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Tired of the Rand Paul hate and Ron Paul purists

Before anyone calls me a troll or a gvt worker hear me out. I've been here for a while mostly reading and not participating. I feel like I want to be heard now. I'm tired of all the rand Paul
Bashing on here. So here is my opinion.

I would be very happy if he ran in 2016. I think he would have a better chance than Ron because Rand knows how to play politics ( in a good way).
I think Ron Paul's down side was that he didn't know how to be a good politician. He would just say it straight and honest, and would give people words to twist and make him an easy target. Like foreign policy. There are better ways to make a point across without being so blunt. I agree with him on foreign policy but I couldn't even convince my own brother in law to fully support Ron Paul just because he was so blunt on foreign policy. There are politically better ways to address foreign policy that would get you the same results without getting painted bad. I would cringe every time this would come up with Iran even though I would understand his point and would agree, he didn't explain what he should have.

Rand Paul on the other hand seems to understand the political game better. He proved he understood the game when he endorsed mitt Romney.

At first I was really pissed off and felt betrayed. But after I listened to his explanation why he did it, I understood. Ron Paul had a sticking point with run of the mill republicans by not endorsing the republican candidate. One reason many republicans refused to support Ron Paul.

I kind of look at it like this you have to understand what Rand Paul really wants without him specifically having to say it. Us supporters don't have to be so dumb to be spoon fed the exact information. Some things are better left alone. For example even if he personally questions the 9/11 scenario. At the moment it makes a negative difference if rand comes out and questions the official 9/11 story. It doesn't help him win anything except being labeled a nut or Loony.

I'm willing to get 80% of my ideas "elected" through rand Paul than to have a purest like Ron Paul that is 100% correct but isn't good at political speak.

How come far left liberal Obama supporters know he's against the second amendment know he's a socialist/fascist without Obama having to spell it out for them (and love him)

Same idea with Rand. He has a good chance to win if he can play ball the right way without giving up his principles.
If he faulters on principles then I'm out.

There are a lot of Ron Paul purists that I'm sure i will here from that do not like rand because he's a politician not a statesman like Ron. I say we have to play their game to win and slowly change it. We tried with Ron not playing their game and it didn't work because the guys calling the shots have too much power. Lets be reptilian like them (in a good way) like they are in a bad way.

We need a mix of working from the inside and working from the outside. Lots of people say "we can't work from the inside, we tried and got shoved aside" that's very true but we moved forward and gained a lot of ground. We got some liberty folks elected in the GOP witch is good. We need a 2 prong approach. Work within as much as possible and also work from the outside of the GOP as much as possible. I feel that they are playing 3d chess while we play checkers. If we wanna get anywhere we have to compete better than we have even in the past.

Sorry for the rant

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You lost me at Rand knows how

You lost me at Rand knows how to play politics.....

"It is difficult to free fools from the chains they revere".

It's hard not to be a menace to society when half the population is happy on their knees. - unknown

We shouldn't just give up

But we can't keep doing the same thing and expect different results.

People were really against FDR until he used politics and handouts to win time and again. Opinion polls, and sentiment always seemed to indicate that *this* time, FDR would lose and we'd get over this New Deal nonsense and get American prosperity back on track.

Okay, didn't work out. Then we had Goldwater. Nope. Then we had Reagan. Nope. Then.....