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Rand Paul: An attack on Israel is an attack on the United States

Kentucky Republican Sen. Rand Paul took what very well could be considered his most pro-Israel stance yet, saying in an interview that an attack on Israel should be treated as an attack on the United States.

Asked whether the United States would stand with Israel and provide it foreign aid if the Jewish state were attacked by its enemies, Paul went a step further.

“Well absolutely we stand with Israel,” he said in an interview with Breitbart News, “but what I think we should do is announce to the world – and I think it is pretty well known — that any attack on Israel will be treated as an attack on the United States.”

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Rand wants to cut foreign aid...

...across the board, including Israel. What he says to gain confidence from the GOP base makes no difference to me as long as he keeps his promise to cut off foreign government aid across the board and to not go to war without a declaration from Congress.

here's a radical thought:

how about letting Israel fight its own wars.

Israel is no ally.

In a number of instances Israel has attacked or planned to attack American targets and committed state crimes against the United States.

There is the Lavon affair and the attack on the USS Liberty where many American sailors lost their lives. There have been cases of espionage against American interests, theft of state secrets and illegal transfers of strategic technologies.

The only instance with which I am familiar where there was an indictment brought and an individual punished is in the case of Jonathan Pollard. Even there Israel denied involvement until 1998.

There is also a substantial amount of circumstantial evidence that Israel, in league with elements of the US government sympathetic to Israel including Israeli-Americans, was the planner and main perpetrator of the 9/11 attack

If any other State on Earth had Israel's record against the United States it would be regarded as an enemy and would already have suffered retaliation. That nothing has been done, with the exception of Pollard, is surely prima facie evidence of untoward influence by Israel in American affairs.

It may be that much of this will come to the surface in time and that, if the 9/11 case is proven, the country attacking Israel will be the United States itself. Who would then come to Israel's aid?

"Jesus answered them: 'Truly, truly, I say to you, everyone who commits sin is a slave to sin. The slave does not remain in the house forever; the son remains forever. So if the Son sets you free, you will be free indeed.'" (John 8:34-36)

An attack on any nation

An attack on any nation should be an attack on any nation, but our political system and our global ideaology does not make that viable today, i hope one day

Today, if an attack on isreal is an attack on usa, then an attack BY isreal, is an attack BY the usa.....you cant give isreal that kind of blanket and look aside should isreal then become the aggressors, that is more then not right, that is yet more grounds for accusations of tyrrany, outside AND in the usa

Threat of force of the us military might, in a world fast becoming aware that "milatary might" is not a peacfull solution, but only a hoped to never be needed, for what it means to be needed, defence against an aggressor

if the us and israel have an alliance

This should be made clear in a written document. It should not be tossed around for political purposes. Also, I think Rand would differentiate between an attack on Israel vs. An attack by Israel. Recent data from the Snowden leaks show a significant amount of black budget spending is going into counterintelligence against Israel. The political reality is to defend Israel, but if war extremists in their govt gain power and launch offensive attacks on Iran, the US would need to know. At that point, world sentiment would turn deeply against Israel, and the US would be in a difficult situation. They would be inflicting a mortal wound against themselves.

Rand Paul

is a phony. Military Industrial Congressional Complex.

All rights reserved and no rights waived.

What does Rand Paul think

What does Rand Paul think now?

‘Each individual is separated from others by a "taboo of personal isolation"...this "narcissism of minor differences"'
--Sigmund Freud

I agree that Rand stuck his

I agree that Rand stuck his foot in his mouth again. No, Rand, an attack on Israel is NOT an attack on the USA. When did Israel become the 51st state of the American union? Please explain. Although this thread is more than 6 months old, it still reveals the thinking of Rand Paul.


So many people hate Israel. A small piece of land.

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is it hate

or common sense?
how is an attack on israel an attack on america?
are they part of our union?

If we deny truth before your very eyes,then the rest of what we have to say,is of little consequence

I guess

because Israel is suppose to be our ally. If your ally gets attacked, you help right? But corruption took over the world. I don't know who to trust any more.

I actually have a feeling America is setting up Israel. A Backstabbing friend.

America is pissing off all Muslim Countries and setting up false flags. At the end of the day, no country is going to attack us. They are going to attack Israel because of USA actions

-90 votes for RAND PAUL, Ron's son, and legacy... on DailyPAUL?!

Israel is crapping it's pants right now because the globalist faction that's currently controlling the US is going to start WWIII in their backyard.

If you think Israel wants this, you're being played. Israel / Jews are being scapegoated, as usual. Yes, the same globalist faction has power in Israel as well. As it does in Syria.

Syria is also being scapegoated, by design, to give the globalists an excuse to start WWIII and blame Israel. It's too easy.

You think Israelis don't love their children? Israel is not the USA. It's very small geographically, isolated, surrounded by hostile countries. It is like New Jersey going to war with Pennsylvania, Delaware, and CT, with New York hosting hostile 'terrorist' forces.

Kick-starting a major regional war will not be good for Israel, in any way. The Israeli people know it, the American people know it, and the globalist government knows it.

Are you a POT or a PET - Person Embracing Tyranny?

