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What groups are coordinating these 2A protests/rallies? Any unification with the left?

When the facebook event page went up for the Buffalo protest, there were two people that stated they won't attend because the tea party is running it.

This new 2A situation is a great unifier. But I do not believe it is going to happen if republican based groups run the events.

If the GOA and, yes, the NRA (because it probably has a lot of non republican members), and respective state firearm organizations, sponsored these rallies; there could be a chance for some unifying numbers. If they do, they will probably want to control the topic matter of the speakers.

Even though I don't see eye to eye with this areas local Paladino tea party, I put the effort in on their facebook page to try and discuss of limited growth if these events become exclusively republican based. I actually agreed with another person, whom I don't know, who actually brought it up.

But a person involved as one of the coordinators commented back, not really in favor. The whole facebook thread ended up getting deleted.

So. I believe that if these rallies do not get advertised where it can be concluded that the coordinators are neutral based, there is a good chance that this will slowly fizzle out over the course of the year. Mainly, because that is a tea party pattern.

Anybody know what groups are running the rallies in other cities? This is such a good opportunity to get some crossover unification and it would be unfortunate if this does not occur.

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Sign People Up.

I don't know who is behind them, but when you go, have your activist friends bring clipboards and sign up sheets. Or even better, tablets with webbrowser set to amailling list signup webpage.
Bring voter reg forms too.

Take advantage of these opportunities to build your networks. We need to turn these people at district/county conventions and primary elections.