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VIDEO: Newtown Truthers not happy with Glenn Beck

VIDEO: Newtown Truthers not happy with Glenn Beck

January 24, 2013 | 12:02PM

On last night’s show, Glenn took on the conspiracy theorists who claim the massacre that occurred at Sandy Hook Elementary School last month was some sort of inside job in attempt to set the record straight.

“Last night we debunked the conspiracy theorists because they are everywhere, and it is important that we know, you know, what the truth is,” Glenn said on radio this morning. “It’s important that you know where the line is. And conspiracy theorists, all they want to do is get you to doubt something. They don’t need to convince you. They cause just enough reasonable doubt.”

Needless to say, this small but vocal group of individuals was not particularly happy with Glenn’s debunking of their claims. Comments after the show ranged from people claiming Glenn is towing the government line to posts that he is ignorant to the truth.

“Like others said, if the mainstream media and the government were more honest, there would be no conspiracy theories,” Glenn said. “I quite frankly quit believing anything they said decades ago. You reap what you sow.”

Read more: http://www.glennbeck.com/2013/01/24/newtown-truthers-not-hap...

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Question with boldness...

It is amazing to me that this man repeatedly quotes Jefferson's "Question with boldness even the existence of a God; because, if there be one, he must more approve of the homage of reason, than that of blind-folded fear."

Do his sheeplike followers never notice that he does not allow them to question with boldness anything that he decrees is true?

We saw it when he torpedoed Debra Medina's campaign against Beck's friend Rick Perry, with his self-proclaimed "debunking" of various issues including FEMA camps and what happened in Newtown.

I question with boldness the credentials of this man who pretends to not be an establishment Republican when he always comes through with proclamations which help the GOP when they are in dire straits, as evidenced by all of the above as well as his ashcanning of J.D. Hayworth so that McCain won that election.

I don't care that he's an establishment Republican; I do care that he pretends not to be and his followers never question -- with boldness or otherwise -- what his agenda is.

It seems the amazement is not just with you...

GB helped wake me up with his little chalkboard... Glenn says, "Question with Boldness! Do your own research!" and then I would say, "Yes, Glenn!"

...And then I started questioning Glenn... Good morning :)

Me thinks, this is not what he had in mind...

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Anderson Cooper's Nose

Has anybody here seen the video clip where Anderson Cooper is talking with Veronique, outdoors in front of what seems to be a funeral parlor or something...lots of flowers and stuff like that.

The tip of Anderson Coopers' nose disappears when he turns to Veronique and acts sooooo sad and concerned.

People are saying it's a bluescreen. They were both wearing heavy winter coats even though they were inside, on a soundstage pretending....oops I mean acting... oops I mean being sad.

Apparently, this is NOT new for CNN - a CIA front for faux and misleading news.

Interesting statement:

“The government is not at the point to where they’re killing children,” Glenn said.

Maybe not at Sandy Hook but they are killing kids daily worldwide.



Got It!!

I'm a little slow today - Rough night

Thanks for posting Ralphy...

headline alert

add a "w".


I thought he did a pretty good job. However there are a few key components missing. Why was the "tactical" off duty officer on location? Why didn't he address the photos and video of the police storming the wrong school, why was thier footage of the wrong school in the first place? And Finally, why won't the footage of Lanza entering the school or at least a still photo be released? I mean even the Feds released a still framed photo of the fireball outside the pentagon?

Other than that, I agree with most of his debunking, but he left out the smoking gun material. Agreed?

Viva la R3VOLution!!!