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UPDATED: Reince Priebus Reads the Daily Paul Quite Often and Knows Jesse Benton

Jeff Larson's commentary on FB:

Let me give you the skinny. So, as we were getting ready to go to the strategy session, we couldn't help but notice signs on easels advertising a Reince Priebus for Chair party for tonight, after the Bobby Jindal dinner. This wasn't part of the agenda, and I got the impression it was thrown together to further cement support for Priebus, just in case there was ANYONE still on the fence.

We found out that Mark's candidacy came to an end just before dinner. After dinner, some of us decided that there might be some useful thing we could do to advance the cause of liberty by going to what was now Priebus's victory party, and if there wasn't, we could always leave.

So, we mingled a bit, and I had just finished my beer, and was beerless. Reince sidled up to me, jostled my elbow, and suggested I have a drink in a friendly way. At the point, the interaction was pretty superficial. He was just playing the role of amiable host, and I was just playing the role of gracious guest. We engaged in a little small talk, he gave me another friendly nudge, and ambled off to schmooze the next party goer.

And after a few minutes, it hit me. Why didn't I just go talk to him about our "stuff"? What did I have to lose?

So, I approached him, and waited about 10 minutes or so while he finished up a long conversation with two ladies. I got his attention, and pointed out we hadn't been properly introduced earlier.

"Reince Priebus, RNC Chair." God as my witness.

I introduced myself as the chair of the Texas Republican Liberty Caucus, and we were off to the races. My goal was to offer an olive branch, in an attempt to heal the rift between the liberty movement and the RNC establishment. If he smacked it away, well, nothing ventured, nothing gained.

He didn't smack it away. He seemed genuinely interested in figuring out what to do so that he could get us to not just tolerate each other, but be, as he put it, "happy warriors".

If he could get a grade for talking the talk, it would be an A. Of course, there has been no walking the walk yet, and I suspect that's the part we care about, anyway. But along the way, he mentioned that he did read the Daily Paul quite often, knew Jesse Benton, etc.

We were joined by Benjamin, and later by Eric. It was getting to the point where we were really monopolizing his time, but to his credit, he didn't just bail on us. I didn't have a watch on it, but I wouldn't have been shocked to find that he spent 20 solid minutes on us.

I think where we all left it was a pledge to get back with each other and have a more substantial conversation by the rules meeting, which would mean by April.

Maybe this was all nothing. Maybe this was an important step in gaining acceptance for the liberty movement. Only time will tell.

End of commentary.

Just for fun, this photo is appropriate!

Commentary by me from comment section below:

I did not write the preceding commentary. It was written by a friend who has done more for our cause than most on this forum. I tried the whole working through the party thing. I was a state delegate in 2008 and in 2012, and I even attended the RNC in Tampa and witnessed first hand the blatant corruption. I've told my friends that I would be by their side to help in anyway that I could, and dammit that's what I intend on doing. I have chosen to work outside the party by trying to help libertarian entrepreneurs, but some of my friends are darn good at what they've been doing inside the party, especially in Texas. I intend to support them through thick and thin and you're welcomed to join. We'd love to have you and any others who want to quit complaining and start doing.

The person telling the story above was not convinced of Reices's sincerity completely, but rather is going to use the opportunity to pursue the same ends we all want to advance. I assume most have not read further discussion on this topic, which might actually be set as "public" on FB if you go digging around. I suggest if we all desire the same ends that we be more tolerant of others means. "IF" being the operative word.

Yes, as many have alluded to below, leadership has proven to sleep with swine, but an ever growing amount of underlings and grassroots people in the GOP are already or are slowly becoming sympathetic to our cause. We must continue to pursue their hearts and minds, and if continuously outing their leadership as not beholden to their own rules and promises makes our job of spreading the ideas of liberty easier (it will), then we'll continue to catch them in lies.

When Priebus doesn't do squat like most of us assume based off his actions to date, when he doesn't honor his pledge to meet with us and work to fix the rules, it's now documented that he once again remained divisive and disinterested in the libertarian wing of the party.

