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DTOM website - Lover of liberty,truth speaker or Fraud?

As a lover of liberty, someone who is awake and realizes that the whole system is in reality going to collapse and is a scam, I have a question about another website.

Don't Tread On Me ( http://dont-tread-on.me/ )When you are aware, You can prepare - is website I really enjoy reading. It has good articles about liberty, being aware of what's going on around us, and not being frightened of it. I suggest many of you go there and take a look. It's a peaceful website full of great articles.

The only point that concerns me - and maybe I'm being a little too skeptical - is the fact that it sales silver medallions, and claims - maybe rightfully so - that silver is a great commodity to have since the dollar's collapse is relatively near.

My concern is that it really pushes silver as part of preparing for possible future events while also selling it, but it's not an actual commercial site. I'm not saying it is a conflict of interest, but it makes me somewhat uncomfortable as the website is attempting to make various claims that prop-up the sale of silver.

It's probably just me, and the website is completely legitimate but I was curious about the thought of others who might also enjoy it.