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Wolf Blitzer Tries To Attack Rand Paul and FAILS!

I keep coming up with more things to do videos about but this one was too good. Wolf Blitzer, in his attempt to attack Rand Paul, ended up attacking Hilary Clinton. Hilarious.




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So now Hilary Clinton is doubly incompetent

at understanding these types of issues. LOL

Got to archive this gem if she runs for president

Rand Paul wants to INCREASE

Rand Paul wants to INCREASE the military budget? WTF??

If you disagree with me on anything you are not a real libertarian...

But why didn't Rand challenge

But why didn't Rand challenge the entire intervention in Libya? Shouldn't that be the larger lesson here? Seems like Rand is always missing an opportunity to educate America on the failures of neo-conservatism, which Obama's foreign policy adheres to.


I love it and ty for bringing this to my/our attention. What a great big and hilarious circular SLAM right on old HC's busted head

Daughter of 1776 American Revolutionists

Comment on interview from an YT user

"Did I just hear him say increase spending by 50 Billion? The last thing the pentagon needs is more money (and I work for the DOD). Why don't we just stop waste in one area and fully fund the one he thinks needs it. I am confused, I thought Senator Paul was fiscally conservative and against militarism? Why not advocate for us to LEAVE that country....then you don't need security!"

Rand Paul critics are not understanding Rand Paul at all.

You keep equating Rand Paul with Ron Paul.

Rand Paul DOES NOT = Ron Paul

Rand Paul is merely Ron Paul in disguise! He'll execute with the constitutional common sense of his father. But Rand will NEVER echo the straight edge views of his father--never in an interview nor anywhere else. Rand is here to capture the mainstream. I'm hoping he'll take us to greater heights that Ron Paul couldn't reach.

Personally, I like Ron Paul's approach best. He keeps catching on more people with his straight edge message which I believe is more valuable than Rand Paul's strategy.

But remember, Ron Paul never retired--he's back at C4L. So it's a two front attack on the NWO from the Paul's.

Right, okay.

So, let me get this straight.

Are you trying to tell me that Rand is immune to our criticism? Because literally every complaint I've seen made against him would normally be a concern, but because it's Rand, you give him a free pass.

Justify the sanctions on Iran. I beg you to do it.

And the commenter makes a great point - why is Rand even considering keeping the military bases, much less increasing the budget to keep them more secure? This is NOT a "minor" change from his father. This is HUGE. And quite in the opposite direction of Ron.

It's 1. excessive/needless spending 2. encouraging hatred towards us to have these bases in the middle east.

valid points...NO! he is not immune to our criticism.

I'm pretty sure Rand agrees with you. But he'll never say it. He's a politician and he's using this opportunity to get some limelight and grill Hillary. But if he was president, he would shut it down as you are describing.

He's firing up the Neocons. Ron Paul is a purist whereas Rand is a politician. Just remember, Rand is on our side. His voting record is pretty solid though not perfect. He's trying to keep a balance.

I noticed Rand won't say ANYTHING that would possibly put him on the fringe side. Just my observation.

Thank God

This is the first time I've gotten a rational response from someone supporting Rand.

I agree with your assertion, but it just makes me trust him less, honestly.

I'm just concerned... I don't

I'm just concerned...

I don't want us to make Rand our enemy. Or go so far to call him a traitor. I feel like we're already losing so many hard-core Ron Paulers when it comes to supporting Rand.

I just hope people realize that Rand will act like Ron Paul but he'll talk like a politician. He's using a different strategy. And I totally understand how that would make you trust him less.

Honestly, if I saw a better senator than Rand I would support him in a heartbeat!

But the problem is that you can't say

He will act like Ron Paul when he doesn't. Rand has made a clear distinction between himself and his father where legislation is concerned.

Hmmm, his voting record is

Hmmm, his voting record is not as good as Ron Paul's but it's damn close!

As a senator he's done well.
-He forced individual votes on horrendous NDAA amendments which then ended up failing as no senator wanted to individually be on the record for voting for some of those nasty amendments.

-He helped add the amendment to the NDAA which was a restating of the 6th amendment though it may not help.

-He wrote the Audit the Fed bill and keeps pushing it along the best he can.

He's done a bunch. Like I said, there's no other senator who's doing more than Rand. And as a senator Rand is more vocal and heard than Ron Paul simply because he has the clout of a senator. Rand does the politicking which his father avoided. Overall, his voting record is awesome! So I believe he acts like Ron Paul and is the Ron Paul equivalent in the Senate.

Original video



Benghazi Hearing sans Blitzer


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