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Guns Aren't the Problem - School Shootings and Antidepressants - The Stats

Great website that gives known shootings and attacks and what medications (if any) these people were on at the time:

Highly publicized cases:


All cases:


Main homepage:


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Seriously this anti-psychiatry propaganda is getting obnoxious

Do you not understand what "statistics" are? SSRIstories is a collection of anecdotes. The plural of anecdote is not data. Most of these anecdotes do not even say what drug and dose the perprators were supposedly taking. They are speculation. They are not evidence. They are not proof. Posting a bunch of anecdotes is just propaganda, the same propaganda that progressives use to push Obamacare. Posting dozens of emotional stories about "not being able to afford health insurance" does not justify Obamacare just as the anecdotes on SSRIstories do not justify blaming anti-depressants on mass murder. It is dishonest, anti-intellectual fear-mongering.

By the way, David Healy, the creator of SSRIstories, is personally invested in ELECTRO-SCHOCK THERAPY and SCIENTOLOGY. Am I the only one who is paying attention to this glaring red-flag?

"Most of these anecdotes

do not even say what drug and dose the perprators were supposedly taking."

Great detective work dick tracy....do you know why? Because they don't release them....it's just released that they were on "medications" for depression.

SSRI's have gone through controlled studies on suicide rates before and after in clinical settings and the findings are very disturbing:


Do you have a vested interest in western medicine? I see many of your posts slamming alternatives.