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Contact Me for a Ron Paul Car Sticker for Free!

Please contact me if you would like a Ron Paul Bumper Sticker, and you don't already have one on your vehicle. I just ask that you apply it to your car or truck, because they aren't doing any good in my apartment. Please send me an email at jfleck2112@hotmail.com, and I'll get one out to you. One per person please.

Thank You!

Joe in Maryland


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Please Email Me for a Free Ron Paul Car Sticker

Looking forward to sending you one!

Thank You,

Joe in MD


I already have one on my car

I already have one on my car or I'd take you up on the offer. The one I have just says "Ron Paul". Plain and simple :)

Good Job Guys!

Yes, if you already have one, that is great, and there are other places to get them, which is also good. I'm going to have 200 new stickers soon, so if you know of anyone who would like one for their vehicle, let me know and I'll happily send it to them, for free. Plus, it's a nice way to make new Liberty friends, often from states I've never visited.

Joe in MD


+1 from me...

...for plain & simple :-)

While Joe's offer is kind and generous...

...I've already used another method.

Ordered twice from http://www.makestickers.com/ and the service was excellent both times. First I ordered two for 7.95 just to check them out. They sent three which arrived very promptly via US Mail. Then I got another 50 (again, about 55-60 in the packet) for 64.95 and they got here to Arizona ridiculously soon.

From the "featured categories" list @ the left of the front-page choose "Political Candidates" and you will find the "Ron Paul's picture @ the left side" format I used. Here is what I had printed on the three lines available:

Ron Paul
maybe you'll listen now...

(And, YES, this IS me vouching for their quality and service.)

Thank you!

Thank you Axis of Good!


I WANT YOU! (As I Point to You)

...to get a Ron Paul bumper sticker, for free, from me, for your vehicle, so we can continue to spread the message of Liberty and Freedom!

Email me if you think you can handle this brave request.


Joe in MD


Ron Paul Car Stickers for Free are Here for YOU!

Please take advantage of this!

For Liberty!

Ron Paul!

I Can't Wait to send these to you!

Let's make it happen. Please email me!


Thank You!

I'm only on here a few times per week, so a hearty THANK YOU to everyone who up votes my posts, and allows me to send out my free Ron Paul Bumper Stickers. I can't thank you enough!

My hope is that while each and every one of you follow your heart, for many your heart will lead you to attend and join a local Campaign for Liberty group. Until the next presidential campaign (2016...whomever it is) this is what we should be engaged-in, to take back our backyards...our towns, cities, and counties. I've been involved in my county in Maryland for 14 months now, and I can't begin to tell you how much of an impact we've had on our neighbors. It is so important to hold our local elected leaders accountable, and if our own supporters are elected to positions of authority, we need to hold one another accountable. If we in uber-liberal Maryland can have a positive impact for Liberty at the local level, imagine what many of you in more conservative areas can accomplish!

And remember to make a contribution (whatever you can) to the Daily Paul!

Warm Regards,

Joe in MD


I (Heart) Ron Paul Car Stickers are Available for Free!

Please contact me at jfleck2112@hotmail.com if you don't already have a bumper sticker, and I'll be happy to send you one for free. It's a great way to spread the message of Liberty while you are in traffic or in a parking lot!

Joe in MD


Please Support the Daily Paul

...anyway you can!


This offer reminds me of an offer made by a cable company where they would give out a free t-shirt to their subscribers if they called in, in the next 20 min.

Needless to say that many people who had illegal boxes and were ripping off the cable company called in and got screwed by the cable company. :)

No offense intended to the OP.

I will pass on the stickers thanks.


I try to change people every day. Do You?

Do You Want a Free Sticker Truefictions?

All you have to do is ask? I've sent several hundred free ones to people on here over the past year. It's been a great experience, and an opportunity to email with fellow supporters all across the country.

Joe in MD


New "I (Heart) Ron Paul" Stickers on their way

I have a new type of Ron Paul Bumper Sticker, and I hope that you'd like me to send you one (if you don't already have one on your car). I'll send it for free. It is the, "I (Heart) Ron Paul" bumper sticker. You'll love it!

Joe in MD


Take Me Up on This!

Make it happen!