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VIDEO: Fontana School PD Purchases 14 AR - 15 Assault Weapons To Protect Students

VIDEO: Fontana School PD Purchases 14 AR - 15 Assault Weapons To Protect Students

January 22, 2013 | 10:40PM

FONTANA (CBSLA.com) — The Fontana Unified School District Police Department purchased 14 AR-15 assault weapons to protect students in response to recent shootings across the country, but some school leaders and citizens think it’s a step in the wrong direction.

FUSD Superintendent Cali Olsen-Binks approved the acquisition of the rifles, which are being stored on campuses in locked safes for responding police officers in the event of an attack.

Fontana Police Chief Rodney Jones and Mayor Acquanetta Warren supported Olsen-Binks’ decision.

“It’s unfortunate that we have to have that, but it’s the best message we can send to anybody that thinks to harm our children,” said Jones. “The message we’re sending is…not here, not now, we’re prepared for you. And if you seek to harm our children, we will neutralize that threat and you will most likely be killed.”

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AR - 15! Perfect!

Where the heck

did they find them?

Stupidity Run @mok

Police @re l@st responders to school shootings. They'll only need the yellow t@pe by the time they get there. No need to lock TH@T up.

This is the school district's own police department

Yeah, some cities do that. Blew my mind when I saw a school district police car in Philly.

Point being, these cops are already armed and protecting the schools, so they won't be last responders.

But an upvote for the sentiment anyway.