is OK posts with pictures of their kids in daycare (which makes me kind of sick) or some beach in the Caribbean (that they want to escape to) or some cats or pretty flowers. For some reason all my "friends" send out stuff with pictures of guns. or of all the evil shit in politics and the world. It made me realize that this facebook thing as well as the DP (and I know people know this) is just a giant mirror in which you select what you want to see in the world because you recognize it. And it feels comfortable even if it is all an illusion. It makes you feel smarter to know something your friends all know. And it makes you mad at people who don't know.

I just got sad last night about Facebook and the great divide that America has become BECAUSE of the Internet and how people communicate with each other.

For whatever reason I wanted to share it with the Daily Paul.
thanks for reading.

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Google and Facebook are engineered

Thats a great observation. And it doesn't help that Google and Facebook are actually engineered to do exactly that. When you use google to perform your web searches, it knows exactly the types of sites and content that you already like so it filters the search results not only by your search key words, but also by the historical data it has on you.


This isn't necessarily 'bad' per say. But if all of your information comes from these kinds of sites, then you are only receiving information from just one world-view, your own. Which as we all know can be dangerous.

Ron Paul - Intellectual hero


Is that not a good reason to use a Google proxy system like Startpage.com?



keep spreading the truth.

keep spreading the truth. even if people don't like it. people must be woken out of their trance. i post stuff on fb all the time hoping it will eat away at their subconscious. peace

f___ all forms of govt.

Great stuff, love it

Guess it also shows the wonderfully disproportionate effect we can have when we do take the trouble to 'minister' to those parts of society that are cosily and complacently tucked away in a cul-de-sac of ignorance.

Obedience to God is resistance to tyrants.

Very Interesting...

It is a very valuable observation you have made that most people do not realize. Folks tend to self sort themselves into those media outlets that will reinforce what they already believe and ignore and anathematize those that undermine their beliefs. We, as Libertarians, Anarchists, Voluntarians, and such fellow travelers as we are, have, for the most part, graduated FROM either the Right or the Left and so are Immune to either call and thus need not fear exposure to their ideas as we have already left them behind. The struggle is not Left vs. Right, that meme is Distraction. The Struggle is Freedom vs. Slavery, Up vs. Down. The Left leads to Socialism/Communism and the Right leads to Corporatism/Fascism, all just different brands and flavors of Totalitarianism, thus keeping the slaves of the Left vs. Right dichotomy distracted from the True Struggle, Freedom vs. Slavery. Those of us who do facebook might consider pointing out the fallacy of the Left vs. Right meme in favor of the Freedom vs. Slavery meme. It just might make sense to a limited percentage of them and win them over.

The things that will destroy us are: politics without principle;
pleasure without conscience; wealth without work; knowledge without character; business without morality; science without humanity; and
worship without sacrifice: Mahatma Mohandas K. Gan

I like cats.


HOMELAND SECURITY is MONITORING FACEBOOK,TWITTER,DRUDGE. Google is monitoring E-mails,videos and social networks.The March 2012 publication of whistleblower has excellent article on this and much more.The title is ONE NATION UNDER SURVEILLANCE. WND.COM What you find in these publications the corporate controlled news media and our government won't tell you.you could listen to and watch any of the 30 major news organizations that has ties to George Soros. Millions do every day and night and aren't even aware they are doing it.

Bob Marshall

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I am still hopeful

sometimes people are sort of paying attention, sometimes they're not. I just had a debate (sort of- it was only me offering facts) about gun control. Other people started liking her stuff and one guy liked my comments. Another chimed in confused about why there was so much fear about gun control. The original person I was talking to stopped posting. This was my final post. God only knows if it will do any good.

This will be my last post. <>
The more I learn about the gun rights “debate,” the more I believe it is fueled by fear, ignorance, and prejudice. The Patriot Act and other unconstitutional “laws” were passed by using fear of terrorism, ignorance, and prejudice of muslims, and they use the same tactics to push gun control legislation.

