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This is Our Super Bowl

And here I sit so patiently
Waiting to find out what price
I have to pay to get out of
Going through all these things twice

- Bob Dylan, Memphis Blues Again

The Daily Paul is like a mini Facebook, except on Facebook people use their "real names.”

The Daily Paul is like a masquerade ball. The various colorful and utilitarian usernames are the masks.

With all the news about government infiltrators on websites etc., it is not hard to imagine that some of those infiltrators are hiding behind some of those masks. Some might think that the Daily Paul is too fringy - why would they bother coming here? The answer is because this is where it all gets sorted out. The Daily Paul exists at the margins, between propaganda of all kinds: The left's, the right's, the libertarians’, the anarchists, the government, the cult of business, the cult of entertainment, the cult of sports. All of those cults are represented here, in one form or another, at this masquerade ball.

Ask any economist where all the interesting stuff happens? At the margins!

Meanwhile, here at the margins, a lot of attention being paid to Sandy Hook. But I think it is a diversion.

The real conspiracy is that something big is going on right now in DC. Something epically huge, and it is the epic war going on between Mom & Dad over the money:

"Honey, where's the funking money?"

"Honey, we're out of funking money!"

And while they're up there picking our pockets (obtaining the funking money), some of our brightest minds are picking away at Sandy Hook. And I think it is a diversion. And not to get corny by quoting Clinton, but, “What difference does it make now? What difference do the details make?” The action is done. What is important right now is the reaction. And Diane Feinstein formally launched that reaction this morning.

Thesis: Antithesis. Synthesis.

We’re at the antithesis. The *officially recognized* thesis of the tragedy is, “Nobody should have those kinds of guns — look at what they do with them!” What kind of gun are they? They’re rifles, the weapon that won our independence from the British.

The antithesis is, “Take them all away.”

And knowing our loyal crop of Republicans, they’ll probably say — “Ok, here. But just take few! Not too many, dear…” And the incrementalism towards a complete slave society lurches another few yards forward towards the goal line of total domination of all aspects of our lives.

Our job is to stop that. It can only be stopped in one place: The United States Congress. Who’ve we got on the inside? Not just the guys we know - Rand, Justin Amash, Massie. The other guys too. The Tea Party guys. Those who won’t fold. And yes - gasp - some dreaded neocons. Bill Kristol is on our side on this one. Where is Rush? Where is Hannity? Are those guys with us or not?

We’re all going to have to work together on this one. Put the differences aside and put the shoulder to the wheel. The Constitution is at stake.

We need a Grover Norquist-style vice grip: The only acceptable vote is no. "Shall not be infringed." And we need to start asking, "Where is our militia?"

This time, the fight is not about a man. It is about the message. It is about marching together, in lockstep straight into enemy fire. If we break ranks, we die. It has happened before: “Join or die.” This is our line in the sand. If we must, then we must join forces with Neocons and Faux-Tea Partiers. Plug your nose and do it for the greater cause.

Now do you get politics? Do you get it? Sometimes you need friends in a fight with you.

The 13 colonies knew when it was time to put quibbling aside.

Right now, we’re back to where we were a quarter millennia ago ago. Time is a spiral. We’re coming back to that season in history - not then, but again. Now. Are the ideas of a quarter millennia ago still valid? If so, what will we do to honor them?

Right now, Obama and the left look to be flying high. The Administration is attempting to achieve breakaway velocity. They’re on a roll. But speed can kill - especially politically.

This is why I like sports, and have very much enjoyed the NFL playoffs this season (and am looking forward to the Superbowl). Those football games are metaphors for life. There are winners and losers, and in order to be the former, and not the latter, you’ve got to fight like hell. Momentum, without seeming cause, can suddenly shift. You can feel it. Everyone can. One minute things everything is going against your team, suddenly you're on such an inexplicable roll you can't believe it.

This is it. This is our Superbowl. The prize is the Constitution. This is what Ron Paul was preaching at us the whole past 6 years.

