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Dr H. Wayne Carver Comments on Bill to Seal Autopsy Records In 02/11 from "curious public"

This document is fascinating. interesting law on the books that says the public has a right to see autopsies if the victim was in the custody of the state at the time of death. Would a public school system be considered under state custody? dont think so. Please everyone share your thoughts on this document.


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A "smoking gun" is a key piece of evidence

The kind that simply can't be overlooked. This is a department head's memorandum on proposed legislation that would effect his agency. It's actually of almost no relevance whatsoever and certainly falls far short of "smoking gun".

I agree

My fault rushed to post

especially for pediatric victims

its for the children!

Checking this document out now

But here is the direct link without all of the Google crap:

To bad Adam's"dead"

"If an autopsy report is entered into evidence at a trial and there is a conviction, the autopsy report along with all other records entered into evidence is available to the public..."

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Good Point!