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an appeal to emotion

citing women and children...same as the gov does?
do people all over this planet know war is bad? yes
do the common folk like war? NO
do we plan war? no
do you think americans don't love their children? YES
Do them gov's know it? yes,but do not care
do the world leaders know? yes,and again,do not care
I said it once,and i will say it again
the major players are at the helm of all major gov's,they call the shots,they beat the war drums
and they supply the lies to start it all,and grab the land,funds,and resources after the fact
do we the people of any nation count in this?..i say no

If we deny truth before your very eyes,then the rest of what we have to say,is of little consequence

So you're agreeing with me...


Are you a POT or a PET - Person Embracing Tyranny?

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there isn't any common folk(people like me) who want kill
another,it is always the ones at the helms of the major gov's
who want it
I do not agree with appealing to emotion to garner support
for years,i have heard this crap its for the women and children
and it is used for all manner of frauds and taxes
and it is used to garner more support for more wars,I CAN"T STAND THAT TACTIC
with that being said...yes i agree

If we deny truth before your very eyes,then the rest of what we have to say,is of little consequence

Who's appealing to emotion to draw support, and for what?

I simply stated the fact that Israeli people love their children like everyone else, and are not in support of the Obama administration starting WWIII in their neighborhood.

You're misinterpreting my words and are having quite the emotional reaction of your own.

Not that I disagree with your point. But I wasn't doing that.

As for emotion gaining support for issues, though, it so happens a certain amount of emotion obviously plays a role in all our decisions. If you didn't care about your freedom, well, you wouldn't care about your freedom. See? It's all emotion really. The problem is using emotional triggers as excuses hypocritically and selectively.

Are you a POT or a PET - Person Embracing Tyranny?

he'll say what he has to say

he'll say what he has to say to get elected so the press doesn't turn against him

So you're hoping that he's a really slick liar

So what you're hoping here is that he's a really slick liar (but is lying to *them* and not *you*) and has a "ends justify the means" philosophy about fighting for liberty?

Suppose you're right. How do you imagine this plays out if he gets elected? He spends the next 3+ years making the sort of promises that he needs to make to keep the GOP PTB backing him, to get the neocon vote, and to make sure the press doesn't turn against him. He pledges that if he's President, and attack on Israel will be treated like an attack on us. He affirms that Iran is a threat to the region, and that as president he would continue to support sanctions against Iran. On issues of budget and taxation he doesn't take any extreme positions, but has the sort of policies that the Republican mainstream can accept about military spending and so on. So basically lots of liberty-minded people who still want to support him have to believe over and over and over that he's just saying neocon-ish things so that the GOP leadership and the media and the neocon voters, etc., will support and vote for him.

Then suppose he's elected. He's just spent 3+ years making the kinds of promises that keep neocons on board. and now If he wants to get anything done with their support, and especially if he wants to have a shot at a second term, he needs to at least for the most part keep those neoconnish promises he used to win that support.

If any Rand supporters think he can spend 3+ years telling neocons enough of what they want to hear to get elected, and then turn around and not follow through on those promises, I'd like to hear how you see that working out. Once you start with the premise that he's a slick liar, and that he thinks the ends justify the means and he's willing to support repugnant things in order to "play the game,' what makes you think he'd stop behaving that way if elected?

So this was bumped...why?

Genuinely asking here. Is it to see if he still holds this position in light of this week's news cycle? Seems like enough of a reason to bump an old thread.

In any event, I think it's good to remind people of 'old news' like this every so often...

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Distraction... pure and simple


quite a distraction

traveling all over the place with a busload of warvangelicals..

an immenent attack is different than a civil war.

also a country usually attacks another country for a reason.

now the question is why would a country attack Israel?(racism is not a valid answer!)

This was 7 month a ago, come down

The only reason Rand said these is because Rand put his neck for his dad. Eric cantor and other banned Ron from making his welfare speech because they were worried about what he might say. Rand battled them and convinced them to give him time to speak on the floor. Ron then made pretty harsh statement against Israel and AIPAC and the whole Zionist gang ganged upon Rand and criticized him harshly and threated him. Because of that Rand threw this meaningless gesture so that they could take the chill pill for a while and it worked.

Israel Is A Parasite Of The United States Of America !

They haven't applied for statehood, they are not a U.S. territory, and they drain the life blood out of America, in the form of young American men and women, to fight in unlawfull wars around the world.

Article I: Section 10:
No state {Or District} shall enter into any treaty, alliance, or confederation...etc.etc.


This is from January.

Got halfway through the comments before I realized it. How did this make it to the DP front page now? It's totally out of context with current events. Israel is not about to be attacked. She's about to be retaliated against for acts of aggression committed against a sovereign nation. Big difference. Retaliation is a justifiable defensive act. Neither the U.S. nor Israel can claim that high ground when referring to bombing Syria. Rand Paul has made it perfectly clear that he is against any involvement in Syria's affairs.


I don't see that Rand has done anything wrong.

What did Israel do?

Bomb the wmd russia gave to assad? Who were the rockets for? Assad's people or Israel?

Rand is a neocon in ron pauls

Rand is a neocon in ron pauls cloak, simple as that, what more proof do you need. We should stop posting rand materials on daily paul. This revolution stands for policy's, principles, not for politics and pandering. and dynasty. Yes Rand is Ron Paul's son. but he is a neocon.. get over it guys. Stop wasting your time and our time on a neocon, only to get heartbroken later.

Fecal matter of the male bovine beast

Israel has no 'right' of defense from the United States Government and Rand knows this but is willing to spout this lie.

Just another proto tyrant.

I took the liberty of sharing this post on

Rand's twitter account. Hope he gets the message.