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Youtube Wanting My Name

Starting just now every time I try to post a comment on youtube it tells me to change my username to my real name and won't let me out of the popup. There is an option to put in my name but no button to make it take. And if I opt out it gives me an error message. Anyone else having that problem? I am suspicious of this since google took over youtube.

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easy to get around

create a throwaway yahoo e-mail account.

Use a fake name. (e.i. Berry Obama)

type that every time they want your name.

That's what I do.


But it doesn't have a button

where I can actually move past the popup. Period. It just keeps giving me an error message and tells me to try again. Did you have that problem?


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You'll have to create a new YouTube account

To get around it I think.

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Had the problem for a few days for a while. Then it stopped asking me, and now it is asking me again.