The government is breaking the law - multiple laws. Egregiously. And we all stand by silently. We are supposed to hold the government accountable - that’s the theory, anyway. But it has already slipped beyond our ability to control. While we were focused on other things, our little servant has morphed into our master. Tricky little bastard.

This is the time that our side - the side that believes in the Constitution, stands and fights. No running. No compromising.

* * *

And so now I understand! As I watch the play unfold for the second time - thesis, antitheis, synthesis. I understand now, why it is crazy to associate 911 with politics. It takes you out of the game immediately. You don't even get in the door. And if somehow you got in, as soon as you start talking 911, you're on the outs. That's why everyone had to shut up about 911 during the presidential runs, in spite of the fact that it is the most obvious thing in the world. I understood intuitively the need to shut down 911 before, but now I understand the mechanism of the shame creation. But I also understand the necessity of it.

I'll give you the analogy with Sandy Hook: The real fight is the one in Congress over the Second Amendment, over the meaning of a few words:

A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed.

There are excellent reasons to preserve this part of our heritage. The reasons are solid and rational. "Sandy Hook was a hoax" is not one of those reasons. In fact, it only serves to weaken the rational argument, and paint the idea of the government turning on us as ridiculous. As ridiculous as the government staging a mass shooting of kids. Or put another way, the argument, regardless of its truth, is more trouble than it is worth, considering the already excellent arguments we have at our disposal.

This is more interesting to me: “Shall not be infringed,” seems to take all the headlines, but just as important, and nearly always ignored, is the mention of the well regulated militia. What has happened to our militia? Did we think we outgrew the need for it? Got snookered out of it by the politicians on the hill? It was probably the latter, based on what I've seen. Just part of the relentless incrementalism.

But this is it. This is the Super Bowl. The Second Amendment protects the first. And all the others. It is the last line of defense.

Is that something worth putting aside the apathy for? It’s going to be ugly. It's politics after all. But this has the potential to go down as one of the epic political fights in history. The left will malign us and spit on us, and use the most unfair tactics — and of course, they’ll use the children (we need to find a way to use the children!). They'll stand on their graves and moralize (we need to do it first! Claim that the safety of the children is on our side).

But one day they will thank us. One day, they will understand the true meaning of the Second Amendment.

This fight is so epic, Scott Brown might be able to sneak back into the Senate again up here in Massachusetts, filling Kerry’s old spot. The Democrats are attempting to pass that seat to Ed Markey, who has been in Congress for something like 36 years. He’s the old dog on the street, and when he said about the Senate seat, “I think I’d like to eat that,” everyone else backed off. No one is challenging him. This is the good-old-boys-network in action.

I'd love to see someone throw a monkey wrench into that.

But I'd like to see someone other than Scott Brown. He was pretty useless as a Republican.

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You make a good case Michael however here is another perspective

You make a good case Michael however here is another perspective. Perhaps this fight in the congress is the real distraction? As you mentioned it has gotten beyond our control so why is that? We have been so tied up and focused on trying to "vote" in the right people and failed to make more then a dent while they have incremented us to death.

We have all heard it hundreds of times "if you don't like it vote them out" That is the big lie. How has that worked out for us the last 30 years? Not so good and that is even if you think the voting system is largely honest. The whole point of the constitution was to set standards that were inviolate and could not be voted on a restriction on the government. Now the majority of people believe if the congress votes on it they must obey even if they do not like it. That is how it has gotten out of our control.

My point is that "politics" itself is the distraction. We are not going to win back our rights in the congress that is a pipe dream IMO we are no where near being able to turn this fight around there and we do not have the time it would take to do it now they are making their big hail mary play right now even though many patriots don't realize it yet.

Those folks you think we need to join with have been selling us out for decades they cannot be trusted to do the right thing. I am afraid we just don't have the time to play politics on this anymore and its going to come down to a real physical fight. I hate to say that and I know few want to hear that including me, but perhaps it's time to make peace with that now instead of letting our normalcy bias keep us distracted with playing the game where they make the rules and change them at will when it suits them while the other hand behind the back continues to tighten the screws on us?

Nothing says you have no right to vote on that more then massive non compliance and armed resistance if necessary. Peacefully if we can by force if we must!

