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Stop The Wars! Call In This Radio Show

They're banging the Islamophobia drum on the radio RIGHT NOW ...TUNE IN LIVE, listen at

Impact the debate....what's with arms going into Egypt?

Churches are going anti-Israel because of Muslim brotherhood influences; I don't buy it....sharia law is NOT coming here....this is a FALSE threat to perpetuate wars....

Call in and talk FOREIGN POLICY when they open the phone lines!!!

1-800-733-9829 .... DP'ers need to EDUCATE dumbed-down Christians who are supporting WARMONGERING for religious reasons....Israel can defend herself....tell them Rand Paul's reasonable foreign policy position.

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OK gang...

...got a question about Israel, our relationship with them ...

LISTEN LIVE and call in when he opens the phone lines in a few minutes!!!

Vic Eliason is on with a former mayor of an Israeli city - it's 10:00pm hour out there...


The call in line is 1-800-733-9829

We need DP'ers to call in and intercede in the debate FOR peace!!!

Be courteous, be professional - state Ron Paul's position's on foreign policy!!!

I dont believe...

He believes in BLOWBACK....

bump...opening phone lines!!

25 minutes.of call in time

Light this guy up....review his site and email him to the bigger threat to our Republic


call and ask...

"did a muslim fly a 757 into the Pentagon on 9/11?" Where is the WRECKAGE?

"how did Muslims take down building 7?"

"what if the official story that started our War on Terror is physically NOT TRUE?"


First break....

Call in and straighten them out....wars are bankrupting us....fascism will take us down....corporatism...NOT the Muslim Brotherhood!!!