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Could the liberty movement or even the Daily Paul buy its own Satellite and start its own private network?

First things first, let's get the DP paid up, myself included (on payday), but with enough people contributing to a private Satellite based network that we own, how awesome would it be to talk people you know into joining a citizen based news network focused on bringing Constitutional Goverment back to the United States. We definitely could gather the cash as proven by our fundraising ability.

Example of a company that does this, don't know anything about them.



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There is a Freedom Network.....

sponsored by Restore The Republic and Gary Franchi


If you can read this thank a teacher. Because it's in English thank a soldier!

"The American Republic will endure until the day Congress discovers that it can bribe the public with the public's money."
- Alexis de Tocqueville

Could we by a majority of Time Warner?

Stating something new would have huge risk to lose all of ones investment. I know it would take millions of people, but buying Time Warner Cable and changing the tone of CNN might reach more people without as much risk. And it pays a dividend from day one as we accumulate control.

If anyone would be interested

If anyone would be interested in throwing in and building one of these together (or probably in a group), that would be pretty bada$$.

Although I'm not sure you could create a 'network' as the OP desires, but deploying one of these to space with the long term goal of hooking up a collection of these types of satellites together and then using 3rd party satellites to communicate back with earth is entirely possible.



I'm currently building a drone.

One of the things that have come up in my research are Picosatellites -- DIY satellite dishes. There are books on Amazon for like $8. There is even a company doing Cubesats which will include a launch on a real rocket all for around $8000. All cheaper than a mid-life crisis. Look it up.



I'm in for a $50 spot, but it can't be a scam like RevolutionPAC was and as long as Kokesh has no special place in it (other than anyone else) or any kind of control or influence over it.

Might want to wait just a few

Might want to wait just a few more weeks on that idea... ;)

Yes we can

Who says we can't? Until we try we can't awnser that. I'd do $ 6/month (same as prisonplanet). Need lots of brains and heart.
xx love you guys

Some Feedback

Launching our own satellite is not the right way to do this. Firstly, the FCC licenses orbital slots so you would need to acquire a license at auction. The most likely spectrum would either be in the KA band or the "DBS Reverse" band. These slots auction for millions of dollars and then you have to build and launch a satellite within a specified amount of time or you lose the license to that orbital slot.

You can put your own feed up on an existing satellite by licensing the spectrum from an existing satellite company. A few were already mentioned. Dish Network Business Services also offers spectrum on a part to full time basis. Many companies use their service and equipment to distribute training videos, conferences, etc. I've seen Herbalife, ReMax, Anheuser-Busch all use them. I don't know what the cost for the spectrum is but I believe it to be quite high. Ideally, you could do a fractional transponder lease on a major carrier and specify that the channel be free and unencrypted. A cheaper option would be to start with a radio channel instead of video as that takes up a lot less capacity and should only cost around $2-3000 per month.

If you start with radio, you might see if AJ is willing to offer a syndicated broadcast. Also, you are going to want to see if you can get some of these advertisers to commit to doing some spots on the radio channel to defray the costs.


My Suggestion?

Get Jan Helfield on a CNN, FOXNEWS or MSNBC.

Surely his show could pull in more than 600k views like Piers Morgan.

This should be our first goal. It's something he's actively working toward and has years of those incredible interviews to show his stuff. His style is not necessarily libertarian as much as it's philosophical and catches people on their contradictions. This would introduce a lot of people to our message by simply letting non-libertarians hang themselves. One would think that a show in which Helfield can go and embarrass our leaders right now (given that congress has such a low approval rating) would become popular pretty quick. He can embarrass both Democrats and Republicans.

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Such a thing has been proposed many times

And is even being tried currently, as some of the posters have pointed out below.

The problem, as I see it, is that our movement remains small. The audience wasn't even big enough to keep Judge Nap on TV with his own show (granted it was on FBN, which no one watches, and isn't in that many households).

In order for such a plan to work - i.e to create a Liberty Network - we need to have compelling content that reaches the masses - beyond just hardcore libertarians. As long as we stay embattled with all this internecine warfare, and speculating on ridiculous conspiracies (no doubt there are conspiracies. But then there is the ridiculous), it isn't going to work, because there won't be the viewers and without the viewers, there won't be the ad revenue, and without that, there won't be a network.

So just as a reality check, we can barely keep this one little website on the air. Your idea is a great, grand and noble one, but the bottom line is that so far, we don't have the numbers to make it profitable.

I would propose we study WVCY-Milwaukee as a model...

...they do both television and radio...in a predominantly Catholic big city....with Madison(freedom from religion foundation) 60 miles west of them on I-94.

We have a product....a growing populist movement I believe....we need a miracle DONOR to start us up.

Study VCY, their programs pay their own broadcast fees I think; and their initial investment was not what it costs today; and their costs may be grandfathered in....but....they too make "enemies".

They've been hitting this 2nd Amendment thing head on from a Christian perspective just as long as everyone else...they do public rallies...they play John Birch Society videos criticizing public education...they have a very small staff, and are "extreme right-wing" ...

