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Will You Soon Need a Licence To Buy Oil Filters ?

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you need to pay a tax stamp

for the adapter and if I am not mistaken, you need an ffl.

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are sold 2 different ways. 1 as you listed. The other as a "solvent trap adapter." It is to catch the cleaning solvents when you push a cleaning rod and brush from breech to muzzle when you are cleaning indoors so that you don't stain or ruin flooring. No stamp needed.
If someone got caught with a hole in the end of their "solvent trap" and it had powder residue in it, one could be looking at up to 10 years imprisonment and a several thousand dollar fine.

Definitely NOT a risk I would be willing to take.


you have to pay a 200$ tax stamp to use silencers.. infringing on the 2nd amendment... the fram silencer is pretty cool though, but it kills your sights...

I use Blue Wave, but don't expect one of THEIR silly taglines.

No problem:

You can do the same thing with a plastic bottle or jug filled with steel wool.
Prohibition never works and only creates black markets.
Anyone with machining abilities can easily make one of those.

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I am appalled by my government

Would it be a felony to make your own adapter?

Very simple to do, really


Wonder how well it works for

Wonder how well it works for high power...

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Add in the cost

Add in the cost to have the barrel(s) threaded. Even so, all of your arms would utilize the same adapter and filter, so you would save frn's there, along with not having to carry along suppressors for each and every arm that you may have.

There are smaller diameter filters too, so depending on how silent or loud, scopes might make the clearance.

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