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And Then They Came For Me

I wanted to toss this thought out there that seems to keep running through my mind.

The FIRST STATE that attempts to enforce gun confiscations needs to be the LAST.

I think states need to start putting bills and agreements TOGETHER so that if one of them gets "attacked" they will have other states ready to help stop the threat to their neighboring state.

State rights can be very powerful and once the FED and UN for that matter realize that INDIVIDUAL STATES are preparing to defend their 1st and 2nd Amendment rights, this aggressive action towards us will STOP.

They know how powerful the American people are especially when push comes to shove. We don't need to do anything aggressive or illegal but the states that are putting bills together to enforce their states rights really need to form alliances together.

We can't let them do to us what happened in many countries before. They will go state by state in a fashion to not scare the public until we have zero capability to defend ourselves.

They are doing this to save the children?

How can removing my right to own a weapon help protect my child if someone breaks into my house?

Now the 2nd isn't so I can stop robbers or hunt but to have ready in case they come to disarm and take us over right?

Isn't that what is about to happen and if so what is the strategy "states rights" wise?

Are militias building?

Are people getting prepped with neighbors, friends and family?

How far will they really go with this?

Will it really come to arms and if so how can we STOP that from happening while KEEPING ALL OUR RIGHTS?

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All states should start their own armories

I think all states should start producing their own weapons whether with or without private companies ( let the state and the people decide ) and actually putting together trained militias.

Like the National Guard but you actually STAY in the NATION to GUARD it.

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