End The Fat
70 pounds lost and counting! Get in shape for the revolution!

Get Prepared!

Liberty slate based on the Constitution

Develop a local liberty slate and run in unison against this tyranny

With bullhorns shouting from key corners

Let me turn that up, is that liberty?

Lets turn it up some more......

"In the beginning of a change, the Patriot is a scarce man, Brave, Hated, and Scorned. When his cause succeeds however,the timid join him, For then it costs nothing to be a Patriot.” ~Mark Twain

The Hegelian Dialectic, Micheal!

It is the 'Thesis: Antithesis. Synthesis'.
"POLITICS" (definition)
From the Latin compound roots;
'Poli-' ('many'); and
'Tics' (blood-sucking parasites that spread disease by sucking the life out of a host body, and causing great discomfort in the process).

It is able to be expressed in far simpler terms than you are describing.
First, an agenda must be agreed upon, and then carried out in THREE SIMPLE STEPS.
(Create a) PROBLEM;
(Wait for the) REACTION;
(Propose the) SOLUTION (that furthers the AGENDA previously purposely being enacted).
It is the method of operation akin to 'two steps forward, one step back'. IN D.C. 'THEY' call it 'COMPROMISE' in the legislative 'process', but it is known by several other names.
DON'T FORGET THE EDICT known as 'Never let a crisis go to waste!'.

Thanks, Micheal, for what you do.


Why hide behind a mask?

If you are afraid to state your opinion with your real name, then maybe you shouldn't be saying it.

Think about when people annonomously talk badly about you behind your back. I don't know about you, but I disregard them as wimpy, cowards who don't deserve my time or consideration. But if someone confronts me face to face, or writes to me and doesn't hide behind a fake name, I take it much more seriously and actually will probably do something about it.

Who has more chance of changing minds, let's say about 911, Jesse Ventura or someone hiding behind a fake name? Both probably have their usefulness but seeing someone in person stand up and state their views give courage to others to come out of hiding and be taken seriously.

Sure, it's always hard to stand out from the crowd and there's always a price to be paid for taking unpopular positions, but I thought Ron Paul showed us how to do it and led by example.

Tim Maitski
Atlanta real estate agent
Atlanta real estate website

AH, the IRONY!

An AGENT of 'REAL ESTATE' (the third most immoral 'sales' job, right behind prostitution and car sales) is giving the people 'RULES' about IDENTIFICATION!
AH, YES...
'Real estate NEVER decreases in value!'
The FIRST amendment does NOT entail 'IDENTIFICATION' of opinions.
HOWEVER, YOU seem to think that there should be 'RULES' entailed (because the Founding Fathers were NOT correct).
How do you feel about the Second, or the Fifth, or the Tenth?

Did you 'forget' to tell the buyers about the termites (because you decided to NOT read the reports)? 'Plausible Deniability', perhaps, from a glorified used car (or house) salesman?

AS FOR ME, TIM, I shall NOT aquiese to your simplistic and pedantic version of INCREMENTAL LOSSES OF LIBERTY as described in MY CONSTITUTION.
Such things as 'PERSONAL CHOICE' are foreign to your mindset.


I see the two issues as entwined.

Some portion of Sandy Hook was staged to attack the Second Amendment. If nothing else, the scenes with Obama wre staged to usher in the gun grab. I also think they overplayed their hand.
My husband got home from work and told me one of his co-workers had pulled him aside and told him she thought something was up with Sandy Hook, she had heard it was a hoax and was going to look into it. The co-worker is "Barbie." She does not leave for work without full stage make-up and every hair in place. Her entire world is pretty much in the mirror, and for HER to smell a rat... It literally gave me chills.
And I have come to see things differently about politics, I just don't see the solution there. Every time we make a notch in the armor, they close it. The PCP strategy of 2008 was destroyed by rule changes in the following years. GOP seats won fair and square were eliminated by rules changes. Now, as we turn to our Sheriffs as the last bastion of political power, they seek to castrate the Sheriffs.
I see the hope in the people. It will be ugly, we are going to be little lost lambs and ravenous wolves, trying to overcome our fears and learn to operate from love, but we can do this. It is what we were born to do.

