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adult swim series called "newsreaders"

if you get a chance check it out i just caught an episode i dont know if it was the first one or not but - it was not animated and it was at 12 midnight ET which for them is a decent slot. they mimicked news anchors talked about ponzi schemes etc etc - i found it very interesting and surprising - watch it if you get the chance.

UPDATE - if you have charter - 1 of the episodes is on demand.

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Clip or something?

No clue what this is. I don't watch tv anymore.

No train to Stockholm.


i didnt realize how vague my post was i was in shock and posting as watching it on t.v. - i changed the information of my post so it doesn't lead people on - just a very shocking thing to see from adult swim (an all animated adult cartoon timeslot) to do a non animated mock of news anchors, and talk about ponzi schemes and the likes... the title of the episode was (hedge fun) - i give them kudos educating the younger people i guess is why i find it important to daily paul (sorry i dont post often)