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Rand is fooling them into accepting him as mainstream. It is what we want!

I really think the majority of you are literally "sexy". We all know Rand Paul is going to fulfill his fathers vision, but you all get so offended when he tells the sheep what they want to hear. Get it through your "sexy" skulls, he is just playing politics. This is the way you win, and he is going to win in 2016.

Rand Paul 2016

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I dont expect the liberty

I dont expect the liberty minded to back him, but there's no reason to attack him. It's counter productive. If you dont like him, then walk away. If you don't like what he's doing then you should run for office and/or educate. Let Rand do Rand.

The pro-Rand crowd has to

The pro-Rand crowd has to invent these wild theories to keep Rand pure with the movement. Let's just say they were right - wouldn't the establishment have a plan to deal with this, knowing he is the son of Dr. Paul or do they just have their heads up their butts?

Rand seeks power and is willing to play ball with the establishment to get it. He is willing to compromise where Dr. Paul wasn't.

And if Rand were to say he

And if Rand were to say he wouldn't protect Israel, he'd be banished from the inner circle forever just like his father.

Unlike us here at the DP, the majority of Americans see Israel as a country we must protect. And in the GOP, being pro-Israel is SACROSANCT. That is the severity of the pro-Israel mindset we're dealing with in Republicans.

So it would be political suicide for Rand to say anything else. What one must see, is that Rand has the backing of all the true fiscal conservatives in the GOP, which are the neocons and the tea partiers. Those two voting blocs are the biggest among the GOP, and Rand has the majority of them backing him.

But have you seen his record? It aligns 99% with Ron Paul. The big differing difference is his vote to put sanctions on Iran (he and his father disagree on sanctions, and I disagree with it as well). But he's not some interventionist because of it! He was the only Senator to vote no, 98-1, when the Senate gave Obama the permission to "use any means necessary to stop Iran from getting a nuclear weapon".

And yet with such a record of Liberty and such a record of non-interventionism that even puts Democrats to shame, Rand has these neocons, these Sean Hannity viewers, these Sarah Palin voters, these voting blocs that make up the largest part of the Republican party backing him. And it's because of rhetoric like this. He is slowly warming those people up to an alternative foreign policy. The libertarian foreign policy. Go look at his Facebook page, libertarians are constantly converting tea partiers and neocons to our side. When he speaks of things like ending foreign aid and following the constitution for war, those are baby steps one must take with these people. You can NOT just go out and say we don't need to be foreign interventionists, that will lose his whole GOP base in an instant, something that has been undoubtedly and meticulously planned by himself and his father.

Rand voluntarily chose to learn Austrian economics at the age of 11, listened to his father philosophize on the ideas of Liberty as a teenager, has seen the trials and tribulations, has seen the mistakes, and now knows how to use the GOP as an effective vehicle to carry the message.

God I love Ron Paul. He's my darn hero for goodness sake! Without his 30 years of unwavering principles I don't think I would have ever given this politician the light of day without it. That integrity brought most of us here. So I get that desire for wanting another Ron Paul. But Rand is right there. Yes, his record is 99% alike to Ron Paul and isn't 100%, and he has sacrificed some Liberty talking points in exchange for status quo Republican rhetoric. But the answer is staring you right in the face if you look hard enough.



“It is not our part to master all the tides of the world, but to do what is in us for the succour of those years wherein we are set, uprooting the evil in the fields that we know, so that those who live after may have clean earth to till." -J.R.R. Tolkien

glad somebody knows what I know...

...he only got that seat because the Democrats put up that dolt against him....but remember....he.has.already crossed swords with John McCain regarding our government treating us as terrorists and passing sedition laws during a "war" supposedly meant to secure our freedoms(excuse me; "protect our interests oversees" I mean)....

Career Senators are NOT stupid; he has a target on his back...which side will court, secure, motivate voters to CHOOSE them going forward is what we're going to have to be watching; and convincing
Neo-cons that career establishment Republicans want to make them and their offspring and prodigy debt slaves has been an uphill battle to say the least.

Notice the lack of outrage over the spending thus far since the Fiscal Cliff deadline? Is Benghazi MORE important? What's the bigger threat to our liberties than being taxed to death?