Love or fear? Choose again with every breath.

Michael Nystrom's picture

I have hope in the people, too

Fishy, do you ever watch that "Revolution" drama on NBC?


It is a soap opera, and I grew up watching soap operas - All My Children, General Hospital, Dynasty, Dallas. What makes this interesting is the backdrop. It is like back to the future. Or forward to the past.

All the power has gone out, all over the world. Some weird mystery that is never explained. Corny, but it is a plot prop. You need it to create the scenario: No power. Back to the dark ages, only in the modern context.

One guy used to work "at a place called Google." He had millions of dollars and lived the high life. He owned a jet. And now, in the future, he is once again everyone's equals. The paper means nothing. That paradigm was destroyed.

Interesting. I thought you might like it.

I agree with this:

Some portion of Sandy Hook was staged to attack the Second Amendment. If nothing else, the scenes with Obama wre staged to usher in the gun grab. I also think they overplayed their hand.

I agree that it was perfectly timed propaganda, and that in and of itself with this regime is suspicious enough to merit a big red flag. Clearly it is the impetus for the political push to ban these weapons. My only hope is that the internet is a powerful enough medium to override what they're doing.

They may have overplayed. But you never know. Another horrific tragedy could do wonders for the future of that legislation. Just saying, of course.

Hard to tell what is going on. Sometimes it is like being in a hall of mirrors, especially with Rand.

He's the man.
Denise B's picture

I think that

your comments about the militia and it's importance in maintaining our freedoms are also spot on. Revitalizing our militia is the most productive and important thing that could happen in this country right now. Edwin Vieira wrote an excellent book on this very topic which is well worth reading. It is called "Constitutional Homeland Security: A Call for Americans to Revitalize the Militia of the Several States". It is well worth reading and is available on Amazon for anyone interested in learning more about our militia and how it can be effectively revitalized.

I was going to provide the link, but then realized it would be a better idea if anyone interested in reading the book goes through the DP's Amazon link. That way, you can educate yourself and help the DP at the same time. :)

ps. I am glad you are havin fun

watching it Michael

red herring

They are just using this issue as a distraction from their other projects. They know that you will HAVE to fight this. How can you not? So all resources will be to fight this even though it has no chance of passing currently. But they will bring it state to state where tey can get some traction and generate more fear. We just saw what happened in New York. And they are already talking about it in Oregon. The governor is publicly pushing for it.

You see, that this issue can keep everyone occupied for several years at least. Meanwhile they will be able to do even more damage. Very similar to what Cheney orchestrated with the gay rights issues.

I will not discourage anyone from rooting out corruption wherever it is...sandy hook, 911 or otherwise. Because, if any do get traction it will change the whole narrative and the smokescreen goes away.

On the bright side, there are many liberal gun owners and lovers. If they get vocal this will go away rapidly. Will they continue to stand with Obama? That is the question.

another Tombstone

Those last four lines of Memphis Blues Again just so happen to be the exact words I've instructed all my friends and family to place on my tombstone when I die.

The core issue of Michael's post here is brilliant and simple. It's about purity, Fitzgerald quotes, avoiding distractions or worse, tangents, and keeping in proper context even the most interesting or legitimate rabbit holes.

Personally, the only thing I learned from Sandy Hook (real, hoax, or drill) was how effective a tool something like an AR15 might be, stashed under my bed.

or in the kitchen...

or in Hotel de Wereld in Wageningen

This 2nd amendment fight seems to have awoken my wifes doctor

When my wife came home from the doctor today she said that "he was in rare form". She told me he is normally very quiet and doesn't say much but today when he saw she was wearing a Ron Paul T-Shirt, the doctor said "being a Ron Paul supporter you must be outraged by how the criminals in Washington are trying to take our guns" My wife said she was shocked because he has never mentioned anything about politics or government any other time she has visted him.

She said he just went on and on about how all the people in congress and especially Obama should be charged with treason and thrown in jail.

