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Rochester(NY) man scares off burglars with AR 15 rifle

Here is an interesting NEWS story coming from the Communist State of New York; I believe my fellow Daily Paul readers would find quite ironic.

From the short article; and I do mean short:

Rochester Police Chief James Sheppard says a resident of a home confronted two burglars with a semi-automatic assault rifle and scared the would-be burglars off. It happened around midnight Tuesday. Chief Sheppard says the weapon is legal and is legally owned by the resident.

It's the style of gun that the homeowner used that some anti-gun advocates say shouldn't even be available.

Here is a quote from the article of the homeoner:

He says he shudders to think what would have happened if he hadn't had a gun. He believes that gun saved his life and the lives of his roommates.

What does the Police Chief have to say:

he is not interested in disarming the public and supports the constitutional right to bear arms. His fight, he says, are the guns on the street that wreak havoc in our city.

His fight, he says, are the guns on the street that wreak havoc in our city.

Does this mean that if the State of NY or the Federal Government Ban weapons, he would not collect them; or is he just paying lipservice to the 2nd Amendment to not enfuriate the people like this individual who was saved by a gun?

I wonder why all of these articles where an individual fends off attacker(s) while using or brandishing a firearm are so much shorter than the articles where someone comitted a crime with a gun?

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