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The People vs. Alex Jones

Hi folks,

I'm fascinated by the controversy over AJ on this site. Can't believe how strong feelings run on both sides as to whether he's 'for real' or not. Some people are apparently so strongly convinced that he is some kind of government agent seeking to gain leadership of the Liberty movement only so he can destroy it. But why?

Thought I would make a thread dedicated to the evidence for and against. Would genuinely love to hear it. Like many I enjoyed his trashing of sickening nitwit Piers Morgan on CNN the other week, and tried to discover the source of all these rumors and bad feeling for myself, but came up pretty empty. Here's the charges I found:

1) Alex Jones is an irresponsible journalist.
He repeats gossip and rumors and doesn't check facts properly.

2) He is too concerned with making money and has a lucrative business as a Liberty mouthpiece.

3) This includes such petty dishonesty as e.g. selling signed DVDs that were in fact signed by his staff.

3) He demands allegiance from other Liberty media, if they don't tout his line, he runs unnecessary, competitive vendettas against them.

That is all I've managed to find out. All this seems to be true, however, have to say none of it makes me think all that much less of him. He's a loudmouth blowhard, but we certainly need a few of them. That doesn't come close to negating the positive effects he is having. Is there more substance than this to the whispers and rumors regarding his motives?

Opening statements please...

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If you have time...

and are as interested as you say in this subject, then you must listen to Michael Collins Piper's analysis, which in my opinion hits the nail on the head about Alex Jones.

Why all the hate? Because AJ is on top!

I like AJ occasionally; He fires me up and makes me want to kick globalist ass. What more can you ask for from a radio entertainer?

I found him by accident on Shoutcast back in 1999. He had me hooked with his coverage of WACO. I was in high school when WACO happened and I always considered it senseless murder of women and children by the government. Then Ruby Ridge happened and I knew for sure the government was against it's own people. I appreciate that AJ keeps the focus on the real problem with the west. The Bankers and Merchants.

It's been a rough ride but, I believe AJ is more right then wrong. Please feel free to disagree.

Will's topic also didn't actually insult Alex Jones

It is always quite amazing how nobody reads anything nowadays. Noting in Will's topic insulted Alex Jones, he was merely pointing out how there is a lot of charges against him as being another shill.

Sure he has ties to STRAFOR and so what. As anyone of any thought has learned, there are plenty of CIA induced operations influencing free speech. Such as Wikileaks who has the same concerns. Of course it's never any sort of over-arching plot.

If there is one thing Jones is guilty of, it's being an opportunist and a blowhard when he can. However there is not one member of the media who isn't an opportunist.

Can you point towards any examples?

Point being, in these serious times we need all allies one can get. And even Will himself stated he agrees.

Can the OP point us

to the media that could not be suspected of these charges?

Pure Fluff

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The litany of things that he was right about:

9/11/Anthrax Attacks
Sandy Hook/Newtown
Oklahoma City Bombing
MIAC Report
FEMA Camps
RFID Chips
Boston Marathon Bombing
NSA surveillance
TSA scanners
2B+ govt. bullet buy
Ron Paul

"Extremism in the defense of Liberty is no vice, and moderation in the pursuit of justice is no virtue." - Barry Goldwater

So what? A lot of the media can't be trusted at all

It doesn't mean anything if you hold widespread suspicion of the media. Many may not find they trust them at all.

After all the media even alternative news, does not value honesty. They value ratings so the fact they are reporting it is from the fact they were forced to report about it. So regardless, there is no reason to believe any media outlet is absolute "gospel" far as I can see.

Even Greenwald isn't. Yet just the fact alone, that they are all forced to report the real facts is the real victory. There is a critical mass waking up to the real facts, lets ensure everyone hears the truth....leave the holier than thou crap to the bankers.

The thread should read...

Willl vs. Alex Jones.

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This is a paid hack.

I am Ron Paul

What a dumb retard...

"Hi folks,

I'm going to give you the arguments for and against this idea that Alex Jones is destructive to the liberty movement.

Now, read on while I ONLY give reasons why he's bad for the liberty movement, and ignore the other side that I said I was going to mention."

Total, inbred, retard...

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It's probably

the fluoride.

I'm sure he means the comments

He's dedicating the whole thread to the "for" and "against," not necessarily his initial post. If you hadn't noticed he set it up like a court case. We have begun with the charges, now we're ready for opening remarks.

You may disagree with his approach, but really, does that make him a retard? A total retard? Come on, try to maintain a little bit of decency.


Maybe not totally, but it's been eleven months. How long should we wait?

"There are thousands hacking at the branches of evil to one who

strikes at the root" - Henry David Thoreau

AJ is striking at the root.

He's a bit of a zealot, but we need more like him.

AJ's been around since before the surge of the liberty movement, before Ron Paul ran for president. He likely has woken countless people in the liberty movement.


"Take hold of the future or the future will take hold of you." -- Patrick Dixon


Ron Paul ran for president in 1988. Was AJ selling his snake oil back then? AJ doesn't strike the root. AJ strikes everything except the root. He is controlled distraction and fearmongering.