He also asked my wife if we owned any weapons but because my wife is fully aware that doctors are now encouraged to ask their patients if they are gun owners, she replied are you? He told her yes. My wife then responded, thats great to hear. He didn't ask her again about us owning guns but before he left her room, he said, "you never told me if you have guns but if you don't, do whatever you can to get as many as you can because whats going on in this country is BS"

I'm sure his rage started

I'm sure his rage started when the Obamacare packet showed up in his office a week or two ago.

“Let it not be said that no one cared, that no one objected once it’s realized that our liberties and wealth are in jeopardy.”
― Ron Paul

What prevents the government from enslaving the people?


The people,

and only the people.


Can't stop an idea whose time has come ~ Victor Borga

ConstitutionHugger's picture

It's deja vu all over again!

Here is a wonderful article about our first fight over gun control in this country. I suspect our militia can be found at rifle ranges and local gun clubs across the country.


An excerpt: “in a strong sense of liberty, and the use of fire-arms almost from the cradle, the Americans have vastly the advantage over men of their rank almost every where else.” Indeed, children were “shouldering the resemblance of a gun before they are well able to walk.” “The Americans will fight like men, who have everything at stake,” and their motto was “DEATH OR FREEDOM.” The town of Gorham, Massachusetts (now part of the State of Maine), sent the British government a warning that even “many of our Women have been used to handle the Cartridge and load the Musquet.”

I guess my family slacked off after 250 years, because I only starting shooting at age 7. I went to the range every Sunday with my father. I never saw any other children there. But then, I was in San Francisco.

"Edge Effects"

Michael, you made an interesting point about the margins in economics. They talk a lot about edge effects in permaculture as well.

"Edges are places of varied ecology. Productivity increases at the boundary between two ecologies (land/water; forest/grassland, estuary/ocean; crop/orchard) because the resources from both systems can be used. In addition, the edge often has species unique to itself. In nature, reef ecologies(the edge between coral and ocean) are some of the most highly productive systems in the world, as are mangrove ecologies (land/sea interface).

There is hardly a sustainable traditional human settlement that is not sited on those critical junctions of two natural economies, there the area between foothill and forest and plains, elsewhere on the edge of plain and marsh, land and estuary, or some combination of all of these. A landscape with a complex edge is interesting and beautiful; it can be considered the basis of the art of landscape design. And most certainly, increased edge makes for a more productive landscape."
-- Introduction to Permaculture, by Bill Mollison

Interesting post

Hey, what happened to our "well regulated militia"? Shouldn't we be keeping up with that?

Denise B's picture

To quote Thomas Jefferson:

“and accordingly all experience hath shewn, that mankind are more disposed to suffer, while evils are sufferable, than to right themselves by abolishing the forms to which they are accustomed.”...excerpt from the Declaration of Independence.

Our founding fathers were really well-learned and intelligent men, and Thomas Jefferson was exactly right. It is human nature to avoid confrontation, especially with “authority”, until one actually reaches the point of suffering, at which time only then will most people act to change their circumstances. I think that one phrase sums up why we see the current mad dash to undo our 2nd Amendment rights. We are on the cusp of a financial collapse in this country. Financial collapses cause an awful lot of suffering and tend to make people very angry. Angry people with guns is a very, very dangerous and threatening scenario for the would be tyrants that caused the suffering.

I think the powers that be know that the collapse is coming and most likely can not be stopped at this point. As I stated, a hundred million angry, suffering people with guns is any tyrants worst nightmare.

I don’t know that I totally agree that the Sandy Hook discussion is just a means of distraction. I honestly think that they are desperate to take away our guns because the financial clock is ticking and they acted in desperation to try to force the gun control issue, and desperate people often make big mistakes. If distraction is occurring, it is by throwing bad evidence in with the good to confuse the issue and discredit the entire discussion (ie. holograms flying into the WTC). I think that they messed up bad enough on this one that it could be a very effective eye opener to people who otherwise have refused to see the truth, but we must be careful to stick to the facts and only the facts. I think that there is enough of them out there already to do more than just raise an eyebrow. Regardless, even without Sandy Hook, I believe that things are going to get bad enough, soon enough and you are going to have a lot more people suddenly paying attention because of it...the evil is soon reaching the insufferable point.

