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Civil War Rages Over Alaska GOP Leadership - local news coverage (credits Ben Swann for some footage)

They have the gall to charge our guy with not having raised money for elections when the old chair TOOK OFF WITH THE MONEY when we elected the treasurer.

And there were articles at the time that he wasn't always GOP. No one was misled. (Fume!)


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If money is going to be the issue, could DP possibly pull

together another money bomb? What kind of money is credible? Hopefully, $100k or less. But it would be strange to give money and not know how it will be spent or which candidates would be supported.

It's too late for that. In

It's too late for that. In any case, it doesn't matter. Those fucks are going to do what they want to do. It will have to go to court. THEN perhaps we can send them some money. It's an obvious poor loser, big party money scheme to keep us out. They started the war we can finish it, one way or the other. I suggest the court then failing that use a bit of force. They seem to have no problem with using force themselves. Force can come in many forms. You may have to use a different force than they do but whatever. Meet force with force.