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Troubling exchange on Facebook - or rather, an Eye Opening Exchange

I recently jumped back onto Facebook (I know. I know.) I had an almost surreal experience last night. One of my "friends" from Massachusetts back from I don't know when - I haven't seen this guy in over 20 years - posted that he truly did not understand how the "right-ies" thought they had grounds for impeachment of Obama. He didn't understand it considering the positive changes that have been made in the past 4 years.

Now I'm not on Facebook to debate people. I'm on it because I'm taking a marketing class on to how to market e-books and obviously the class wants me to be on Facebook.

I broke my own personal rule and as politely and as briefly as I could explained why a person might want to impeach the President Although I thought it was probably futile. NDAA. Drones. 2nd Amendment (and other constitutional) Rights. A Debt that has grown to easily over $50,000 per person and for promising to get us out of a war but keeping us there and in new places via the Department of State and the CIA.

People started to jump in. Amazingly two people were on my side, both self avowed Liberals one of which I guess ran as third party 8 years ago. Some people jumped on me but then retracted their comments I guess after they re-read how polite I was about it.

I got freaked out that this seemingly intelligent person and his "friends" had NO FREAKING IDEA about some of the stuff that I posted.

I felt like coming to the Daily Paul to get my fix. And then I remembered that the people on that FaceBook post - that's why they are on Facebook to get their Fix of happy - everything is OK posts with pictures of their kids in daycare (which makes me kind of sick) or some beach in the Caribbean (that they want to escape to) or some cats or pretty flowers. For some reason all my "friends" send out stuff with pictures of guns. or of all the evil shit in politics and the world. It made me realize that this facebook thing as well as the DP (and I know people know this) is just a giant mirror in which you select what you want to see in the world because you recognize it. And it feels comfortable even if it is all an illusion. It makes you feel smarter to know something your friends all know. And it makes you mad at people who don't know.

I just got sad last night about Facebook and the great divide that America has become BECAUSE of the Internet and how people communicate with each other.

For whatever reason I wanted to share it with the Daily Paul.
thanks for reading.

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This is what I use my

This is what I use my Facebook for.

Just small bits of truth here and there...just enough to plant some thoughts.

Give us a like. Please.



FB place

Thanks, We are working hard

We are working hard in the CD7. I've made allies with some good republicans of all types. I am welcomed to their table. We have issues with leadership here but that's all about to change in a few weeks when we unseat them.

You have to bring your

You have to bring your message outside of the DP. As scary as it may be...you have to! Because in here...we all already know....so we are merely preaching to the choir. Utilize Facebook as a tool to educate people. You have a great opportunity...you have "friends" who don't know yet. Work on them. Start little...so to get their attention. Then once you get their attention...like a ninja in the night you hook em with your grapilling of truth!

You describe it so well! I had to laugh because

I have friends who always post political stuff, or pictures with guns, (my favorite is a friend's status with a gnome with a gun).

And I have friends who, at first would just post pictures of cats,baby deer, rainbows and butterflies who now post comments about Liberty and bringing our troops home and sound money!

I do feel I have educated them with my posts.So far no kittens shooting guns---

So far no kittens shooting guns---

Well, heck - can't help with the kittens, but how about some squirrels?


If not that, then how about a turtle?

Keep the humor up!! :-)

I would also say social media

I would also say social media (internet) has expanded many relationships, as well as made different or dysfunctional relationships. I dont know if people would speak so honestly over just words... we are always more polite in person... criticize less, even white lie to people to keep the peace. However, I have said some of the most thoughtful and honest words to my GF over texts.. that sounds messed up for the older people... but at 22... that is normal... we say things that many older couples have never said. Now, to the point that make illusion around us, sure absolutely. But before the internet the kids just hung out with who they wanted to hang out with any ways... is that not the exact same thing. We are human, just like the humans before us and the humans before them

thanks for replying brixeyb and thank you for your observations

I'm GenX all the way. Yeah. I'll admit, it does sound kind of messed up. Its funny watching some of my friends having mid-life crisis-es and dating younger 20 something women (typical right). They are all about texting now. And Its painful to watch - on so many different levels.

I have to admit I'm much more into real people and seeing their body language as well as hearing tone of voice in what they have to say.

To your point - I guess getting rid of that body / facial expression with texting and social media gets rid of extraneous material. Maybe that's the allure? Especially for GenerationY that as grown up with multiple families. Its too hard to know every step dad/mom's little "tells" in their communication style. Just theorizing. Not judging.

I do appreciate your post.
Thank you.

This is the "magic" of social media - sort of

When you go to DP and preach to DP'ers, you change NOTHING.

When you go out into the world and preach to the un-converted, you make some progress, albeit small.

This is why the fedcoats are using bots and "persona management software" to control public opinion on the web.

For years patriots stuck to "patriot boards" but note that the ideals of liberty have spread with the proliferation of open social media like FB and Twitter.

Hence the efforts of the state to counter the anti-propaganda might well be a late measure.

Maybe you began Facebook r3VOLution!

How about that for marketing class! Thank you for sharing!

thanks for reading!

I just needed to tell someone about it. I kind of struck me as really sad how divided we all have become about stuff that most everyone is pretty ignorant about. And who knows. Maybe they have it right and I'm just stuck in NEGATIVELAND. Who knows?

You're Welcome! I enjoyed the read.

Understand the need to share with DP family! I found your observation:

"It made me realize that this facebook thing as well as the DP (and I know people know this) is just a giant mirror in which you select what you want to see in the world because you recognize it. And it feels comfortable even if it is all an illusion. It makes you feel smarter to know something your friends all know. And it makes you mad at people who don't know."

very interesting. That sounds like a marketing strategy! So perhaps the key is to get people to feel comfortable in order to get them to make a move toward Liberty.

I know things can get depressing when we look at all of the chaos around us. My safeplace is with the Lord Jesus Christ. He is a Strong Tower, and even if I loose Liberty here in this life, I have gained eternal Liberty!

Proverbs 18:10 KJV
The name of the LORD is a strong tower: the righteous runneth into it, and is safe.

I see your post is getting lots of action! That should put you into POSITIVELAND :)


Probably there were many

Probably there were many people who watched your comment and did not respond at all. It is also likely that you may have started to awaken people with your posts.

Whenever I have a discussion in a group of people and the person I am talking directly to is asleep - my term for a sheep - then I put my best arguments forward in a polite manner. I do this not because the sheep will wake up but because other people will notice and their conscience may be touched.

there were a ton of people jumping on.

one woman come in and started yelling at the original poster "WHAT THE HELL IS GOING ON ON YOUR FACEBOOK PAGE?!" I guess it kept popping up on her screen that people were chiming in.

I hope what you said is true deng. It may very well be.

i do the same as you...

its not so much the information but rather how its conveyed. once they hear truths i've told them, they can never unhear them

Atlas is shrugging