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How to respond to an anti Conspiracy Theorist

"You sound like a conspiracy theorist."

RESPONSE: "Let me get this straight. Are you saying that men in high positions of power are not capable of criminal activity and telling lies to the general public? Are you really that naive?"
(Laugh as you say this.)

"I'm not saying that governments don't lie, but a conspiracy like that would have to involve 100's of people. You can't hide something like that."

RESPONSE: "You're absolutely right. I agree with you 100%. It is impossible to totally cover up a conspiracy so massive. That's why I know about it! What you must understand is that they don't have to cover it up totally. Even a bucket that has a few leaks can still do the job of carrying water from here to there! They only need to fool 80% of the public, which isn't hard to do when you control the major networks and newspapers. The 10-20% that do figure it out can be easily marginalized with the label "conspiracy theorist." The 80% + will never take the critical thinkers seriously because they want to be part of the majority. This is known as groupthink.

"Not everything that happens in the world is a conspiracy!"

RESPONSE: "Not everything is a conspiracy, but nor is NOTHING a conspiracy either. Wouldn't you agree that we should evaluate each case independently and with an open mind?" (Wait for response.)

"Governments are so incompetant that they can't even deliver the mail on time or balance a budget. They couldn't conspire their way out of a paper bag!"

RESPONSE: "Don't confuse your incompetant, dim witted Congressman or Senator with the shadow government. The dark covert elements who stage these events are very skilled at carrying out, and concealing, their plots. Take for example the Manhattan Project. Hundreds of the world's top scientists were holed up in a desert for months as they worked on the Atomic Bomb. This conspiracy was so secretive, that when FDR died and Vice President Truman became President, FDR's advisors had to inform him of the Project's existence! So you see, the shadowy intelligence element of the government is VERY capable!"


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only two corrections for me

change "when you control" to "when you help control"

I would change "shadow government" to "where shareholders and govt interests meet.

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All in plain site.

It has worked, is working, and will continue to work as long as people think like the guy in italics in the article above.

RESPONSE guy is on point...question evrything.

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Ask about 9/11

I ask if they believe the standard version of 9/11 and then point out that they believe in a conspiracy theory

and end the conversation with...

"thank you for the opportunity to prove my points while making yourself look like a naive fool."

I don't buy it.

That conversation involves both a conspiracy theorist who doesn't deal in facts, and an anti-conspiracy theorist who doesn't deal in facts. Nowhere in that conversation does either side even mention that they want logical, factual evidence. Both sides just keep talking in generalizations. That is what gets me when debating a conspiracy. Someone will just keep talking about "what the government is capable of", or "how shadow governments work", but they never have the evidence needed to prove it. You want to know how to respond to an anti-conspiray theorist? Give him evidence, not fallacy.

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Good one Jefferson

If those who were critical of you would have looked further on that site they would have seen a story , "The Tomato Bubble". It was a clever story which explains, allegorically , the global monetary system and how the Federal Reserve is the scam of all human history. the site looks very interesting, with historical references. That DOES relate to the DP more than many other posts.
If you told some people of how the FED works, they would call you a Conspiracy Nut and say you believe in Santa Claus.


I heard someone say

If you are not a conspiracy theorist then you are a coincidence theorist. A conspiracy theorist follows suspicions about peculiar events to try and gather available evidence to find answers to why an event might seem peculiar. A coincidence theorist accepts that peculiar events are just a result of a random coincidence.

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bump. +1

Thank you

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Conspiracy? Oh really? What do you know of it?

And when did you come to know it?

[Allow them plenty of time. And rope.]

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You just gave some generic

You just gave some generic reasons why any kind of conspiracy is possible. Which is exactly the problem -- they rely on the fact that we can never know for sure whether anything we know is true. Which is basically saying nothing. At best, this is just an argument that anything's possible, not that there's any truth to conspiracy theories.

Conspiracy theory = a throw away term

translation- "I'm ignorant and don't really want to deal with it." "I'll just cower through this.." "Where's my triple fluoridated beer?" "U mean something is required of me? How could that be? I'm special."

"No, I'm just well informed."

Next question.

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Conspiracy Theory = Bad Political Strategy

While many (if not all) of the arguments against the "anti-conspiracy theorist" are valid, the one I've never seen addressed is the problem that preaching conspiracies doesn't get anything of significant value accomplished. Accomplishing political change requires a critical mass of support, and conspiracy theory has never been able to accumulate anywhere close to that level of support.

As a case study, compare the effectiveness of Ron Paul (who avoided discussing conspiracy theories in favor of more tangible issues like the Fed) and Alex Jones (who has been preaching conspiracy theory for decades). While Alex Jones has had an impact, it pales in comparison to Ron Paul's, and there is excellent reason for that. The fundamental difference in their approaches has been that Ron Paul has preached liberty (a positive) and Alex Jones has preached conspiracy (a negative).

The liberty movement and the conspiracy crowd have a large overlap because we all want the same thing (basically): liberty. Even if every conspiracy theory was true, it wouldn't change the political behavior of an "anti-conpiracy theorist" that was dedicated to the liberty movement, so why bother preaching to them?

It is true that occasionally conspiracy theory is an effective tool to get through to some. But much more frequently it discourages people from listening to the message of liberty because of conspiracy's negative slant. While each individual will respond differently, the results thus far leave no question that liberty is a more powerful message than conspiracy.

