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Video: Glenn Beck to Devote Whole Show To ‘Debunking Conspiracy Theories About Sandy Hook’

“Conspiracy theories often distract people from the real issues”

Paul Joseph Watson | Infowars.com | January 23, 2013

Glenn Beck will devote his entire show tonight to “debunking conspiracy theories about the Sandy Hook shootings,” in an effort to make the case that questioning the official narrative behind the massacre is a distraction from real issues and only serves to discredit pro-second amendment arguments.

Explaining why he is affording an entire show to addressing and “debunking” conspiracy theories about Sandy Hook, Glenn Beck, who has previously dismissed verifiable programs such as the federal government’s construction of internment camps inside America, as “conspiracy theories,” said he feared such speculation was detracting from very real conspiracies being carried out by the powers that be.

“Wouldn’t you rather have them talking about that conspiracy than what the Federal Reserve is doing, than what the federal government is doing?” asked Beck, speculating that the conspiracy theories surrounding Sandy Hook could themselves have been set up by someone like White House information czar Cass Sunstein in an attempt to shift the debate away from legitimate issues about gun control.

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Gun grabbing

The intentional financial collapse cause civil war against an unarmed population. Its the exact same Rothschild bank cycle that they have repeated successfully over the past two world wars.

They engineer a crisis then they bring forth the soluton. Cause guns kill children effect take away the 2nd amendment rights to own weapons.

really you dont get it?


Why do people assume

Why do people assume journalists have to be in on it? Most journalists are cowards and craven. They simply avoid issues which could jeapordize their career. Gee, sometimes I wonder about those of you who are so critical of those of us who are asking unanswered questions.

Dude, Most of what I have

Dude, Most of what I have seen so far is just question asking that is being ignored and painted as "conspiracy theory." I am so sick of people like you marginalizing those of us who dare to question!!!!!


I'm with you. All of your questions are valid and do deserve answers.

For the sake of argument, let's say it was proven that the whole thing was pulled off by the government. Why?

Why not inner-city blacks instead of Sandy Hook whites?
The highest murder rate is among inner city non-white youths. It's already a proven fact that gun control has done nothing to quell this. So, that already-existing demographic cannot be exploited for the gun control push.

Why not babies instead of school children?
A gunman entering a neo-natal unit and blowing away babies wouldn't do, since they would have advocated and funded the murder of those same victims just weeks prior. Hypocrisy would be too obvious.

Besides, it's primarily the white, bible clutching, middle class Americans that are being targeted to push this agenda. What better way to knock it out of the park than to target the most innocent of our citizens (far enough removed from the danger of being aborted)?

Jefferson's picture


not stating that anything was "staged" or that there were several "actors" involved or anything like that. There are some very strange inconsistencies in the story that could easily be cleared up with CCTV video, autopsies and a few other things, but apparently those records have been sealed. (as I understand it)
I am however stating that regardless of what ACTUALLY happened, TPTB are using this event as a pretext for the disarmament of the American public.
It's called the Hegelian Dialectic...or PROBLEM..REACTION...SOLUTION.

In case you haven't noticed, our rights have been systematically dismantled since the events of 9/11. Being armed as a nation goes against the plans of the tyrannical globalist minions to have a mindless, defenseless, slave population.
In any of these events be it Pearl Harbor, Gulf of Tonkin, Waco, OKC, 9/11, Arizona, Aurora, Sandy Hook, you have to ask yourself who would benefit from this happening. What solutions are they offering to put a stop to these "problems?" And, are those solutions part of an agenda that has been written about in their books and papers for decades?

You have to have a historical foundation of having read some of these creeps' ideology in their books, papers, treaties, etc. to have a perspective as to where things are headed.
PNAC, UN Agenda 21, CFR, Tri Lateral Commission, and other influential think tanks are bypassing our system of checks and balances to instate what they have referred to many times as a "NWO."

I have been paying attention for roughly 13 years, and I have seen things discussed by people like Alex Jones AND others that I initially laughed at, but then started to see transpiring in the news years later. Once it clicks for you, you'll understand. Otherwise, you'll just write people like me and others off as whackos.


Creating a crisis makes it easier to pass legislation the citizens would never consider approving.

In this case, it's gun control.

So... did it work?

Has anyone changed their minds? Last time I checked, the pro-gun people are still pro-gun and the anti-gun people are still anti-gun.

