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Don’t wait for a Hitler

"In my previous post on guns, I noted that the second amendment protected, not created, all rights to bear arms because of the mindset that the people, not the State, should have the power. Arms are protected in the Constitution, not to hunt or protect from petty criminals, but rather to protect against another 'King George.'

Many in the liberty or 'pro-gun' movement decently understand this principle. That a disarmed people are an enslaved people. But when they vocalize their perspective they make a simple mistake that I think ought to be eradicated from the libertarian or constitutional conservative message. This mistake, for example, was exemplified during an exchange between the slimy leftist Piers Morgan and his guest Ben Shapiro. Start at minute 4:00 and stop at 4:05."

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Don’t wait for a Hitler to call your government tyrannical. We will never have a Hitler. Hitler was German. If we had a Hitler, the people would rightly revolt. We have Bush and Obama. They salute the American flag, therefore most Americans think these presidents, “while imperfect,” are not the enemy. If only the Germans had rejected this “patriotic” mindset during Hitler’s reign.

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because I think he makes an excellent point. We don't have to argue that we're stocking up on firearms in case of a future tyrant like Hitler - tyranny is already here.

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