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Over 700 pro-gun Georgians jam gun safety seminar in Atlanta suburb

Boo-rah, pistol-packin' ladies of Atlanta!

Before the event, police said nearly 700 people had registered for the gun safety seminar. Typically, they say, they have about 100-150 people. Thursday's crowd was by far the biggest they've seen, with the women outnumbering the men. Because of the high turnout, police were forced to find a new location to host the seminar. [...]

Many said they came for answers before buying a firearm. Others said they already have weapons in their home, and wanted to know what they can do to make sure their families stay safe. It's suspected that guns in the news-- including the Connecticut school shootings, the debate on gun control, and skyrocketing gun sales-- contributed to the high turnout.

Story and video: http://www.myfoxatlanta.com/story/20675114/nearly-700-regist...

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