No matter what happens, you are right that we have to stay united if just on this one issue right now no matter what....we can not give up our 2nd Amendment rights. If we lose that, it is game over. Great article, btw, thanks for posting. :)

I like reading about Sandy Hook

and the other places to read about it are waaay too far out there.
I've always been fascinated with crime scenes and criminal trials. When I was a kid I was addicted to 'Court TV' and I stayed home from school the day they read the O.J. verdict. I was fascinated by the British Nanny trial in Massachusetts. I started working nights just so I could watch the Casey Anthony trial.
One thing I've found out is when these notorious made for media crimes happen, they are usually never the way the media or prosecuting attorneys and especially Nancy Grace and Geraldo say they happen.

If I were on the jury for O.J.'s trial I would have found him not guilty...and for this one reason. Tampering of evidence by law enforcement. Three weeks after the crime they sent evidence collectors to find more blood. They found some and it happened to be less degraded from the blood they found on day of crime. After analyzing it they found the blood was loaded with EDTA, a preservative used in the purple topped blood vials they used to collect his blood. They found this same EDTA blood planted on his socks from the hamper....and they found blood missing and unaccountable for from this vial.

The nanny trial and Anthony trial I predicted would be "not guilty". When the media and community get emotional and emotionally involved in these kind of deaths, the D.A will do corrupt things to make sure there will be a guilty verdict and it usually backfires if a high priced lawyer is representing the accused. Sad to say this usually isn't the case when the accused is dirt poor and gets a court appointed attorney.

So Sandy Hook fascinates me because months ago all the talk about the U.N. gun ban. Then the DHS and other govt. agencies buying up tons of ammo. I always thought those two went hand and hand together.
Now it is time for the govt. to get moving on the gun ban and all of the shootings are fitting nicely into their agenda.

How could they have botched Sandy Hook so badly

over and over again unless it was done on purpose? From the fake actors to the memorial websites being set up before it "happened"?

ytc's picture

MN, we are on board!

We are hoping that our progressive & liberal family members will join us, this time around, for THE epic political fight of the 21st century America.

Well, maybe not our Superbowl...

Thanks Michael

"With all the news about government infiltrators on websites etc., it is not hard to imagine that some of those infiltrators are hiding behind some of those masks."

Michael who could be down-voting articles about freedom for Bradley Manning?
I don't think these DP members are on our side my friend.

LL on Twitter: http://twitter.com/LibertyPoet
sometimes LL can suck & sometimes LL rocks!
Love won! Deliverance from Tyranny is on the way! Col. 2:13-15

ecorob's picture


is what we lose, sometimes.

And FOCUS is what we need right now.

I think I may have lost my focus some in the past but I believe I have it back now.

Thank you, MN, for helping us pick up a critical first down on fourth and short.

The "drive" is still alive!

its 'cos I owe ya, my young friend...
Rockin' the FREE world in Tennessee since 1957!
9/11 Truth.


I don't see a way to contact you privately...would you please email me so I can talk to you?...in reference to this masquerade ball, I seem to have misplaced my costume and don't know how to rectify that.


I don't need to work beside them Michael.

All I need to do is my part in my way and hope they do their part in theirs. We can both call our "representatives" independently yet simultaneously.

If by chance though that people are suggesting that I vote a neocon to office and that's their idea of working together.. then sorry but hell no.

I'm not going to play politics, I'm going to back people that fit my political desires for change.

On the "conspiracy" part not helping us out. In some ways you may be right but in others, I think you're wrong. Dr.Paul spent much of his career speaking out about things he was called nuts over.. He never wavered because he understood I think that one cannot change the dialogue without using different language. If we speak only about things others want to hear then we will never change the topics.. Our government is shit and people need to know to what extent.

In the end, we all have our ways and our places, even the dicks like me.

Patriot Cell #345,168
I don't respond to emails or pm's.
Those who make peaceful revolution impossible will make violent revolution, inevitable.

Fake names?

What are you talking about?

Senator Peter Schiff 2016