Like I mentioned in the comments below, I'm not working through the party anymore because it's too frustrating for me personally, and I feel like I'm more effective in other areas, but that does not mean that working through the GOP is not necessary. I'm not out protesting in the streets either, but that does not mean that's not necessary too. I support all efforts to advance liberty and expose the crooks. What's so hard to understand about that?

To quote a good friend of mine, "If you tell me that we are charging the gates of hell and I say I will support you then I promise you won't have to look around for me. I will be the guy on your right with a bucket of water."

I've told my friends who have made the decision to stay and fight for all the grounds liberty has won in local and national GOP politics (which in Texas is quite impressive), and as I said, dammit, that's what I intend on doing!

“It is the mark of an educated mind to be able to entertain a thought without accepting it.” - Aristotle

Please try to be more tolerant of others' means to our same ends, assuming we have the same ends at heart.

What happens when SHTF and all those GOPers are looking for answers, looking for where to go? Wouldn't we be in a better position to influence them if we've been in their meetings the whole time leading up to the crisis trying to warn of the impending danger?


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Lol! My drink just came out of my nose!


Michael Nystrom's picture


Thank you. Nice to know that RNC leadership is aware of us, and checking in on our concerns.

Let's not squander it!

He's the man.

Lets not convey to him that we are somehow split on Rand Paul

Wouldn't Rense Pubbic Hair put more stock in this site if he thought it were the grassroots site for Rand Paul even if it were not your "official position" Michael.

I mean you don't have to come out in support for Rand but I am hoping that if the majority on here begin posting pro-Rand campaign updates in 2015 that at least it would not be buried or ignored.

Surely the DP will reflect the will of the majority of users here.

I don't expect the minority view to be diminished either, just that the minority view on Rand would not be promoted as the official DP position the way the minority view on Redstate.com was the only thing going on Ron Paul in 2007-2012.

I trust that you will not sell us out Michael even if you do end up holding a controlling interest over the majority which you do (and you will) if Rands candidacy becomes even more popular around here.

Please don't let this site become like redstate.com hell-bent on the libertarian party without regard for the liberty movement within the Republican Party.

Do you really

Do you really think care about our concerns? The only thing we can do is what Ron Paul has always said, be polite, but firm, and never compromise, only find common ground. I think the RNC is only looking to keep power, and don't really care about us. I believe they only read the DP so that they can have a plan of attack, to get rid of us. Maybe I'm just skeptical.

Thank you for trying. I

Thank you for trying. I really, really appreciate it as one person. What you did was ACTUALLY try to move forward. This is what more us on the internet should do instead of complaining about "the system". You actually are making a difference in REALITY.. NOW.. and that takes courage, time, and I want to truly thank you.

You can't neutralize the Liberty Movement

The RNC has been a disgrace. Even the bluehairs know they were had with the fake election. Time for you to go ? All in favor say Aye. In the opinion of the people the aye's have it.

Seems like Mr. Preibus

Has already taken a dump in his mess kit. Forget it Reince, until you are gone...there will be no "coming together".

I know it is too late, but you should have given some thought to the effect your actions might have had; not to mention your actions were underhanded and borderline criminal, void of any integrity whatsoever.

It would be nice to think that a full and open apology from you would perhaps close the rift you made between leadership and constituents of the party. Unfortunately, trusting you to do what is right in the future is not a responsible option.

In a nutshell...I dont trust you and never will. You can count on me to call out your true nature as vocally as I can at every opportunity and in every setting. I care about my country and am making it my personal mission.

Former chair Michael Steele was just on Rachel Maddow show

He and Rachel were both saying how they were shocked that Reince was unopposed. Steele was saying how bad they treated the Ron Paul delegates at convention and now they wanted to "make nice". Good interview. Second show comes on at 11 CDT. She should have a clip up later tonight.

+ 1

Ralph thanks for the info.

LL on Twitter: http://twitter.com/LibertyPoet
sometimes LL can suck & sometimes LL rocks!
Love won! Deliverance from Tyranny is on the way! Col. 2:13-15

I hope he reads this comment..

