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Writings on 2nd Ammendment, MAD Principle and SSRI drugs

I wrote this in a debate with my Father and some of his colleagues on gun control. As with anything I post, my writings are for the benefit of the Liberty Movement and not myself so feel free to share pieces or as a whole as you see fit:

The Second Amendment was never intended for hunting or sport shooting, it was meant to be the final check and balance against government tyranny. That is not to say that armed insurrection is going to be a fact of life in the next couple of years, but an armed populace provides a deterrent against the final jaws snapping shut on our freedom. Think of it like the concept of nuclear arms and Mutually Assured Destruction. The US and USSR never had to hurl nukes at each other to defeat the Soviet Union but the fact we both had them ensured we were able to maneuver politically in ways that eventually kept them in check to the point of their collapse. If only the Soviets had nukes, we would not have much bargaining power would we?

The same concept is applied to an armed populace. Without guns, our government could quietly slip us into tyranny though incrementalism and covert silence of dissent. With an armed populace however, it ensures that the government can only push the population so far before they respond by force. This will be disastrous for any government to try to force its military to enact Marshall law and shoot its own citizens while troops defect en mass and the tyranny is blatantly exposed on the world stage. Remember, the anti-establishment candidate Ron Paul got more military donations than all the other candidates combined. Combined with organizations such as the Oath Keepers, it will be very difficult to impossible to order the military to gun down its own citizens using advanced hardware. Although AR-15 type rifles are only used in less than 1% of murders in the US, they are targeted for confiscation because they are really the only type of weapon that can be effectively used in a tactical situation such as door to door gun confiscation. Sheriffs across the country are also not going along with this and will do what they can to defend their constituency against the feds, they have heavily armed S.W.A.T. teams as well.

It is a fallacy to think that our government has evolved beyond the desire to seek ever more power and become ever more corrupt. It can be argued that our current government does not even have our best interest at heart and that the "Democracy" we have is little more than a dog and pony show to give the illusion of choice. Notice how scripted the entire 2012 election was? The media ran lock step behind the Establishment candidates and any Third Party options were marginalized and even excluded from the debates. The entire narrative was controlled. Is gay marriage and social security really the biggest issues we face as a nation? Which candidate actually talked about giving us back our civil liberties and repealing the Patriot act? Which candidate actually spoke of addressing the fact we have military bases across the world constituting 40% of our GDP? Which candidate spoke against the FED's insane money printing and "quantitative easing" or the fact that our National Debt is reaching unserviceable levels leading to an almost certain currency collapse?

Obama didn't. Romney didn't.

At a fundamental level, the government should never have a monopoly on violence. By giving up our means to defend ourselves as citizens, we become entirely at the mercy of the State for protection. This is ok assuming the government is dictated by the rule of law such as a true Republic but the reality is that power corrupts and by having an monopoly on violence, total power is given to the state. Are we really naive enough to trust the same government that is slaughtering people in 8 countries with drone strikes, smuggled firearms into Mexico, set the legal framework to assassinate and indefinitely detain US Citizens without trial and is building massive databases to track our every move, communication and financial transaction (I drive past the new super facility being constructed every day).These don’t exactly sound like the hallmarks of a free and open society.

The NRA is not driving "Gun nuts" to buy weapons as toys that are dangerous and unnecessary. Gun Owners see the writing on the wall and are concerned for the future of this country. Even looking beyond the scenario of armed insurrection, we face the very real possibility of economic collapse and lack of general security that makes firearms a necessity to defend ourselves in a situation without rule of law.

Instead of following the media's sensationalist narrative on firearms lets look at the motivation behind these mass killings and not the tools themselves. Lets talk about SSRI drugs that are prescribed by doctors to hundreds of thousands of people across the country to fix a myriad of fabricated mental illness we see ads for on TV every day. When you are prescribed medication, usually a doctor will run a test to find a specific problem then prescribe a specific chemical to fix the problem. With depression etc, we are told that "Chemical Imbalance" causes our issues and we are given SSRI drugs to fix this. The problem is, there is no test for these "Imbalances" we simply watch an TV ad, go to the doctor and get some pills.

The most insidious thing about this class of drugs is there ability to disconnect people from reality in a way that allows them to commit atrocities without any regard for the implications. It was reported from Adam Lanza's neighbors that he was on a type of SSRI drug. The Colorado Theater shooting perpetrator had extensive contact with psychologists and during his court appearance he looked drugged out of his mind with dilated pupils and all.

I highly encourage anyone to check out this website that has compiled reports of violent behavior including mass shootings of people on SSRI medication:


Although it can be argued that these people were already depressed and more likely to do drastic actions, I would contend that depression has been around since humanity has been able to express emotion. It is only with the rise of these class of drugs that manipulate our Serotonin levels that these extremely violent behaviors including mass shootings are becoming ever more frequent.

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Very good.

I saw your link in another thread, asking for feedback. I think your article is excellent, hits the key factors squarely. Here is a sad fact - you will reach more people with videos. If you do not have a "name for yourself" people tend to be less willing to put effort into hearing what is on your mind. Reading takes effort. If you want heard, take exactly what you wrote, tell it to the camera and put it on youtube.
Make a giant "cue card" for yourself with the key points, put it behind your camera. Use it to keep you on track, but try to speak from the heart, don't just read.
I'd love to see the video, I want people to hear what you are saying.

Love or fear? Chose again with every breath.