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Maine Sheriffs Association is on board with the 2nd Amendment

Really Good News! The Maine Sheriffs are on board with the 2nd Amendment.


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Show them the Utah Sherrifs association letter to Obama

Stating they will support the 2nd amendment.



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Okay until I see an official announcement somewhere

I will stay up to date with this thread... thanks. I see something regarding gun control on their site. The site says it's a collection of 4 different officials from each county. It's not just sheriffs. Is there any way to tell how many sheriffs are actually informed of this decision?

Thanks for sharing...

Can you please make sure you link up with this thread:


We're up to 74 unabashed Constitutional sheriffs out there... this group expands the list even further. Let's keep the pressure on them!

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My gut says...

We will not know until the day comes.

I don't believe we even have

I don't believe we even have anything to fear of executive order on gun control.
In brief terms, "No way in hell! The day I get the call to confiscate guns based on an Executive Order, is the day I quit this job."
Does he plan to confiscate based on legislative action?

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The short answer would be no.

Like I said here, I think, is that Scott is not a quitter. He's been at it a long time and his father too.

My guess was that he was still fuming when he said that.

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Sounds Like He Needs An Education

The Sheriff works for the People. The day he gets an order to confiscate guns is the day he starts work, not the day for quitting!

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I understand

although I read it differently. When he said this he was quite understandably upset. I know him and he's not a quitter and I do not see him stepping down.

What he meant, I am sure, is that he will not be told how to do his job from a President via
Executive order.

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Sheriff Liberty's comment is a bit vague.

I have met him and have a lot of respect for his service and a job well done, however, I wish he had been more specific in his remarks.

BTW- I voted for him.



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