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TSA Not Eliminating X-Ray Body Scanners

TSA Not Eliminating X-Ray Body Scanners

Federal agency signed $245 million dollar contract with separate company that specializes in back-scatter machines

Paul Joseph Watson
January 23, 2013

Contrary to reports last week that the TSA is eliminating its expensive fleet of x-ray body scanners from airports, the federal agency signed a contract months ago with a separate company to provide the very same machines.

When Rapiscan, the company responsible for providing the TSA with the x-ray scanners, failed to adhere to a congressional demand to install software which disguised images of travelers’ naked bodies, the media announced that the TSA was abandoning x-ray body scanners in airports altogether.

However, the TSA merely announced that it had ended its $5 million dollar contract with Rapiscan, not that the x-ray devices would be gone for good. In addition, the Rapiscan machines will merely be relocated to other government agencies.

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...that way more taxpayer loot can be spread around politically connected businesses.