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Diane Feinstine and her Husband Illegally Profit from the American Taxpayers?

What is going on with diane feinstine and her slinky husband? We see this evil hag introducing another anti-constitutional gun ban and being the anti-American she is. Lets take a look at this cretinous corrupted criminal and her husband.

We never really take much interest in the criminals that think they are better than anyone else until they act like they are, or rebuke the nations people with tyranny and anti-normalcy. We do not look at the sordid connections of these criminals and their accomplices until they intrude or tread on us, the People of the USA, and world at large.

When the Light of God is wakened in the heart and mind of the average thinking American, it shines on these cretins of delusion and all sorts of slime emerges from under the criminals feet as they begin to drown in the quickening sands of truth that inevitably, swallows them all up. There is NO escape from real universal justice, and just because a few tyrants try to ‘change’ that, or say it is not so, does not mean this engraved in Stone Truth ever goes away.

As we wonder what the real reasons are behind this rhetoric and blabbity-banter from the gun-control agenda driven ilk like diane feinstine, we need only follow the money trails, or understand the policies that are directly behind such evil. We plainly see the anti-American antics and words of treason against the people of America guised behind the smirks, frowns, and nasty face smiles of diane fienstein and her kind of anti-American scum.

This criminal is profiting in many ways by her actions as a public servant and more so, her husband is. He acts like a mosad controller with the senator as his flunky monkey to carry out the UN/zionist/rothschild/globalist/empire of the money god/etc world domination criminality and corruptions against the American People.

Who profits?

This is just a little of the criminality they were never caught for.

All the President’s Women (Part 3): Diane Feinstein:

Uproar Grows as Sen. Feinstein’s Husband Profits from Post Office Privatization:

EXCLUSIVE: Senator’s husband’s firm cashes in on crisis:

CB Richard Ellis’ internal denial on Feinstein allegations to employees:

Here is richard blume’s executive profile that clearly shows companies that should be investigated for their profiteering from a gun ban situation. Or, how many are profiting NOW from the scare tactics to get people to panic buy guns and ammo? How many are selling state secrets?

Other Affiliations*

Among these we see a damming connection that diane fienstine’s husband richard blume has with the globalist Brookings Institution:


Brookings Institution?


And lo and behold, who is head of that nasty bunch?

Strobe Talbott:

“Born in Dayton, Ohio to Jo and Nelson Strobridge "Bud" Talbott II, Talbott attended the Hotchkiss School in Connecticut and graduated from Yale University in 1968, where he was chairman of the Yale Daily News, a position whose previous incumbents include Henry Luce, William F. Buckley, and Joe Lieberman. He was also a member of the Scholar of the House program in 1967-8, and belongs to the Skull and Bones Society.[1] He became friends with former President Bill Clinton when both were Rhodes Scholars at the University of Oxford;[2] during his studies there he translated Nikita Khrushchev's memoirs into English.[2]”


Skull and Bones? Clinton? Rhodes Scholars? This is all the good stuff? What lies underneath the lizards belly and what is his true agenda? Does he have military industrial contract connections too?

Hummm…no nazi bush poppy crime family drug big pharma and more related agenda here aye folks? No connections to all the MIC weapons manufacturers getting all the fat-kat contracts here either eh?

It suddenly dawns on the average soul that doing all one can to get the loosely handed out govt tax payer contract money using all the criminal and illegal acts it takes to do this IS the modern way of  making a living that has no criminal repercussions. Ahhhhhh ha! Whoduh thunk?

“CBRE’s owner and chairman is none other than the San Francisco-based financier Richard Blum, husband of US Senator Dianne Feinstein. As the overlord of a financial empire that encompasses tens of billions of dollars of investments in a staggering range of business enterprises, Blum has distinguished himself as one of the global capitalist economy’s reining siphoners-in-chief of public money. His uncanny ability to leverage large pools of taxpayer and pension dollars has depended in large part on the virtually unrivaled influence he peddles in the Democratic Party, both statewide and nationally, as well as in specific Congressional districts.”


And one pig lies with another:


And it just keeps on getting worse and worse as one sees plain as day these activities by these anti-American traitors, and enemies of the People of the united States. The rabbit hole of vast interlocking connections and back scratching deals to make profits from the poor people of America is too much for the TV dead nation to comprehend. Any conscious third grader can find this information and put two and two together to get four. If any real law enforcement officer that really enforces the Rule of Law that actually does their tax payer paid job goes after the real criminals; they could easily make many arrests and cases stick if the pus of corruption did not fill their heads and hearts with an evil so vile, it has killed the sanity of most people. The term “Chicken Shit” comes to the mind.


When this nation has fallen so hard to this kind of darkness that infects the whole system so badly, it deserves the self-inflicted punishment that comes to a society that rests silently in ignorance and fear, rather than to actually get up off their arse and DO the right thing to save their own futures, or those of their own children.

For America.