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I wish the RNC Winter Meeting Was on the Front Page!

so I wouldn't have to look for it. This is the most important thing happening right now, as far as our people trying to make a difference. We have a small but dedicated group there walking the walk. They should be recognized for their efforts, which should be in a place for EVERYONE to easily read. Here is a facebook page that was put up for the meeting:


I'm from Nevada, I was a National Delegate who unbound for Ron Paul. There are so many questions about why our people at the winter meeting defected & we aren't getting straight answers. All I know is, I happened upon MSNBC this morning & the DEMOCRATS were saying the TRUTH about the GOP & how misguided the party is. At this point, I truly think the GOP should elect a democrat to head the party. It made me LAUGH to hear them talking about Rancid Prepus's remarks about making the party the NEW GOP, and WELCOMING others - HAH! Prepus will welcome you, take your money & then stick a knife in your back. He was as welcoming to us at that convention as Hitler escorting us to the showers.

AND, from my & others efforts on the Platform Committee, the GOP is NEVER going to quit beating the drums against gays, abortion, divorce, sex ed for kids, & a plethora of other issues that drive voters away by the millions. I told the Restoration of the Constitution Committee, on which I served, and the body of the Platform Committee, that these stances were going to ruin the party & I was told to take a hike.

This party is TOAST.

My state is talking about how Smack took the deal to get money for NV from Prepus/the RNC. Can you believe that? I don't know if it's true, but if it is, what a JUDAS!!!!!!!!!!

Go read this report from MSNBC & have a laugh.


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ausscyn thanks.

I put Rob's thread on the top front of the site. I meant to do that earlier, then got caught up in other things, and have been running around all day. It has the same facebook link as your thread. Thank you for the reminder, and for all the hard work you've put into reforming the GOP.

Here is Rob's thread:


He's the man.

I say it again and again and

I say it again and again and again because it's true and WILL work in our current environment. It's time for a NEW political party which simply stresses TWO things:

1. ALL discussion of controversial social issues such as homosexuality, abortion, drugs MUST be limited to candidates running for positions at the level of county and below. Any candidate running for an office higher than county level will NOT be permitted to discuss these issues without being stripped of the party's support.

2. Strict adherence to the ORIGINAL intent of the federal constitution and the state constitutions which were ORIGINALLY derived from it.

Run on this platform. If you're a homosexual running for office higher than county, keep your mouth shut even if you're known as one due to running for a lower office. If you're a user of marijuana running for office higher than county, keep your mouth shut even if you're known as one due to running for a lower office. Strictly adhere to the two aforementioned criteria and I'll CONSIDER supporting you as a candidate running under the banner of this new political party. The whole purpose of limiting discussion of these controversial issues to county and below is the keep the image of the party as clean as possible on a state and national level and suppress PERSONAL agendas in favor of strict adherence to the original intent of the state and federal constitutions.



More updates here too!

I'm pulling info from the FB events page you posted Cyn and also from a lot of other friends on FB and posting relevant stuff here:


I'm a serial entrepreneur and liberty activist from Texas!


I agree ausscyn

This is an important story. It shows me that the more things change, the more they stay the same. Hmmm or do they?
The only good thing about what is happening with the chairmanship is it's showing exactly the same game plan by this Rancid Prepuss guy and sooner or later the implosion of the RNC and possibly the GOP. Maybe it will "wake up" the spineless bastards that would rather make nice to the establishment in order to be involved in this dirty game of politics.
On the other hand, what if this is all part of a stealthy ploy to infiltrate the establishment with Liberty folks and take over from the inside???