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What is your DP Recent Reception score?

I'm a 6.63. This is a great tool. It red flags trolls. Very useful?

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It means

It means that you are tenfold cooler than me.
In truth, I think, it means you have almost 10 times as many up votes as downs.

I don't comment that much ...

.... So that's huge :)

I used to post quite a bit, but not so much lately (Although, the Daily Paul is my *primary* news site, so thus I contributed to the fund to help keep the site around :) ) .... maybe once the Rand Paul campaign heats up I will :)

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It is experimental

You'll have to ask Jon about it.

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for realsies....

...Okay people, will someone please explain what that number means. I can't find an explantion anywhere, except that in the comments, everyone seems to say that lower is better, and that Alex Jones is wrecking all ya'lls scores.

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I'm a 38.63. Did I win?

I'm a 38.63. Did I win?
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Recent Reception

I thought I had been coming here more like 4 years 11 months

but Michael must be counting from my first contribution to the site.
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I don't comment that often... but I suppose it adds up over the years! Interesting stuff, I guess.

23.48, I blame Alex Jones!

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Recent Reception

I blame Alex Jones, used to be low 50's not too long ago...

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Me too

My 'screw alex jones' thread dropped mine from 25 to 9

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1.74. I'm no troll.

1.74. I'm no troll.

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But you took the AnCap

But you took the AnCap position in the anarchist debate. (+ 1 from me, BTW)

I must be willing to give up what I am in order to become what I will be. Albert Einstein

He's not an AnCap

He's a Minarchist. I was debating him over it just a few days ago.

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Its true, my reception would

Its true, my reception would be a lot better if I took the AnCap position, AnCaps are the KINGS of the down vote.

Ventura 2012

708 nodes 24.55 reception

Is that good? Have no clue wtf this even means....

BTW, were losing liberties everyday

For Freedom!
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Come on!

How come I am the only one in the negatives that has responded around here!?

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I never noticed until you asked.. I have no idea what it means and I really don't care, after all, it's not how I am rated, but how I rate that concerned me.

So many innocents on DP.

My score was higher. I blame AJ, Beck, non-libertarians, trolls,...

Free includes debt-free!

I had

never really paid much attention to mine, until a few people here started complaining about being downvoted. I think, but I'm not sure, that mine was 26.+ at one time.

It went all the way down to 1.+ which amused the crap out of me. I don't give a rat's patoot what anonymous people on the computer think of me. That's the luxury of being truly free...and make no mistake, it is truly freeing to just allow oneself to be human, to allow oneself to make mistakes, to speak one's mind no matter how popular or unpopular the sentiment. And this didn't happen just because I'm old--I decided to free myself (in that area) years ago.

I am a female and have no issues with admitting I'm wrong, nor am I the Fonz (who also had issues admitting he was wrong) (I don't know about modern men, but many men of my era felt it was unmasculine to admit they were wrong--my ex is still like that--and absolutely would not admit it--EVER!)

This is me; love me or hate me; it matters not. I wish peace, joy, love and freedom to all, either way...and even if I get temporarily mad at ya.

Sometimes I think getting downvoted means you are a Patriot, are doing the right thing--especially when it appears that certain other somebodies follow certain posters around just so they can downvote that person.

Btw, my reception is back up to 19+. Who knows for how long? LMAO

Edit to add: Is there a reason that the "German Troops on our soil, etc." thread cannot accept comments? I tried to respond back to someone who responded to me and none of the comments have the red reply link in the lower right corner. Yesterday it would not accept up or down votes, either (at least on my computer). It's obviously been altered.

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Not necessarily a good tool

Mine got shot to hell after I simply REPORTED the story about Glenn Beck launching his Libertarian News Network. That story got voted down -47 (everyone shot the messenger!)

'Shooting" Glen, you were collateral damage.

A different headline and you might have been a hero.

Free includes debt-free!

Yeah, I know

I tend to use the article's true headline when posting and that doomed me. I probably would have voted it down myself if it wasn't my own article!! LOL

I don't like it one bit..

I think it's biased toward sound bites.

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As someone who posts less often but longer posts and usually has complex topic, I find that people who have short attention spans pile on the down votes and much fewer people who read the whole post give the occasional upvote. My vote would be for a factual and opinion rating so the two could be separated.


but I expect that if I commented more it would be lower. Also, if I were to engage in a lot of debates or controversial posts it would be much lower so it probably can't be taken as the sole measurement of troll activity though it could be an indication of tact -- how one conducts themselves. You would have to read their comments and see the users history to get an accurate picture of what is happening. So, it may be a useful starting point, to see if someones worth investigating, but it wouldn't reveal the reason for the rating.

Reminds me of this quote:

"Tact is the knack of making a point without making an enemy."
~ Isaac Newton

I've always based my self-worth

using the algorithm of an unknown programmer.

Before computers were invented, I was unable to determine my own worth.

But today, I check each morning to see if I'm worthy or not.


Thanks Stillwater. Now if I can just get someone to "like" my facebook status... Oh what a day this would be!


which coincidentally is also my credit score.

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-Admiral David Farragut


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Recent Reception


I try to change people every day. Do You?

I don't understand what it is. Please explain...

I'm a 13. How do you tell if it red flags trolls? I have lots of red and blue peaks.



It was consistently in the 150's before Libertarians became no longer welcome here.