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Cooper Anderson's Disappearing Nose during Sandy Hook Interview

It seemed like he wasn't looking at her directly or in sync during the interview with a Sandy Hook Mom, now we know why. The film was obviously spliced.


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I see this and worse in low quality video compression.

Sometimes it looks like people go completely transparent against the background then suddenly "pop" into view.

I appreciate the vigilant observation, though.

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It's Just An Illusion

This is just an illusion from a low-quality copy of the interview. How do I know this? Because I just watched the entire interview on CNN.COM and his nose never fades out. Play the video but be sure to enable HD from the options and then watch in full screen. That question he asks - "do you have anything else you wanna say" is toward the end.


are you sure

are you sure about this?

i don't watch TV much less high definition TV.

How come the stairwell railing is intact when his nose disappears?

you provided a link from CNN, wouldn't they optimize the video after they found out about the nose.

just asking...

Be careful

It is possible that CNN could have cleaned up or replaced the original video, but also that some other doctored the YT video. I don't know. But is not possible to get the YT video verified at the moment.

Especially, because Sandy hook was a hoax...

don't spread red herring stink, like this, around. Even to the amateur this just looks like some kind of distortion. Yes the Obama birth certificate is a fraud but that doesn't mean he doesn't have a real US birth certificate. They are going to illegitimize most of the evidence because they created the whole Sandy Hook mess in the first place. GET YOUR STORY STRAIGHT AND STICK TO YOUR GUNS! If they get away with shit this obvious think what is next!!?