I really don't blame "sheeple" because they don't want to listen the barrage of negativity that is most conspiracy theory (it's a downer, it really is). Especially when insults often follow when one chooses to suspend judgment when the evidence is not found to be conclusive. So if you're a conspiracy theorist, by all means, keep it as a hobby and then you'll have the tools available if you happen to find someone who is open to that kind of stuff. Otherwise, I suggest focusing on the positives of liberty as your message and keep your eyes on the solution (people fighting for liberty) instead of the problem. You don't fight shadowy overlords directly, you convert the masses to the cause of liberty, then the shadowy overlords lose their power.

"Sometimes it is said that man cannot be trusted with the government of himself. Can he, then, be trusted with the government of others? Or have we found angels in the forms of kings to govern him?" -Thomas Jefferson

well said

I enjoyed your post.

dave anderson

Thumbed you up one

Using positives is very powerful. It definitely has wider appeal.

"Moderation in temper is always a virtue; but moderation in principle is always a vice." -- Thomas Paine

If one...

follows your reasoning, how then will you get any truth of these things exposed?
The MSM is effectively suppressing the truth with disinformation! For those of us who do not accept everything on face value, we must also drag along with us the weight of a response of posts like this!

When Fascism goes to sleep, it checks under the bed for Ron Paul!

Right on.

It's very sad that DP is devolving into promoting this stuff.

As an 'anti conspiracy theorist'

I'll have to say that this argument holds no sway. It's basically what you all say anyhow. It goes back to a central frustration I have with you guys.... it goes like this....

ME. i don't believe that happened

THEM. something vaguely similar happened in Belgium in the year 1436. Are you so naive that you don't think it could happen again?

ME. :::facepalm:::

THEM. Northwood documents!!!!! You're a sheeple!!!!! BULLHORN!!!! I DID YOUR LAUNDRY!!!!!!

ME. Ok, I'll catch ya later man.


you just wanted down votes, right?

I love your line here though:

"I'll have to say that this argument holds no sway. It's basically what you all say anyhow."

So your logic was to basically state what "us conspiracy theorist" do all the time? How is that, in any way, an argument to negate the OP?

Your either here unify the DP'ers who you know will already hate your post or you are ignorant of facts.

Are there any "conspiracy theories" you do believe in? Have you read about the Iranian coup d'etat that Dr. Paul has talked about during debates? Do you think Dr. Paul is a "Conspiracy Theorist" for believing something that the US Government still does not acknowledge?

C'mon man, give me some real answers. Be honest with yourself.

Lima-1, out.

If you don't know your rights, you don't have any.

I'll be completely honest.I

I'll be completely honest.

I find it to be particularly tragic that the DP is turning into the nexus for the most bullcrap internet bullcrap on the internet.

I found the OP's argument to be a rehash of the same exact argument used every single fricken time someone doesn't believe in a conspiracy theory.

I don't care about down votes on this site anymore because only the dumb shit wins here.

I believe the CIA and Johnson killed Kennedy.

You guys have a very hard time separating out events and relevant information. Also, you're playing on words. Known events to have been conducted by the CIA don't fall into the 'conspiracy theory' camp. Crap like lizard men, hollow earth and egypt pyramid healing waves are the easy ones to laugh at. However, you're theories are also very plausible... Sandy Hook could have been an inside job. It wasn't though, at least you haven't shown me any good reason to think it was. This crap is crazy theory. The only cause of the theory is that you have a bias that you need to confirm with a theory and data too.

I don't know what else to say. I'm also just intrigued by you guys so I post on your threads even though I think you're nuts. I find most of you to be brilliant and cocky and young and you think you've got it all figured out because you have a storyline that makes sense. The evil elitez did it all.

You know what the problem is with that? If you had it figured out, you'd be the only one. The truth, the real world, is too complex to understand.

wait wait wait. You think

wait wait wait. You think our CIA killed Kennedy!? Better go hide in the bunker with your tin foil hat Spock. Ha. If there was some massive conspiracy to kill a US president, hundreds of people would have known about it. Don't you think someone would have come forward and explosed it!? Also, the government can't even deliver the mail, let alone assassinate a freaking president.

Hello... they ARRESTED the guy who did it... remember? It was all over the news! Guys like you have a very hard time seperating out events and relevant information. Your paranoia causes you to create crazy crap like this because of your biast against government.

You conspiracy wingnuts and your crazy ideas. Next you'll be saying the Gulf of Tonken didn't happen. Ha.

Coo Coo!

THEM. something vaguely

THEM. something vaguely similar happened in Belgium in the year 1436. Are you so naive that you don't think it could happen again?

Next you'll think

911 was an inside job.


Asking questions is good

But asking the same questions for days or years without understanding that the true answer wont come no matter what is just a symptom of mental anxiety that needs a therapeutic relief - preoccupation soothes the pain.

I think they think you're

I think they think you're talking about sheeple. :)



+ 1

"Conspiracy theory’s acutely negative connotations may be traced to liberal historian Richard Hofstadter’s well-known fusillades against the “New Right.” Yet it was the Central Intelligence Agency that likely played the greatest role in effectively “weaponizing” the term."


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Good points, but once again,

Good points, but once again, asking questions is not conspiracy theory. The two are distinct. That is not a slam against conspiracy theory, unless the latter is premature.

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It is an unfortunate necessity to ask the questions our so called MSM "investigative journalists" are supposed to ask, but don't.
There is a difference in making tremendous leaps in logic, or just fabricating things out of thin air, and asking questions about things that just don't add up.
I get just as angry with those in the alternative media that put out blatant reckless falsehoods as I do with the officials who are potentially lying and covering up certain information.

I am always quick to say that "I have no pride invested in these arguments and that I would LOVE to be wrong on particular matters." If I am wrong, or make an assumption based on poor research then I try to be quick to admit my faults and move on.

They are called

'Coincidence Theorists'