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Corporate Government Wants Civil War?

"Silence is golden, but there is only so long I can remain silent to the dribble in government before I have to speak out again. Several things have come across my desk. One of those is concerning the obviously staged event at Sandy Hook school in Connecticut. Actors being involved, people smiling who just lost a child and fake tears, which could have been edited out before broadcasting it. But they weren’t edited out, were they?" ... Read More


Video included.
These are words from an Australian, but I think the points he speaks about are well worth listening to.


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I've studied this as well as 911

I'm NOT schooled in public manipulation, but I am schooled in engineering and physics.

The tactics by the media are the same as when I was fooled by the original 911 event.

It very well could be intended

But whether or not it was intended to be called out as a hoax is speculation.

There is no doubt that there are lies upon lies coming forth. I myself do not think that it exposed so blatantly on purpose. I think it was a planned terror attack like 911, that was executed very poorly.

The powers that be, being the powers that be, simply use their news stations to cover everything up. I really think that those crusty big wigs underestimate the internet and are nearing the end of their rope.

As I like to say.."give em enough rope and they'll hang themselves".

Should it transpire into a revolultion, well then those behind the sandyhook host will most likely meet their maker. I bet it's hot down there.

I agree Duane

But I did listen to the videos and learned that it goes a little deeper.

The very subject of this video is how Sandy Hook is being used

And when I look at the subject matter of the posts, I can see how successful the propaganda has been to lead people away from the facts.

I'm going to spend a few minutes making comments here

Because I want a few people to see the bigger picture, and will make an effort to keep it on the board for a bit.

This is rather long,

but I've listened to 3/4 of it and think it approaches Sandy Hook from a higher level than I've seen elsewhere so far.

The Sandy Hook event wasn't just about the 2nd Amendment. False rabbit holes were intentionally cast to create division ...