Eat a bag of dicks you shady motherfucker. I could not be more happy that the liberal slimeball, Romney lost. You treated us like shit. You shunned us from your big tent. You silenced our voice. You broke the rules.

In short, Fuck you.

'Peace is a powerful message.' Ron Paul

So P. Nicholson

Are you saying you don't like him? I mean, you hid your feelings so well :0)


jussayin.. after being around since 07 and witnessing all the corruption, he can eff off. We are the grassroots. We matter.

This election was stolen from us because of the party leadership. Riddle me this.. How the hell did a guy that NOBODY liked get the nomination? By being a shady son of a bitch and buying it. We all know that Romney struck a deal with the party leaders and McCain to get out of the race and support McCain in 08. Its not rocket science. Romney was so effin liberal that we couldnt distinguish any differences between him and Obama. I am thankful he lost. Had he won, it would have been the end of conservatism as we know it and taken us years to get it back.

'Peace is a powerful message.' Ron Paul



I'm a serial entrepreneur and liberty activist from Texas!


He does?

I hope he is reading my comment letting him know just how much I think he sucks.

True enemies

Rience Pribus ,John Boehner , Benjamin Ginsburg Lindsey Graham and Machelle Bochman in my opinion ,are among the greatest sell-outs as well as carying a lot of propagadanda to many Americans that think they are informed . They are all owned by aipac and only foreign interests including foreign aid that only protect aipac interestsis allowed to be voted on . Penies to countries that hate us in a cover for the Billions given to Israel. See James Traificant tapes as well as check out if America knew .


I'd love to believe the remarks Rancid made to you, but comon, this is called "politics," and you have to learn how to pick those suckers off you when they imbed their little sucking heads in your arm or other parts of your body as you're going thru life.

Do you REALLY think Prepus is reading the DP? If he is, it's just for laughs about how stupid we are to think we'll ever take over the party. This guy just got finished running a national convention & then a presidential campaign. He probably doesn't even have time to read his kid's report cards. I know that RON PAUL doesn't have time to read the Daily Paul. So, for Chrissakes, I LOVE what you did Jeff, in schmoozing with this guy, but these poly ticks are masters at working people, otherwise they wouldn't have gotten as far as they have. As far as him "knowing" Benton, that would have made my hair curl like Larry. Now we all know everyone "knows" each other in these circles, but I don't like Rancid "knowing" Benton as if they were so cozy with each other. How come we got knifed in the back by the Rancefather at the convention if they were on such a "knowing" basis? I honestly think Prepus is fishing around to see if he can reel any of us in on his line of "friendliness." Do you really think you can trust this ##@$%! after Tampa?

Methinks you were played like a fiddle. Just sayin'....

Still waiting to hear what in the hell happened with our National Committeeman & Woman of Nevada. James Smack was supposed to make the nomination speech for Mark Willis.....

Yes, he reads it.

There was a video of him up on DP this summer. Someone was confronting him about lying about the votes or paperwork submitted at convention. He said he read DP. And like the comment below, I really do think he was "The Shazad".

That's an interesting story.

That's an interesting story. You know...he actually made a statement that he wished to reconcile with the Ron Paul folks. Who knows if he is being genuine or not. Is it possible we woke him up. after all...he does read the DP. He sure has a lot of walking to do....lost a lot of trust in the liberty wing. Perhaps he will give us our candidate in 16?

I think he is low-life scum of the earth

Just my opinion.

I agree. But what if....

I agree. But what if....

Several people on here have thought he was a regular troll

poster during the election season. There was a poster by the name of 'The Shazad'. Shazad was an expert with anything having to do with primaries, delegate process, electoral votes...you name it, he knew it.

He stopped posting right after the convention.


I wonder if he reads the comments

The comments are the best part. I wonder if other neocons come here as well.

Read my post

right above yours.


I read through a bunch of his comments. Assuming it really is him, he seems to really be into the numbers game. Maybe he DID finally realizing that they can’t win without us [not going to hold my breath though.]. I hope “Shazad” comes back though so I can gloat about Romney’s loss.

He wants our support, he just

He wants our support, he just doesn't want our ideas.