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Why I Was Asked To Leave A Gun Store - This Could Potentially Be Alarming

If these so-called bans do pass, that would mean re-arming every pro-gun person throughout this entire nation. Millions upon millions, in fact.

I wrote a post about being asked to leave a gun store for handing out feinstein and other on the record information (nothing was conspiracy related). Now that I have thought long and hard about this, is it possible that gun store owners and manufacturers could possibly NOT care about these bans, knowing that their profits will SKY-ROCKET through-the-roof with new 'legal' arms sales? Are we fighting both sides, government AND business?

Here is my initial post:


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We are fighting both sides, have been for a while now.

Many gun stores wont display anything political for fear of retaliation by BATFE inspectors/auditors.

They would rather just sell to police and not get on the wrong side of this unconstitutional federal mafia racket.


seems odd

i don't know why a gun store owner would have a problem with anyone handing out information pertaining to their right to keep buying and selling guns...

I use Blue Wave, but don't expect one of THEIR silly taglines.

Firearms store owners will

Firearms store owners will lose huge if any gun ban goes into effect. They did last time around during Clinton's ban. The only industry that profits from gun bans is the military supply industry, due to demand. The shop owners are on our side, far and wide.

I will go a step further

Individual liberty is ONLY possible via private property.

The implication is that natural individual rights do not extend to a collective or public property. Collective/public property is governed via democracy - the will of the majority via elected representitives. Thus, regulations.

Therefore, freedom of speech or the right to carry guns in PUBLIC has nothing to do with natural individual rights, only with the Bill of Rights from the Constitution.

Ayn Rand was the one to stress that point. That is why, under socialism or any other big collective, individual freedoms are not possible in the same way they are possible under private property.

+++ That is a good example why Objectivism trumps other Libertarian currents - if you believe that individual rights come from god, nature or rothbardian axiom, you cannot make such a conclusion as Ayn does. Indirectly, the same Ayn's argument destroys utopia of anarchism.


Handing out political leaflets in a private business without the owner's consent is inappropriate and disrespectful regardless of how right you are. The customers of any business come in all political flavors. They want to sell goods in their stores, not ideology.


There is a counter with nra, restaraunt, auto-body, and many, many other flyers. None of those were removed or discriminated against.

Yes, it is his shop. I was not there to distract business. I was there to promote the right to bear arms, in a gun store.

It is his right as owner to refuse copies of the state constitution, 2nd Amendment, and feinstein bill. Likewise, he will never see a frn from me.

This was in fact a learning experience for me. This is how I determine who our true allies are, and those who seek to profit at the expense of our natural born, God-given rights.

"What if the American people learn the truth" - Ron Paul


....perhaps the owner of the store gave them permission to put them there.

Did you ask permission to hand out your stuff?

I did not.

I am Liberty, and do as I please, as long as it does not infringe upon others. That is why in my previous post I noted 'Debatable'. I felt that I did not infringe, as nobody was forced to read it. The material that I layed out was among many other flyers, that was the purpose of the public ad counter that he set up.

I find it odd that a gun store owner would not welcome the state constitution, 2nd Amendment, and feinstein bill that is on the record. Thus this thread.

Edit: where there is NOT public ad counters or cork boards, I DO in fact ask permission to display my material. Some do, some do not, and I fully understand.

"What if the American people learn the truth" - Ron Paul

With all due respect, sir

You may have Liberty, but you are not Liberty herself.

I believe in the freedom to be what we choose to be.

So doing what you want on others property without permission...

...is "liberty"?

Hmmm... that's a new one. It sounds more like collectivism because you believe that others' private property is at your disposal and pleasure.

I assure you it is not.


You have left me with much to think about.

1. The counter [in lieu of a bulletin/cork board] that was put there by the gun store owner for visitors/patrons to voluntarily place literature, business cards, flyers, for other visitors/patrons to pick up and read.

2. The gun store owner did not like 2nd Amendment, the state constitution, 'polluting' the counter.

Logic is relatively easy for me to understand. It is the illogical that I find more or less difficult to comprehend.

I will, however, consider your words.

"What if the American people learn the truth" - Ron Paul

Most people are not logical

I said that at Jury selection and they released me immediately. Most place great stake in appearing logical. Cardinal Richeleau: Give me six honest statements from any man, and I can hang him.

+1 for being reasonable.

Recall that even the corkboard is private property. There is no 1st amendment right for you to do whatever you want on private property.

Read the constitution. The bill of rights constrains the GOVERNMENT (or is meant to) not individuals or their exercise of their private property rights.

Secondly, Some gun store owners only care about the 2am insofar as it supports their livelihood and not beyond that.

A +1 for you, as well.

I find this specific scenario difficult to evaluate. If the table-top counter, or corkboard in some places, was put on display and offered to visitors/patrons to freely utilize without asking permission, why would I be treated any differently and require permission?

There was no sign indicating that permission must be sought. There was no list defining what could or could not be posted.

If I extend an invitation to come to my house and eat/drink whatever is on my table, should I reprimand an individual who reaches for the wine?

"What if the American people learn the truth" - Ron Paul

On your own private property you could.

Or he could just remove your material later. Or he could put down xerox copies of his @ss in that are or could do whatever he wanted to do.

Now, if he's running a business he might not like that someone hits him economically, such as if you were to expose the fact that the proprietor doesn't support the 2am politically.

Of course, he might and you just dont know it. Perhaps he's afraid of the ATF? Perhaps he just doesn't want to draw unwanted attention for other reasons.

You never really know. Then again, it's his private business on his private property. Anyway, Godspeed, brother activist. ttyl

FBI_Exposer Ω™

I am sorry that I forgot to follow up on this. After much pondering and then sleeping on this, the conclusion that I came to was that you are indeed correct.

Temporarily, I let emotion dictate, due to 2ndA being of utmost importance. Had it been another issue, I would have realized this much sooner. Simply put, yes, it is this mans property, and in the end, he may do as he wishes. Property rights are also what I strongly promote, but for whatever reason neglected to remember that myself. Thanks for taking the time to set me straight.

As I try to keep others on their toes, I expect the same in return :-)

"What if the American people learn the truth" - Ron Paul

Govt. can buy out these shops.

They get a big lump sum and can go retire or use money to start up another kind of business.

We are ...

We are the government. Do you mean the taxpayers can buy out...?


ten times

outta nine - you can bet your sweet ass we are - all about da
benjamins !