I got to talk to Larry Pratt the day after his second Piers Morgan appearance; and I was on the air again today .... http://www.vcyamerica.org/crosstalkarchives

We primarily want the same thing...less government, and God's blessing once again....

It's worth studying, and courting donors for....Ron Paul started something; and we cannot go back to the way it was!!! Surely some wealthy people are in our corner!


Here is a suggestion on how to win more people over.

Michael,please give your opinion on the following post that I have posted to DP several times.Would like to hear from you if you think this is a good idea or not.Here it is, copy and pasted..............If we had a large enough amount of people in America and the world united behind our shared principles,and demanded strict adherence to said principles over politics or parties,then the politicians would truly have to represent us or find themselves out of a job and irrelevant.We can make progress every single day if we focus on winning hearts and minds.Here is a suggestion on how to do it:We get one or two great short ads/videos that promote our shared values of truth,freedom,and peace.Maybe have a few quotes of Ron Paul in there.Just picture a short video explaining why we should bring our troops home,have sound money,cut taxes and spending,balance the budget,end the drug war and give power to the individual while promoting truth,freedom,peace,non-aggression and voluntary humanitarian help to our fellow man.Then we have a money bomb only to DIRECTLY purchase airtime for said ad/video.We vote with our dollars on which video is best.Then we have a "time bomb"(lol) where we all donate our time and focus our efforts spreading the video on facebook,twitter,youtube etc.Keeping it front page on the DP would surely help.Then we fine tune our efforts to make sure we are winning people over.And as long as we see it is working,we NEVER stop.With the "time bomb" method,we could make our message go viral on the internet,nationwide and worldwide,without asking people for money.With the right videos and a united effort by us,I am convinced this would work.In my opinion,this is how we win.Anyone got a better idea?I'm all ears.

Why buy your own satellite ????

Anyone can rent or lease a channel on globecast or other popular satellites, much cheaper. Many evangelical organizations have their own channel on Galaxy 19. (globcast) It's KU band and free to air, anyone can view it unencrypted without a special set top box.

I have no idea what it would cost to put up a channel, but
you could contact them and find out.


FYI I'm not endorsing globcast, Its just a popular place for free channels.


"Take hold of the future or the future will take hold of you." -- Patrick Dixon



“Let it not be said that no one cared, that no one objected once it’s realized that our liberties and wealth are in jeopardy.”
― Ron Paul

Does anyone know what that would cost?

Television is dominated by liberal progressive and corrupted neocon bias, this would be a great investment opportunity, given enough investment capital to pull it off. DPTV News Network, "We Report, Because They Won't".

I've Wondered Why Not

For a long time. If there is a way to do it, then count me in!


donate to dptv

Iwill donate and promote that program as I supported Ron Paul . I am still able to post on yahoo news ,I want to promote DPTV .Please keep me informed by E-MAIL

yes sir...duplicate posts pasted here!

Citzen Journalism/personal OP-ED on YouTube by DP frequenters!!! Run with it Joe!

Until we get our own studio/satellite channel etc. etc. (with an audience rivaling AJ!); we need to keep doing videos from our living rooms, or, from inside our cars or during your break at work like I do when I get tee'd off and fired up....Let it fly, and SHARE IT!!!

I call it courageous, and +1 for provoking more ideas...either by the written word, or by knee-jerk video....let America and the world hear you and see you...Lord knows people as tuned-in to the wiles of the devils masquerading as "angels of light" as we are ARE NOT going to get past their call-screeners!!!

Let's start rating TALENT for our Liberty Network!!!

I know we have the TALENT....I was the guy who bought the website dailypaulradio.com and RESPECTFULLY sold it to Michael Nystrom without argument when he called me on it....but this WAS the vision folks....we're currently being divided and ground into powder and scattered to the wind..we NEED to do this by this summer or fall in my opinion.

I imagine we'd have "missle"

I imagine we'd have "missle" related technical problems before you could even say: "Liberty Network" once that thing got into orbit.

Still, its a nice thought. Who knows... maybe you can dress it up like a ninja so they can't find it.



For the cost of a satellite a lot of DVDs could be minted

and shipped.

De-centralized, low-investment to start, low cost to operate.

Start with a monthly edition. Weekly, for the news hounds. Realtime is here on Michael's server.

Free includes debt-free!

It's already in the works

Right here - http://freedombroadcastingnetwork.com/

They have big plans moving forward, as does Gary Franchi and his Next News Network - the more the merrier, but helping those projects would be a good thing to do!

I am!

The Liverty Movement Needs Prime Time Television Voice

Stossel can't do it all himself. I will have to talk to some people and then, if doable, work with people in here about multi-member ownership/interest in such an endeavor. But anything you can come up with, I am interested in. I am thinking coordination of this thing, including legal aspect would be dificult. What state or country should the business be founded in, legal venue, business structure, etc. I think an employee-owned style of entity that ownsa channel and produces television programs would be a first.

Next News Network

I believe that's what this website is hoping to achieve