If Rand resonates with a Neo-con voter, one of us better be standing right next to them offering them a ride to the next County Republican meeting, AND the next C4L meeting, and have paperwork in hand to get them registered to vote or become a precinct delegate.

Ronald Reagan Republicans need to become Rand Paul Republicans and be willing to SPLIT/take over the Party from John McCain old guard guys....it will be a fight to the death, and we've already.been there....so....our job is...to foster a fervent political will to SAVE this.country from big spenders and central planners!

Rand will get his national face time; that keeps neo-cons hopeful, but, it's really meant to CALM US down and pacify us....we know how the system works, and we neee recruits in their ranks!! Seriously, this battle is ONLY beginning...we have to change HEARTS and show them the Establishment intends on keeping Rand Paul with as little legislative power as possible...they definitely will keep him out of the White House, even if they have to give him the nomination to do it!

Perhaps you're

the stupid one!
You think the PTB are so stupid not to think of that?

When Fascism goes to sleep, it checks under the bed for Ron Paul!

What you Rand haters don't seem....

to understand is not only does he have to woo the GOP establishment but he also has to woo mainstream America. Whether we like it or not Libertarianism is NOT mainstream America, at least in the sense that mainstream America doesn't realize it yet. Sure, in our minds everyone should embrace libertarianism but the truth is that most Americans don't even understand what being a libertarian is all about. Just take a look at how many people still have a great affection for Obama and his progressive world view even after completely alienating his base. Rand is our trojan horse and whether we like it our not he's our best chance of reversing the socialist policies both parties have forced on the American people all these years. Just because he hasn't shown all his cards in one swoop does't mean his isn't one of the last beacons of hope we libertarians have. He has street cred and with all the coverage he's receiving he is now becoming a house hold name... Who else in the liberty movement can we say that about?


He's not fooling me

He's fooling you.....

He doesn't mean what he says?

That's a dicey formula, and power corrupts. How about the truth, and the law, and let's vote out representatives who can't get with the truth or the law?

Actually, if you "read

Actually, if you "read between the lines" he isn't lying at all. He says he would like to end all foreign aid starting with our enemies and enemies of our allies then weaning our allies. He said he would like to see Israel become financially independent. He said he stands with Israel...Israel needs not call him if bombs rain in on Gaza and that he supports them if they need to defend themselves.

I still think Rand

is on our side. Yeah, Luke Rudowski(sp) got him on that Iranian sanctions question. He voted yay.

But he's one of the few that voted against the NDAA. He's one of the many who SPEAK about the TSA atrocities, but one of the FEW who propose/sponsor legislation ending the TSA.

Rand's said it before: he is not his Father. But I believe I have a pretty good idea why he said that.

Lima-1, out.

If you don't know your rights, you don't have any.

In the back of my mind I hope

In the back of my mind I hope you are right, it seems like he is doing a really good job of fooling them.

Southern Agrarian

Another reason Rand backs Zionists...fear

The ruling class got to where they are by being masters of silencing the opposition.

Example: In his early days, Warren Buffet was criticized by a newspaper. Buffet promptly bought the news paper and fired most of the people. Now no media will dare say anything against him. In fact, they have learned to fawn over him.

So here comes Ron Paul...for decades they crushed every piece of his legislation and kept him unknown. But he slipped through the cracks via the internet...so they just blacked him out, called us kooks, and changed GOP rules to keep us down in the RNC.

Instead of making Ron a martyr, they waited him out...and probably used just enough scare tactics about his family to keep Ron down.

With Rand, the same thing...scare tactics about the family.

If you really think they are going to let outsiders use their own system against them, you are freaking crazy...again, look at how they changed the GOP nomination rules at the RNC.


Rand sucks

Even if this alleged tactic is true, the subject was addressed today on this article at lewrockwell.com


No King but Jesus, no President but Ron Paul

So you rocket scientists..

So you rocket scientists who think Rand is sneaking up on the opposition pretending to be one of them so he can get elected and then reach down and pull off his mask to reveal the real Rand need to immediately get on a jet, fly to Vienna Austria and have a team of psychiatrists work on you 24/7 for about five years for you are 5hit house rat crazy.

Grow up for goodness sake.

That's great mbennett.

I gave you a up-vote for your comment and some accolades for the '5hit house rat crazy' visual. It beats 'apeshit insane' even. That's awesome, thx.

