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America Needs To Drop Facebook Like A Bad Habit

Facebook is like the tower of Internet babble...

What's the primary underlying motivation?

Sex. It's a meat factory. The grass is always greener on Facebook, the golden Internet cow that records everything you do, and has an owner who called all of his trusting customers, "dumb $8*ks."

What an ego sex driven handjob of a website...try getting rid of Facebook completely is more difficult than getting a divorce.

"Hey everyone, look at me, I'm on internetv. I'm popular. I have hundreds of friends I've never met before, live in a fantasy world where everyone's a star, and I'm currently dating 14 people, LOL!"

"Networking," is just a fancy way of saying I'm acting like your friend because one day I might think you're important and you can benefit me.

It's hard to find real friends.

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How would I play

Angry Birds or Baseball Stars

I just go on it to play games.

Most of the "friends" I have on fb are people I don't even know. I just friended them so I could have people to play the games with so I can get more points. Most of them are old ladies who put up scriptures for their posts....or frilly memes of butterflies. I use a bogus email and silly name so I don't worry too much about my privacy.