Here are some rhetorical questions for gun control advocates to ponder: Are you afraid of gun violence? Does your knowledge of guns come from pundits and politicians with an agenda? What kind of person wants an assault weapon? If the first word that pops into your mind is freak, then maybe you need to admit that you’re prejudiced.

An “assault” rifle ban would chip away at our inalienable right to self defense and would force millions of men and women to surrender their right to gun ownership or else they’ll become criminals. The facts show that gun bans will not bring about the desired effects. In fact, it could result in increased crime.

I would speak out just as strongly if someone posted support for executing certain Americans without a trial, indefinite detention without charges or a lawyer, or comments that were pro-torture, or pro-warrantless searches and surveillance. Those rights have also been eroded because of irrational fear. Americans are manipulated by what they hear on TV. Why am I such a pain in the ass? Because all these laws are dangerous and Americans need to wise up.

As you’ve said over and over, we can agree to disagree. I kept harping because I felt compelled to do my best to explain why I think gun control is wrong. You probably won’t hear it on the MSM, so that leaves it to ordinary people like me. I feel like I’ve done my duty. I’m very glad you voiced your opinion, and I hope there’s no hard feelings. I wish you good luck and much happiness with your new baby.

Thanks for sharing it.

Information is compartmentalized

Only the state has central access to information.

Even the two parties operate according to two different sets of information. The intersection of which only occurs in the form of the vote.

And whoever gets 50.0001% rules the universe. And really, it's the insiders who rule.

Anyway, that's why I proposed this: http://www.dailypaul.com/271276/finally-this-is-how-we-rewri...

and the Internet divide is only going to get worse

as all the searches are now tailored to "you" or who they think you are and what they think you want to see...or what they think you should see. It isn't just self segregation but forced segregation as well.

Have you ever tried searching for things in Netflix? It is horrible. You can't sort things and filter things how you want it gives you a few categories and basically tries to feed you what it wants you to see...or what it "thinks" you want to see. pidgeon-holed for life! Getting to be the same way for google searches, obviously is that way with advertisements too.

The best thing you can do for yourself is frequent sites of opposing views so you can get a broad spectrum. Not only does it help you understand where people are coming from but also exposes them to your ideas.

Good point.

Can anyone recommend alternative search engines to Google? Google's great, but would be nice to check out something else for variety every once in a while.

Obedience to God is resistance to tyrants.

IXQuick seems pretty good

My experience is a little

My experience is a little different. I try to have a diverse set of friends of all opinions. I don't make comments. I just post articles of interest. I lead the horse to water. If he drinks it, great. If not, who cares. I'm just linking to things I'm reading anyway.

Intelligent people

can be ignorant and foolish.

And also be successful and

And also be successful and have lots of money...

Southern Agrarian


still not necessarily very happy, especially when the music stops and they are the ones left without a chair ;)

Freedom is a byproduct of acceptance - judge not.

especially if they have a doctorate degree from Oxford.


Shiela Jackson Lee got her BA

Shiela Jackson Lee got her BA from yale and JD from U Va.

Southern Agrarian

oh...I'm not anti college - maybe I'm a bit jealous

but it really is a "school of thought" - a way of thinking that is pretty much hammered into a person. I wish I could go to MIT. That would be awesome! But alas....

Certain people are allowed to

Certain people are allowed to "hold" degrees to further and agenda.
SJL displays zero intelligence of someone who supposedly went to Yale and UVA.

Southern Agrarian


Facebook is full of silly stuff like this, easy to consume fodder for the deluded masses who don't see the oncoming storm. On the flipside, these are the people we need to convince that there is a storm coming. Like I said on my blog, 75% of eligible voters did not vote for Obama, and a full 50% did not vote at all. A big portion of those 50% likely don't care about politics at all - until of course governments start caring about them - with higher taxes and restrictions on freedoms. It's this 50% that we need to reach - people who believe in peace and liberty, they just don't know it yet. Their inner libertarian, so to speak. Since I started posting regularly my blog on my Facebook feed, more and more people are waking up to the reality. With luck we can let them unleash their inner libertarian, and then we might see some true change.

chris future

My facebook account

is deactivated right now because I am writing. I did the same at the beginning of last year, but when we got close to the election I decided to jump back on and challenge the various left and right supportive posts of my friends. To reply to their posts, and not have someone jump down your throat,one has to have a gift of language that our schools don't really teach us. One must "pre-suppose" the answers before challenging the others thought process because you know their other friends are going to chime in on what you write too (like minds think alike, especially if they are democrats who now feel more empowered to speak out than ever).