Was the hoax successful?

That remains to be seen

But your post is illogical because you're implying that people aren't influenced by the politicians and media talking heads who demagogue the issues.

Where have you been? You ever hear Bill O'Reilly talk about Muslims? He's the poster child for demagoguery.

It is inevitable that they will come for our guns - whether they get them is the real question.

My post is illogical? I just gave my observation.

And asked a question. I didn't imply "people aren't influenced by the politicians and media." You said that. I gave my observation that I haven't noticed a change in public opinion, and asked if you think the hoax, if true, was a success.

If I implied anything, it is that is if Sandy Hook was indeed a massive conspiracy, it was a practically unfathomable high risk/to reward gamble. They seem to have won the gamble in the sense that calling the incident a hoax is still considered to be a loony conspiracy theory by most of the population, but they have received much backlash against gun control.

By the way, you asked where I have been? Watching all of this unfold. Guess what, it is very clear to me that the liberty movement has its share of demagogues, liars, sensationalists, and propaganda artists, too. These personalities definitely have an influence on public opinion, the liberty movement being a part of the public.


You implied that no one's opinion of guns has changed because of the event (or, in my mind, the demagoguing of the event) - It's illogical because it defies logic.

Granted, I don't think it has changed the opinions of those who previously supported guns, but it did change undecideds to anti-gunners and anti-gunners to extreme anti-gunners.

You can see all the blatant bias in the media by the fact that they hardly, if ever, post stories where gun owners have saved their lives or others by using their guns.

Are you serious?

Are you serious?

End The Fed!
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Yes. I am quite serious.

Nice play by mocking me instead of giving an answer.

You deserve to be mocked. Pay

You deserve to be mocked. Pay attention and use your head, dummy.

End The Fed!
BTC: 1A3JAJwLVG2pz8GLfdgWhcePMtc3ozgWtz

Government Toadie, Libertarian Toadie, the difference is?

Anyone who watches Beck is sure to be distracted, propagandized and manipulated. Don't.

Free includes debt-free!

Dear Glenn,

debunking "conspiracy theories" consists of much, much more than insulting the theorists.
Personally I don't think you are intelligent enough to be able to come up with any solid proof that all parts of the MSM Sandy Hook "story" are factually correct and verifiable.
The insidious industry you work for is nether asking nor answering the HUGE questions that need to be asked and answered.
We all know your position within the media, and we all know that your
cojones are not big enough for REAL journalists.

Hannity caller

Asked about this, said his friends though SH was staged, and asked Hannity if that could be true.

Hannity was sort of surprised and kind of laughed and said, well, no it wasn't staged.

But the point is that the mainstream bubba neocons are really getting into conspiracy theories now.

Man, they are really not trusting the establishment anymore. Probably a good thing, though Beck is right about how there are other more transparent conspiracies that are being ignored and deserve attention.

They are pitchmen of government propaganda.

They read the script, they know the talking points. They are in the business of pandering for ratings.

If the tell the truth about anything, it was an accident or more likely a mistake.

Like I told my dad. Everything they say on TV is a lie or irrelevant, except the time.

Free includes debt-free!

True true

This caller was kind of a leak through. The caller was dismayed at the talk of Sandy Hook conspiracy. His point was: why are people so mistrusting nowadays that they'll believe anything.

Hannity didn't really respond except to awkwardly laugh (it's not like he was caught off guard, it's just that in context it was like someone asking him about crop circles, just so outta left field for him).

My point was that the mistrust of the establishment is really high right now, even for neocons.

Using this shill

Using this shill for damage control! lol oh well, they continue to lose credibility.

Jefferson's picture


makes me even more suspicious of the event.

"Question Boldly!" (as long as they are GB approved questions)

This ex "top 40 DJ" shill figured out at CNN that if he could repackage himself as a Ron Paul/ Alex Jones that he could maybe gain some credibility and cover for the crimes of Israel. He's dragged so many red herrings across the trail, he couldn't wash the fish smell off if he bathed in tomato juice for a year.

You are free to color withing the lines GB draws out for you. What a freaking joke.

He Is Employing The Piers Morgan Plan For Rating Boost

He knows exactly what he is doing...I will not tune in to hear this crap!

Same Here

...Beck just dredging for ratings.