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Kim Dotcom Wants to Encrypt Half the Internet - This guy is taking on the Feds

I like this guy


Here's the video link:


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Will this really matter?

The following came out a few months ago(which means they've had the technology for years):


I hate to burst the bubble, but am I missing something here?

Mike Adams is clearly crypto-ignorant

> For example, using "military grade" 512-bit encryption


There are real problems with crypto. I hate to burst your bubble: Natural News isn't aware of any them. It's not as if what they are reporting is news to anyone who knows what they're talking about. We have alternatives to RSA and we've been expecting this for a couple of decades now. And we already don't trust SSL for reasons that have nothing to do with quantum computers.

Quantum Computing

Yea, bottom line is quantum computing does not break cryptography. Just because some quantum systems can in theory break encryption closer to polynomial time versus exponential time of classical systems, does not mean that all cryptography is broken. Certain algorithms are more susceptible to quantum attacks than others. However many conventional algorithms can thwart the ability of being broken in a reasonable amount of time just by using larger key sizes. Say that one day everyone has quantum computers, once this happens then everyone will employ quantum cryptography algorithms to secure their data.

And now your privacy fears are hopefully squelched a little.

PS. In my opinion the company D-Wave is intentionally misleading people about its technology.

I concur

In addition to offering new attacks, quantum computing also offers alternate means of encryption. The GP should understand that crypto always evolves.

For a practical analysis of the crypto that Dotcom has deployed:

Listen folks, this is our

Listen folks, this is our fight... our way forward! He is speaking our language, Dr. Paul's language, the internet is more powerful than Wash D.C. and that makes it more powerful than any government!

Liberty, freedom, and the internet mean the same things now. The USA is no longer the beacon of freedom... the internet is!

Support this man, support Max Keiser, and support anyone who supports this movement.

This is the good fight, forget the BS that goes on in Washington D.C., the real fight is here... the place that brought us all together!!!

I thought this interview was amazing...

His responses were truth...plain and simple! It was easy to follow and much more believable to the non-liberty minded outsider because he has been a personal victim of a tyrannical govt. It's much better coming from him than a normal guy who just espouses what he sees and knows, rather than what he has personally experienced outside of what every other person in the US encounters in regards to tyranny and is "fine" with.

That's lame that he did that.

That's lame that he did that. I was bummed when Ninjavideo went down.


Great interview, his tactics sound like someone I know...

How good would it work against something like this



I had a recent discussion with someone that said our computers were already hacked from the start but as soon as I asked for confirmation, he vanished.. soooo, I went looking myself. It's not quite what he was talking about but it is still troubling.

Now think about this for a moment.

IF they do have hardware backdoors built into every system, it would be relatively easy for them to load fake or altered material onto torrent sites.. You'd download and they'd know where it went because of tracking possibly built into your system hardware which worked with their altered file. So encryption would be useless in that case and that's just one scenario.

About the only way to thwart such things is to run on open wifi from hardware that's not traceable to you while you play cloak and dagger by hoping on "random" alternate wifi links, changing mac addresses and hardware id's. Of course if they REALLY want to go after you, they could triangulate your position just like they did to Kevin Mitnik with hardware.

Fun fun.

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I don't know which I like

I don't know which I like more, that he has put together a practical solution to government surveillance of digital communication or that he looks, acts and sounds like a Bond villain.

Mega.co.nz is his new site. He designed it so that no one but the account holder can know what content you have stored unless you make it public. He says he's building an email and messaging system so that two parties connected through their systems can have secure communications. Apparently there is a fairly impressive API for third party development.

There was so much traffic during the first few days that the site hardly functioned at all, but it mostly worked for me today. In a few weeks it will be running smooth.

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I would like to see him in a scene with Quentin Tarantino.

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Informative interview

Thanks for posting.

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Dotcom is a big voice for internet freedom.

pretty good interview