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John Kerry calls Rand Paul an "absolutist." Damn straight.

Today, Senator Rand Paul tied John Kerry in knots over foreign policy, or it might be more accurate to say, Sen. Paul exposed Kerry as an elitist interventionist today during his Senate confirmation hearing. John Kerry, clearly annoyed at a strict view of constitutional limitations, accused Rand Paul of being an “absolutist.” Damn straight.

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Absolute means literally 'without ties', that is free.

Shame on John using this to smear. Implying that Rand is a slave to absolutism and twisting the meaning of the word that means the opposite.

Free includes debt-free!

He's turned out no different than the Senators that sent him

He's turned out to be no different than the Senators that sent him to Viet Nam.

The Winter Soldier died that day to make himself a place in history.

Pontius Pilate won a place in history.

Free includes debt-free!

How was this great?

Rand didn't really press him on anything except protecting Israel! He said nothing about the fact that the arms we give to "threats of Israel" end up killing Americans. The more I hear from Rand the more he sounds like a republican soft ball thrower. I was disappointed and I really hope that Rand hasn't sold out.

He is doing and saying way

He is doing and saying way more than any other republican. He is purposely not making waves. He is intelligent and being hard yet soft. He is really creating a bridge just like I said in my last response. We need the neocons on our side even if they are outdated and don't agree with us. It's the only way we'll win. If he wants to play soft I say go ahead. We all know what he really means. But we are the intelligent ones. We spend time here and other places learning, sharing, and doing what we can to make a difference. Those people that here his "softness" and don't understand are the people we need to reach out to. Forget about them reaching out to us.... we now that's not happening. He is reaching out to them, he is speaking to us while at the same time bringing those neo-con dicksmacks to our side. He is doing well.

this is exactly what i'm

this is exactly what i'm talking about ... look what rand is doing with the israel argument ... he just made everyone seem like idiots ... well if you really care about israel ... stop sending weapons to israels enemies ... that point cant be argued with ... slam dunk

All paper money eventually returns to its real intrinsic value, zero. - Voltaire

He's using their own

He's using their own arguments against them. The opportunity was staring him in the face. Ron did the same thing on other issues. The reason other congressman haven't taken advantage of that opportunity is not because nobody has noticed the contradictions, but because they are all so guilty of so much corruption, and you don't attack a guy that has just as much dirt on you. And they all have dirt on each other, so there's this mutual trust among them when it comes to the biggest secrets.

Does Rand Have A Chance To Win The GOP Nomination?

I mean he did upset the likes of McCain and Graham.

The neocon anchors love Rand

The neocon anchors love Rand for some reason. I have to believe that it is because he bridges the gap between our two camps. I believe Rand will win the nomination and the presidency. I think the MSM overestimates the men that will vote for Hillary. A lot of men rightfully believe she is a cunt will have nothing to do with her even if they are democrat.

That's just my 2 cents.

I have been watching the fox news dicksmacks sing the praises of Rand for the last 2 years. They love him for some reason. Forget about Rubio. He is not eligible.

Neocons are old news, they're

Neocons are old news, they're on their way out. Everybody will know this when Tom Davis beats Graham in 2014.

Rand has my vote in 2016.

Rand has my vote in 2016.

Me too.

Do you think Billary will be running against him?

I hope she does. It will be

I hope she does. It will be an easy win.

I was thinking it was part of the deal...

...when Bill was speaking for Obama. I had heard he hates Obama and was the first one to say Obama wasn't born here.

This I can guarantee... More

This I can guarantee... More democrat men will vote republican or other than republican women would vote democrat if Hillary runs. Mark this post and save it. I 100% Guarantee this.

I am only speaking from

I am only speaking from personal experience. Many many many men hate Hillary Clinton, even democrats. I know some assmunch life long democrats will vote for her (like my dad), but I know lots of southern and mid america democrats will not vote for her.

For which read:

'has a moral compass'.

An absolutist. A bit like Patrick Henry or Winston Churchill.

Obedience to God is resistance to tyrants.

Winston Churchill, moral compass not so much.

His compass was agenda driven and he was a bulldog. But I don't recall that he championed liberty as fervently as he welcomed war.

Patrick Henry is in a class of his own, IMO.

Free includes debt-free!

I'll agree with you on this

I'll agree with you on this one.

I thought only Sith's deal in

I thought only Sith's deal in absolutes ;)