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Why Does Anyone Need An Assault Rifle?

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If the Anti-Gunners

If the Anti-Gunners are so adamant that the crooks won't have guns if they make them illegal then the police should not be exempt from their gun control Laws. If crooks don't have guns then why does anyone need a gun. How many Cops would we have if they passed a law like this?

To get rid of drunk drivers

Take all the cars away from sober people.

Why do you need a Ferrari...

When a horse and buggy can get you from point a to point b?

Why do you need a T-bone steak when a bowl of cereal can sustain you?

Why do you need indoor plumbing when an outhouse can perform the same task?

Why do yo need a king size bed when a cot will provide a place to sleep?

Why do you need the internet when you have newspapers, mail, and catalogs?

These questions are equally as absurd as asking "Why do you need a semi-automatic rifle?".

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