The fact....

...that you had to caricature Rand's strategy tells me you probably don't understand it.

"Alas! I believe in the virtue of birds. And it only takes a feather for me to die laughing."

As one of the board's official "rocket scientists"

Let me just say that I don't buy that this is a big scheme of Rand's to win over the establishment Republicans and then do an about face and correct all the wrongs.

I'm quite worried that he's compromising many core beliefs to get into power with the hopes of slowly turning things around. Unfortunately, time is not on his (or our) side.

We need a drastic course correction soon and even then I'm not sure it will work out for us.

Our family's journey from the Rocket City to the Redoubt: www.suburbiatosimplicity.com

God, this movement is

God, this movement is officially dead. Not a single libertarian with half a brain cell holds Rand to be anything more than the POS he is. It's so sickening.

We all had high hopes for him in '07. He's been a catastrophic disappointment to say the very least yet he still manages to have the ignorant and delusional on the DP and elsewhere lining up behind him.

This is a political

This is a political movement...not a revolution. If its bloodshed you want than we lose. I personally don't want to end up locked in some cage somewhere.


...the movement would be dead if everyone held your opinion of Rand, as that would indicate that the movement would be doomed to perpetual marginalization and would never blossom into a real political force.

Thankfully, you all are in a minority, and are feeble. ; )

See you in D.C. for Rand's inauguration?

"Alas! I believe in the virtue of birds. And it only takes a feather for me to die laughing."

wow a POS? I think maybe

wow a POS? I think maybe you're the POS

Ya, right..

Ya, right, so you think Rand is a liar.

Well, being either a liar or a whore for Israel precludes Rand from getting support from the members of the Liberty Movement.

Thank goodness the proof of Rand's neocon political philosophy came out so early in the election cycle. We can now cast him onto the ash heap of history and look for a leader who will put the interests of America first, second and third.

Good riddance Rand. You have been a distraction and a thorn in the side of the Liberty Movement for too long.


"I really think the majority of you are literally stupid."

That's the best first line to a thread I've seen in a while. lol

I agree; he is doing what he has to do.

Funny thing is that he hasn't

Funny thing is that he hasn't lied about anything nor has he pandered to anyone. People only read what they want to.

fast tracking it to the White House

we're stuuupid?
LOL... whatever.

Obama also caught a fast track to the white house... see how much people love and trust him? He's hanging on because he's caught a bit of wind in his sails... the wind of 'Israel is a liability'.

Don't worry, one day you too will have to accept reality.

Rand Paul will throw ANYONE...ANYONE under the bus on his way to the White House.

He won't achieve his goal because by the time he arrives, the mood of the country will have changed 180. The tide is already turning...can't you feel it, can't you read it on-line?


I've been meaning to post something like this for months now

I assumed most people knew this and was hoping not to let the cat out of the bag. Yes, he is playing politics like all politicians do to get ahead. Well obviously not his father. He is taking a different route though.

The difference is Rand is playing politics against the establishment not the people.

BUT HOW MANY principles do you have to abandon...

...to play the political game of getting yourself accepted or elected?

Ron Paul never cared if he won or not. He just told the truth and let the people decide if they wanted to hear it.

WE DID want to hear it - but most Americans did not - and certainly not the military-industrial complex.

So now Rand says an attack on Istrael is an attack on the U.S.

Even if this was a chess move by Rand, these words are on record now. It's impossible to ever take them back.


Our founders WARNED US about entangling alliances and interventions.


As regards U.S. foreign policy, this acorn has fallen very far from the tree.

"We have allowed our nation to be over-taxed, over-regulated, and overrun by bureaucrats. The founders would be ashamed of us for what we are putting up with."
-Ron Paul

He said he wants to end all

He said he wants to end all foreign aid starting with our enemies and our allies enemies. He also said he would like to see Israel financially independent from the US and that he would stand by Israel should they need to defend themselves and Israel would not need to call him to defend themselves if a rain of bombs should fall on the Gaza. Isn't this what we want? Is everyone mad because he said he would wean our allies off foreign aid? Cause if we just cut all foreign aid off...couldn't we potentially be creating enemies? Just a thought. I would say that immediately cutting 75% is a good start. What do you think?

Are we?