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What The Rochester Police Chief Covered Up

"About 7, two young black men with a gun broke into the apartment of a couple of University of Rochester students and robbed them of electronics.

About 5 hours later, at midnight, two young black men with a gun broke into the apartment of a couple of Rochester Institute of Technology students and attempted to rob them.

The two home invasions took place in the same neighborhood of the same city on the same night.

In both cases, no arrests were made and no weapons were recovered. One was reported by police to the news media. Not a word was said about the other one.

One led local newscasts, the other was known only to the victims, the perpetrators and the cops.

The one the police reported was a story about bad guys winning. Two innocent grad students get ripped off by a couple of home-invading street thugs.

The story the police kept quiet was very different."

Read here to find out what was not reported:


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Not a surprise

Here is a message for anyone who lives in NYS- You don't have to.

According to our philosophy, New York State is actually imploding and has created a governmental system that is not conducive to success. The heart of Conservatism is self reliance. NYS's structure completely opposes that ideal, therefore those who are wealth creators will naturally leave that system and go to another place/state which still endorses individual liberty.

The people of Rochester probably don't even want to hear real stories of people defending themselves.

NYS should be kicked out of the USA for violating it's citizen's natural rights.

Sorry to be so negative, but it is unbelievable how so many people can be so purposely ignorant.

The founders would be ashamed at us for what we are putting up with.