In 1988 AJ was in Junior High School getting stoned for the first time.
What is closer to the root then the "Money Supply"? Name another radio jockey that keeps the focus on the Fed and their Bankster Gangsters. Name another entertainer that openly takes his local cops to task. Who else is covering the Bohemian Grove or the Bilderberg Group?

Tell me again; What do you have to offer? Can you build anything on your own. Or do you just love destroying other peoples hard work? My guess is your just another "Anonymous Coward"!


So, you believe Nazi German death cults are behind some "NWO" conspiracy to take over the world? fine Have fun with that.
Have you ever heard of David Icke and the reptilianoids? You might like to courageously build some of that, as well, mywindow.


Thirteen year old Alex was selling snake oil .... wait, it was rattlesnake venom.

That's true because he is attacking the Fed

As long as he keeps attacking the Fed and exposing the Federal Reserve for all its lies and obvious treason, I couldn't care less if he jumps up and down and wears red and polka dots. He is still striking the source of the New World Order.

I then see no reason for people to attack him over Israel, even by omitting that, he is driving and expanding awareness to oppose tyranny. As long as he opposes tyranny he deserves praise.

Alex Jones...

is a singular man stating his opinions...as for his research I cannot vouch for information obtained second or lower hand...but please let liberty be and let him practice it.

Father - Husband - Son - Spirit - Consciousness

Some people take what he says

Some people take what he says too seriously and believe it all word for word. Others utterly deny everything he says. I do my best to listen to what he has to say and use my judgement to say, "I trust him with this part but then he just went overboard with an assumption so I'll try to use my judgment to think of the most logical way to take this information." Sometimes it's only a tiny bit, others it's completely logical.

I don't get why so many people who are open minded liberty supporters are so utterly against everything he says and does. Too many people are against anyone that sounds like a "conspiracy theorist". The propaganda to make "conspiracy theories" basically like a dirty word. It's kind of sad. You don't have to like Alex Jones, I don't particularally like him all that much myself. It's embarrassing to me when he blows his loud and gets all red in the face, but you should at least try and objectively listen and read some of the things from infowars and decide after you do so with at least a slightly open mind.

Homeland security statement: patriotism is now considered terrorism.
I love www.isidewith.com shared it with everyone I know. If anything they realize its not just a red and blue idiot running for reelection.

The one thing--

That stands out in my mind that draws doubt from certain gurus and frankly me is his lack of will to call a spade a spade when it comes to Isreal. Personally, I like Alex and believe he's a God fearing good ole Texas boy like myself who is pissed off to thr fare the well over being lied to. I'm a Christian as well, and I do understand the importance of Isreal and the Devine consequences of speaking ill of it. But in my awakening, I've learned to read EVERYTHING and try to remain objective and allow my conscience to vet the truth among all of the info. I have come to distinguish between the LAND of Isreal, which is anywhere Isrealites are, and the STATE of Isreal which was created in 1947 or 48. Their actions against the Palestinians for one thing seems to be anything but Christ like. Of all the systemic and seemingly per planned problems we face today, besides the Federal Reserve Act 100 years ago, many seem to stem from that 40s era. I've read a lot that seems to tie Isreal to lots of our problems going back 100s of years and after reading pros and cons, my gut leans toward complicity on the State of Isreals part on a lot of issues. I think if Alex were to speak out on his beliefs and opinions about Isreal, it might spark healthy debate on the subject and help to ease the minds of us who notice that Isreal hardly ever makes the news, much less a headline, neither in defense nor complicity.

Alex, I think you do a great job! The view here is just my opinion based on what I've come to understand. I believe there is a certain amount of disinformation in everything we read on the subject of liberty and freedom and it's up to each one of us to churn our own urn of butter until the cream rises to the top.

This is right on

Alex does a lot for the truth and liberty movement, but he refuses to discuss the prominent role of the Israelis in the New World Order and in 9/11. 90% of his sponsors are Zionist owned or controlled companies. Because of this, he is automatically compromised. While he probably has the loudest and strongest voice for truth out there, even he is misleading the troops in this way. He takes the masses part of the way there, but he isn't 'striking at the root'. In fact, it could be argued that this misleading of his audience in this manner does more harm than good. Hard to say.



Forget that, Jones isn't a shill he's a mouthpiece

His wife happens to visit Israel regularly.

Not going to happen with Alex Jones.

He's not a New World Order shill he is a "I'm my own bandwagon" guy, and that means he will not bring up Jerusalem which is the source of the New World Order. It began in Jerusalem and ends there, with all its lies and German evil.

That is easily the most

disjointed thing that I have read on the DP today.

Willl are you for real?

The People vs. Willl

The post is questionable insofaras many who post on this sight discovered Alex Jones a result of Ron Paul. (Thanx Doc! Since 1998 I have listen and read Jones who has never questioned your patroitism.)

So who is Willl?

I know who Alex E. Jones is and I know the stories. (Jack Blood and Jeff Rense have their own explaining to do too.)

Who are you Willl?

Wow, nice ad hominem!

I guess that's about the dictionary defnition!

Obedience to God is resistance to tyrants.

It a honest question.

So instead of deflecting the question, be real.
Why waste the time to lay down the post?

You opened the door to attack a man from behind, so be real.
Who are you Willl?

Your Jefferson quote is one Jones uses in his shows bumpers too. At this point you have more to prove than Jones.