Yes, I agree that facebook is dividing us more. But I also believe a little enlightenment can be shared if handled with the right prose. Using the socratic method of asking questions is one good way to do this.

I spent 10 years studying via Kenrick Cleveland, a different type of NLP than what Tony Robbins teaches. It has helped me in my being able to converse with those who attack the other side with right or left talking points they learned from the pundits at FOX or MSNBC.

My last post before disappearing from facebook (again) was;

It’s Bush’s Fault, No Wait, It’s Obama’s Fault


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Next book: Illusions of Wealth - due out soon
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As evil as facebook is,

it can be used as a giant billboard to awaken people and spread the truth. Many a debate may not awaken the "other" person, but will awaken or at the very least, spark curiosity/interest in further researching the topic for the countless peeping toms that are also reading the debate.

I say use it as much as possible before they start regulating the internet.


Facebook is a feel good mechanism much like a bottle of free government vodka was in the old USSR.

I just can't do facebook

I tried a couple times, and felt like it was an incredible barrier to meaningful communication. I had a few "long lost friends" appear, "friend" me and then never say a word to me. They post and post and post, and I write notes. How have you been? Pictures of their cat, their car, some forwarded joke... never a reply. It was like talking to a wall, and watching a highlight reel from someone else's life. It took the concept of "friend" and made it cheap, meaningless, a number on a page that gets you bragging rights and ad offers.
I like youtube. I can put my ideas out, and when people are ready to hear them, they can find me. And, I don't have to repeat myself ever again, I put on tape the first time. I did a rinky-dink aquaponics video that just sort of sat there at a couple hundred views for months, and I quit paying attention. One day I was linking it to something else and it had nearly 40,000 views. I guess folks are ready to learn about AP. On facebook, I'd have to start a new system every 10 minutes to keep the concept on the front page.

Love or fear? Choose again with every breath.

I Ignore The Threats

NAZI-is one of the things Ive been called because Im PRO 2 AMENDMENT
Murdering Bitch-Because Im against the Welfare State
Idiot-Stupid-unAmerican-Racist-Because Im against Obama
Ive had threats against myself and my husband...(I invited them to come on over..no one has shown up yet)
Anyone else care to help myself, and the few who feel the same way, educate the many brain dead sheepleThe Forum 2012

I believe in Hope & Change..I Hope the government will Change
Spindale-Rutherford County-North Carolina

I am so tired and frustrated

I am so tired and frustrated with the parroted talking point that equates any criticism of Obama with racism, that I actually handle this accusation a little differently these days. You are dealing with a programmed response, triggered not by thought or reason, but by any critical examination of President Obama as our highest elected public official. To the accusation, I just calmly agree, trying my best not to be the least bit sarcastic.

"Yes, I'm racist. That's why I don't like Obama. It has absolutely nothing to do with his signing the NDAA into law, the end of habeas corpus (which really has been a nuisance and menace to freedom and justice in society since the days of the Magna Carta). It has nothing to do with the killer drones in the skies, the illegal wars, or his kill list (including American citizens). It's not because he's dismantling our Bill of Rights one Amendment at a time. It has nothing to do with any of these things. I'm a racist."

I know it's not politically correct, and it's certainly not true, but what does reality and truth have to do with anything? For sure, if you say this with a straight face it is so far out of their programming, most have no idea how to even respond to this.

That's rich, considering the

That's rich, considering the Nazis were actually anti-2nd Amendment and initiated the same policy in regard to guns that the Obama administration is pushing. If someone is slinging an aspersion your way, I would suggest you inform them they should at least understand what the aspersion means before they use it.